Volume CLXIX: The Super Natural Sunday Review; Uncovering the Covid Conspiracy

Hello every One, and welcome to the Good News Journal, thank King You for joining Me. I generally review the most important developments of the last week in the Sunday review, and there are a couple of mainstream news stories I haven’t touched on yet, so I Will be covering some of that today.

We know that recently Trudeau has refused to forward documents relating to his involvement with China and their research at the Wuhan lab. That’s not really much of a surprise for Canadians after Trudeau’s virtually countless ethics violations and his recent involvement in the ‘WE’ charity which miraculously absolved Trudeau of any wrongdoing, despite a finance minister taking the fall in his place. So We know ethics violations were made, but Trudeau is like Kryptonite to even the most damning charges against his credibility as a representative of Canada’s People.

But the big development concerning the whole coronavirus pandemic is that it is no longer considered ‘fake news’ to suggest that the virus was man-made. That’s been the official position of Facebook and Twitter for a couple of weeks now, and I mentioned it the day it was made known to Me (via Twitter). What’s more interesting, is that somehow all of Fauci’s private emails were made publicly available and they appear to be very incriminating indeed. They reveal that Fauci was a strong advocate for ‘gain of function’ research, especially in a study specifically designed to genetically modify a coronavirus from bats so that it could be transferred to Man’s kind. Not only that, but after the Trump administration tried to put a stop to gain of function research (which failed), strong restrictions and rules of transparency regarding this type of research was successful – and Fauci deliberately violated those new policies, too!

Here is a reasonably short Youtube video from Fox News tall King a little more about what We know of Fauci’s involvement in the Wuhan lab leak theory.

The Fauci Fraud

I suggested at the beginning of this thing that I believe this is actually a biological weapon intentionally introduced to cause unprecedented financial upheaval for the purpose of a global reset of the economy, placing China at the top of a new economic pyramid. Well, that can all come crashing down very quickly. Even if We are not able to successfully prove that the virus was intentionally released as a biological weapon, if it can be reasonably concluded that the virus escaped from the Wuhan lab in China where ‘gain of function’ research of a bat coronavirus was being performed intentionally, China Will still hold the liability whether it be for criminal negligence, or criminal intent. China Will be in debt to every country of the world that suffered economic losses as a result of coronavirus, which could effectively have the exact opposite affect on China that the Chinese Communist Party was hoping for.

That’s what I’m manifesting for China, Fauci, and any U.S., Canadian or other government personnel who are found to be involved in this manufactured pandemic. This is also precisely why I can’t trust the medical profession anymore because there is so much profit motive, that a company Will be more than happy to invest in things like ‘gain of function’ research so that they can Willfully make People sick and create unnecessary demand for a remedy (in this case, vaccines). Vaccine manufacturers stand to make more than twenty trillion dollars by providing their vaccines, and I’m betting We Will eventually find out that Canadian government officials hold shares in some of these companies. My Words Manifest, let’s wait and see what happens. 😉

In other news pertaining to My Microcosm, Housing Services finally responded to Me last week after contacting both My landlord to let them know what was going on, and the Ombudsman of Ontario. Not sure which of the two was responsible for eliciting a reply from Housing Services, but they did contact Me last Thursday to let Me know they have sent another renewal package out to Me. They did not, however, assure Me that their threat to revoke My subsidy on the 18th of June no longer applies, how long an extension they are providing Me with to return the documents to them, or when (specifically) the package was returned to Me. I am still waiting to receive it.

The reply from Housing Services came around 9:30 Thursday morning of last week (the 17th), only one day before they are threatening to revoke My subsidy for failing to return to them. If they mailed the package that day, I should expect to receive it possibly tomorrow but more likely Tuesday or Wednesday unless it was sent priority courier. As it stands now, the best they can claim is that the package was sent on Wednesday – any sooner and it should already be in My hands (or on its Way back to them).

The reason this is important is because I legitimately believe that Housing Services was trying to ‘gaslight’ Me. At least, I think that’s the proper psychological terminology for the games they are playing. Their intent was to never resend the package so that it would be impossible for Me to return to them and basically claim plausible deniability – I’m a poor, irresponsible Man who refused to comply with their rules and send back a mandatory renewal form. They were just never going to mention that they deliberately failed to send it to Me.

However, I feel this is all going to be war King in My favour because I Will email them the moment I receive the package to let them know it is on the Way back to them (because it won’t take Me more than fifteen minutes to fill it out and get it back in the mail). The fact that they have not assured Me that My subsidy Will not be revoked until I have sufficient time to return the package to them indicates further criminal negligence or Willful intent to cause Me further undue mental duress (as there comes a point when incompetence is indistinguishable from malice). It Will also show that despite the fact that I emailed them on June 8th to advise them I had not received a renewal package, they waited another nine days before sending one off to Me, one day before the deadline they are threatening Me with (and again, no assurance they are providing an extension due to their negligence for failing to send it in reasonable time).

Yesterday, in My Sensei-Sean all Saturday Edition, I challenged the Ministries of the Canadian government to compel My adversaries to respond to My Statement of Claim. It is legitimately the best I can hope for. There isn’t much I can do if Canada’s Courts prove to be inherently corrupt from the ground up, I can only maintain My Faith and belief in Justice, and that government service representatives in Canada are not ‘above the law’. I legitimately do not believe they Will be able to dispute a single fact in My Claim, though I am curious to see them try and challenged them to do so.

You know I Will keep You Posted on these events as they continue to develop, in the meantime, take care of each other.

Love and Blessings,

Post Script: And in Harmony with My Universal theme of no coincidences, this is the first Tweet notification I received after authoring this Post:

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