Volume CLXX: The Thoroughly Thrilling Thing King Edition; City of Ottawa, Motion to Dismiss

Hello every One, and welcome to the Good News Journal, thank King You for being here. It is a Thoroughly Thrilling Thing King Edition because I was on a video conference call with the city’s legal counsel, Genevieve Langlais, so I have a few updates with regards to My Statement of Claim.

I suppose the ‘Lucky’ of My Wednesday yesterday was that I had no news to speak of whatsoever. It is rare that I feel I have nothing to say but even the most recent acts of corruption displayed by the Trudeau government were nothing newsworthy. Today, on the other hand, there are even new developments for Me to be tall King about in that regard. Yes, the Trudeau government has filed a lawsuit against the speaker of the House of Commons for as King of him to turn over documents related to his involvement with Chinese scientists and the Wuhan lab. Did I not say that People in Canada Will be a whole lot more skeptical when the Truth is finally revealed? Am I the only one who finds it highly suspicious that Trudeau is so concerned about the content of those documents being exposed that he is filing a lawsuit against the speaker of the House? I am telling You, he Will be removed from the House for treason eventually, just give it some time – My Words Magically Manifest.

I call it #TrudeauTreason, but I digress – this Post was supposed to be an update to My Statement of Claim.

So, to get back on point, Genevieve, the city’s legal counsel contacted Me early this afternoon or late this morning as King of Me if I could swear the assertions I’d made in My documents for housing subsidy before her by Way of a video conference call. I have no problems doing that, though when We got on the call she was as King of Me for two pieces of government issued (is You’d) identification, and I explained that I do not use any government identification and have not done so in over four years. The issue, was that the ‘person’ swearing the facts needs to match the name the subsidy was issued to. I told Genevieve that she can ask Housing Services and the city registry for every instance of any document I have ever signed from the initial application to the renewal forms last year, and she Will find that I have never presumed to be anything but King Sean, House of von Dehn. When I was initially approved, Sana Abou-Arraj in particular commented on how ‘cool’ she thought it was that I go by King Sean and authenticate documents with My thumbprint. I told her a picture Will only resemble Me for a limited period of time, My thumbprint identifies Me for as long as I am living (as long as I don’t lose My thumb, I suppose). That detail was not known to Genevieve, so My understanding was that she Will be as King of Housing Services for previous instances of My Signature on documents and if that’s the name I used to acquire the subsidy, there should be no Good reason they cannot accept it now. So I am thing King the housing subsidy issue is resolved, but still no guarantee.

However, I did learn a couple of other details on the call. The representatives of Housing Services are not pleased to have been named in My Statement of Claim and have asked the city’s legal counsel to have the case dismissed as frivolous and vexatious. Didn’t I suggest that is what they would do? I’m not entirely sure that it Will be so easy this time because every single point in My claim is both legitimate and factual. However, I do respect the fact that Genevieve advised Me she has filed a motion to dismiss as frivolous and vexatious, and she was kind and agreeable enough to share the letter she sent to the registrar. I followed up with a letter of My own, and I am going to share those emails with You today because I feel they are of monumental importance. I Will start with the letter from defense counsel.

It is also well known by the city and clearly stated in My claim that I believe the inherent rights of Canada’s People are a Matter of International Public interest and that I Will be sharing the information here on My Blog in “The Good News Journal“.

I was as King of Genevieve if I have an opportunity to defend against this motion and she said that there is nothing to stop Me from Writing a letter to the court as well. So that’s exactly what I did. I also forwarded the email to Genevieve to return the courtesy.

Thursday, June 24th, 2021, 3:55 PM

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am Writing You because I have spoken with the city’s legal counsel, Genevieve Langlais who has shared with Me her motion to dismiss this lawsuit as frivolous and vexatious under rule 2.01.

I would humbly like to request that this motion be denied as I am without recourse and subject to continuous attacks upon My inherent rights legally binding upon Canada in accordance with the United Nations Covenant on Civil and Political Rights.  I am appealing to this Honourable court for relief and remedy for the trespasses upon My inherent rights in accordance with provision 24(1) which provides the Superior Courts on Ontario with the inherent jurisdiction to provide remedy for trespasses upon Canada’s legally binding international obligations.

I would like to humbly request that defense be compelled to prove any of the statements made in My Statement of Claim to be false or unwarranted.

Thank You kindly for Your consideration,


Sean von Dehn,


King Sean,
House of von Dehn,
Hand of Stephen,
Kingdom of God

The subject line contained the Court file number for reference. And yes, I am posting with My imperfections and typo included (on Ontario, rather than ‘of’ Ontario). I told You, it can be very difficult to catch One’s own Spelling mistakes, the brain Magically reads what it Wishes to see! I did re-read the email before sending. The takeaway here is that if You are ever taking on something like this it is always advantageous to have some to proof read Your work for You. I didn’t have that luxury as time was of the essence.

I’m sincerely hoping that whomever Will read My letter and Statement of Claim will recognize that this lawsuit is not frivolous or vexatious, it was an absolute last resort. The city’s legal counsel was as King of Me if I would consider removing the named defendants if the case is not dismissed and hold the city of Ottawa liable instead. I Gave My Word I would do this, but only if My subsidy is not revoked. If My subsidy is arbitrarily revoked, I cannot help but believe their intent was to cause Me harm. If My subsidy is approved, I gave My Word I Will remove their names from My statement of claim – I Trust they Will never repeat the offense.

I can’t be sure of anything, I can only be as King of God that these letters come before an Honourable Justice who recognizes that I am without recourse and simply looking for the remedies promised on the Justice of Canada website. I really Wish to believe that Canada’s courts are not corrupt and protecting government. Compelling defense to respond to My Statement of Claim Will go a very long Way in supporting that belief. Keep Your fingers Crossed, Lords and Ladies!

Love and Blessings,

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