Volume CLXXI: The Lucky Witches, Wizards and Warlocks Wednesday Edition; You Will not Take the Name of the Lord thy God in Vein!!! (Part II)

Welcome back Wizard’s and Warlock’s!

The real Magic, is that I have not been harassed by Ontario Works in over two months, and that alone felt like something Miraculous. One cannot Imagine how Good it felt to be thing King that I may not have to speak or deal with any One else within Canada’s government until at least this time next year! I Wondered if there was anything else at all I might be missing, anything at all that could place the security of My housing at risk. As I’m reflecting on this and photographing My portfolio to share with You today so I can Show You all just how serious the breach of Trust and spoliation of evidence by Orsolya and Ontario Works actually is, I considered the very last thing I had been as King of Orsolya to take care of for Me before she had ever breached My Trust.

I was once able to tell You all just how wonderful Orsolya actually was. If I gave Orsolya something to take care of for Me that her office was ultimately responsible for providing, I was once Able to Trust it would been done. No news was always Good News. Now I wasn’t so sure. What had happened? Why did they randomly decide to try to tell Me they had not received any of the paperwork I had provided to them in the last four years? And why did they randomly decide to threaten Me with economic hardship for failing to do things they know I consider serious trespasses upon My Spiritual beliefs and integrity? It seemed like far too much of a coincidence that the moment I stopped being harassed by Ontario Works, I was threatened with the loss of My housing subsidy by Housing Services for exactly the same reason (failing to ‘identify’ with Canada’s artificial, legal person).

I didn’t have an answer, but I did have one last Quest-Ion. Did Orsolya do what I had last been as King of her to do, or did what I had last been as King of her to do not get done? Would she even bother to tell Me if she hadn’t, or would she just allow Me to believe it had been done in hopes of placing My housing at risk? The last time I had been as King of Orsolya for anything was back in February when I advised her that I would need additional funds added to My check once a year (March) to cover mandatory rental insurance, or for the additional expense they do not provide for to be forwarded to the verification department for accounting.

Believe Me, the last thing I Wished to do was disturb the sound of silence or have any communication with Ontario Works unless it was absolutely necessary. I had not even received an introductory email from the new case worker appointed to Me in Orsi’s stead, and that was perfectly fine by Me!

I had no Idea what to expect, but I had to know. I could not risk Trusting anything I had left with Ontario Works that could potentially jeopardize My Living situation. So I sent Tatiana My very first email with the last instruct Sean’s I had left with Orsi back in January!

Dear Tatiana,

Hello, and Good morning,

I hope this email finds you well.  It is unfortunate that My first communication with You is a Matter of urgency, but I need for You to look into this for Me.  Generally, when Orsolya does not respond to let Me know of any issue with a request, I can Trust that it has been done.  However, Orsolya disappointed Me on a number of occasions in the last few months before You were appointed to Me, so I need to make sure this Matter was taken care of – My apartment lease is contingent upon it, and I do not receive any funds to fulfill this obligation, nor did I have any means to at the time of the renewal as they do not accept cash and I was receiving paper checks at the time.

Thank You so much, please confirm with Me as soon as possible,

Have a wonderful day,

King Sean,
House of von Dehn,
Hand of Stephen,
Kingdom of God (or just ‘Sir’ is fine, too) 😉

The email included the original request to Orsi sent on the 15th of January before any of the real harassment had begun. The fact that My benefits have been sustained and Ontario Works did not follow through on any of their threats, suggested to Me that Tatiana was appointed to Me for damage control. I may know that Ontario Works is commercially liable to Me for failing to Honour My request, but that didn’t (necessarily) mean it got done. If You read the reply in Part I, You Will also know that Quest-Ion is never answered, only confirmation that it has now been done. Now I can finally enjoy some Peace of Mind for at least another year!

They also ‘Magically’ volunteered that the maximum allowance for shelter provided by the province of Ontario through the Ontario Works Act is only $390/month, less than one third of what People in Ottawa require to attain single, market value occupancy, which was determined to be $1272.00/month for the city of Ottawa for 2021 by Housing Services. And government tries to suggest that homelessness is not Willful negligence on the part of those legislating the Ontario Works ‘Act’? Let’s face it, if the Ontario Works Act itself does not reflect Willful intent to cause harm to Canada’s People by failing to provide the sustenance necessary for a Canadian People to maintain their housing, it certainly reflects a serious degree of incompetence (or criminal negligence for causing economic harm and undue mental duress for those ‘subject’ to government social protection).

I can assure You, none of this is a coincidence, these are the kind of things God Wishes for Me to share with You in the Good News Journal. It doesn’t take a brain surgeon to know that provincial shelter allowance is insufficient. Either those elected officials Trusted to legislate the Ontario Works Act are grossly incompetent, or the Ontario Works Act was legislated with intent to cause harm to Canada’s People. My job is to expose the gross incompetence of Canada’s elected officials. That only becomes that much easier a task to accomplish when One considers that after four years, the Canadian government does not seem to be able to produce a single individual capable of providing an appropriate reply to any of My Letters.

The ‘Luckiest’ and most Magical Part of all of it, is that I did say this is the Last Chapter of both My Story and His Story (history).

Prince of Disks; Prince of Wands, 2 of Cups, Love

These are the Universal Forces beyond Our control Influencing the central Quest-Ion of Our Tarot read two years ago. And two is a Door. And the Focus (folk Us) of Our read is the Lust Card, which is Babylon, or ‘Babble on’ – the world We Live in now, the Fantasy Fiction of Black’s Law is echoed in the background of the Prince of Disks. A black chariot. Oh, and look at that, the Prince of Disks is influenced by Love and the Prince of Wands (which is Me in the Thoth Tarot of Magick). Two is Pisces and the perfect mate for Gemini, the perfect balance of Divine masculine and feminine Energy, just as We see in all of Our Holy Wood movies like Evey and V, Neo and Trinity, Marla and Tyler. Leo the Lion is riding in on a Flame, Fire represents the Will and the Way, the Spirit of God. The world influenced by the Love of Pisces and the Magical Mind of Gemini. And these are the Universal Forces beyond Our control that are currently influencing Babylon. It is not a coincidence I tell You Two is a Door and the Love Card is number Two in the Tarot. Love is the Door and the Way We must go.

My situation becomes that much more laughable if We are in Deed to Discover that there is not a member of parliament within Canada’s government capable of answering My Quest-Ions competently and Able to accomplish what I am as King of them to do. Dis-Cover, Babylon, the Lust Card, Apocalypse, the Great revealing – and now they are tall King about a Great Reset?

Imagine how funny it Will be if Canada’s Courts determine that all of these People I’ve Writ Letters to who do in fact have very real legal and lawful obligations to Me and the rest of Canada’s People are compelled to explain to Me in a Court of Law why they have not done what I have very patiently been as King of them to do? What if Canada’s Courts determine that it Will be just as entertaining for any of Canada’s Honourable Justices to watch as it Will be for the rest of the world. Why should I believe that any Justice Will be any less interested than I am in knowing if Canada’s elected officials know how to fulfill the Duties and responsibilities associated with the position of Office they Hold? And if they do know what their legal and lawful obligations are to Canada’s People and they are competent in their position of Office, then why have they not done what I have been as King of them to do?

Again People, what I am as King of them to do is really not that complicated. They do try to make it sound complicated, but it’s really not. Service Canada and the Deputy Registrar General’s Office senior advisor has clearly and Officially confirmed that the Registration of My birth by My Mum has nothing to do with Me. No Value has been Created from that Title or Record, and I am not bound to it in any Way. That is the Official Word, and all of it is True. Because the only thing that’s ever really been Created from that Record, is debt. I’m the Creditor, not the debtor. That’s the Corporation of Canada.

You see, I not only have a legal and lawful right to be as King for a full forensic audit of all debt Created in My name (whether or not it was presumed to have been done with or without My informed consent is irrelevant), I also Hold the Supreme Claim of Right upon all of My intellectual property, anything Created in My name. Doesn’t Matter if it was done with My consent or not, that consent has since been clearly revoked. I am Entitled to My Estate. That includes all of My school records, medical records, anything at all in the custodial care of the Canadian government that was Created by Me. Doesn’t even Matter that I don’t believe in ownership, I do very much have the right to My Living Legacy, the Written Legend of My Life. I also have a very real and tangible right to a full forensic accounting of all money borrowed by Canada for the social programs created in My name and presumably for My benefit. These are Self evident, plain as day, True as water is Wet facts in Law.

Yeah, enjoy the slideshow of My Portfolio, some True Living Magic in there. That first slide You see is all the Way back in May of 2019, Housing Services Letterhead addressed to Sean, House of von Dehn. That first slide also clearly shows that changes were made to put a stop to the trespasses upon the Spiritual rights of Salvation Army clients who were previously required to participate in Christian Chapel services regardless their Faith or belief if they Wished to participate in any social programs necessary for their recovery and well being. Remember when I said One can often learn more from what is not Writ? What it is not Writ, is that no changes would have been necessary if they had not been violating the Law in the first place. None were compensated for the years of harm that were done to People by Way of this trespass. A ‘frivolous and vexatious’ thing to complain about, they say. There’s more Goodies in there too, more admissions of guilt for those with eyes to see. It’s a class action on a silver platter, and that’s only one of the documents in My portfolio, so I recommend checking it out. This is My Armour in Court, the Suit that I wear.

Wow, over four thousand Words today People, and still so much more Magic to share. I’ve had some communication with Tom Baker of the Ombudsman and I’ll be sharing those correspondences with You soon, too. Tom has an impressive resume and I am cautiously optimistic We can accomplish some Good.

When One breaks things down to the lowest common denominator, it is a very simple problem to solve. Every single dollar that the country of Canada borrows is either directly or indirectly the result of a legal and lawful fiduciary obligation the country of Canada has to its People. It’s that simple. Every dollar borrowed by Canada is to satisfy a legal and lawful obligation. The People of Canada determine the Value (and priorities) of the obligation and the level of ‘satisfaction’ required to fulfill that obligation. And that’s what the federal budget is.

The Quest-Ion We are now as King, is even if I am open to resolution options, is there anyone in Canada competent enough to Honour their obligations to Me?..

Alright People, that’s all for now because it’s been too much Magic for One day but I Will be back tomorrow to tell You some Fabulous tales from the Past and We Will be tall King about adventures with Tom, the newest Character to take the world Stage in the final Chapter of My Story.

Love and Blessings,


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