Volume CLXII: The Tuesday Tell A Vision Edition; V for Vendetta, Part XIII

Hello every One and welcome to the thirteenth Part of My Tuesday Tell a Vision Re-Vision of V for Vendetta, thank King You for joining Me. In Our last Edition, V had killed a Doctor who had been war King at Larkhill detention facility. She leaves a Red Journal behind and We know that the Journal was offered to V. V leaves it behind for the inspectors, and the lead inspector was Ordered by the Chancellor to put the Journal ‘out of his Mind’, as it is likely an intricate conspiracy perpetrated by the terrorist (V). And that is precisely where We are picking up Our interpret a Sean today.

Red and Gold

Much of the film is dark and dreary as far as the scenery and cinematography are concerned. The three main ‘colour’ themes We notice in the film are black, white and Red, with more emphasis on the black and Red. V’s symbol is always in Red. Red represents blood oxygenated with Life, God Force Energy; the Will and the Way. The inspector does not put the Journal out of his Mind, he spends a considerable amount of time thing King about what he learns from the not-so-Good Doctor. I also Wish to point out that as We learn more about V, We learn more about how compassionate he is, despite his apparent Lust for Violence and Vengeance. We learned that V kills his Victims with poison, and the Doctor confirms it is painless.

It is not a coincidence that I use a Red thumbprint Seal. These colours represent the same in the real world as they do in these films.

From the Doctor’s Journal, We learn that the People sent to Larkhill Detention facility were sent there to be test subjects for a vaccine. The vaccine is in response to a virus called ‘St. Mary’s’. After a few weeks, seventy five percent of the test subjects are dead and buried in mass graves. She mentions that the test is a failure, none respond to the treatments. She also mentions that there is One test subject that Gives her hope, and the camera pans to cell ‘V’.

“He exhibits none of the immune pathologies the others subjects developed. I discovered several cellular anomalies in his blood that I’ve been unable to categorize. The immune system seems to have stimulated abnormal development of kinesiological effect and reflexes. The subject claims he no longer remembers who he is or where he is from. Whoever he is, he is now the Key to Our dream and the hope that all of this Will not have been in Vain…”

Hmmm. Genetic manipulation by Way of vaccines? Interesting concept. What’s new about the vaccines they are using in response to covid? Oh yeah, mRNA vaccines, first of their kind, right? Probably just a coincidence. Let’s get back to the film.

Next, We see a raging inferno and the narration continues to reveal that there is a massive explosion at the facility on November 5th – they don’t say what year. She says a Man emerged from the flames, a Man completely transformed, a Man with no eyes, yet she knew he could see.

This of course is another symbol of V’s ‘Spiritual’ connection, his ability to see without eyes. Emerging from flames is of course a metaphor for the Phoenix from the Flames, rebirth. However, the difference between the Spiritual rebirth that is represented by water is the path of Purity and Forgiveness. The extreme left path is the Knight in shining armour who Slays all of God’s foes. It is the archetypical opposite of Christ, despite the Fact that Christ represents the Father, He represents the perfect balance of [Divine] masculine and feminine Energy. V is on the path of Virtuous Vengeance. He is the kind of Knight who Will kill You quickly if You are as King of him for mercy, but he Will not spare Your Life. This Knight believes if it is God’s Will his victim should Live, then God Will Divinely Intervene.

Back at Gordon’s house, Evey wakes to find Gordon in the kitchen preparing exactly the same breakfast V had prepared for her first morning at the Shadow Gallery. She comments on how strange a coincidence it is. I’m not sure what the significance is here aside with the exception of emphasizing that there are no coincidences and now that V has made Evey aware of this Idea, she is beginning to notice it more in her Microcosm.

After taking it all in, the lead inspector has a meeting with his partner. He pulls out a little device that prevents audio recording devices from picking up their conversation and asks his partner if he can ask him a question in confidence. His partner is agreeable and asks if he’s worried the terrorist might be onto him. The inspector shakes his head.

In the film, they say the ‘St. Mary’s’ virus attack was done by religious extremists. His partner says that they know that’s the Truth, they confessed, they were killed. Inspector confirms that he knows all of this, “And maybe that’s really what happened.”

“But I see this chain of events, these ‘coincidences’ and I have to ask My Self what if that isn’t what happened? What if someone else unleashed that virus? What if someone else killed all those People? Would You really want to know who it was?”

“Sure,” his partner confirms.

“Even if it was someone working for this government? That’s My question. Is Our own government responsible for what happened at St. Mary’s? And Three Waters? If Our own government was responsible for the death of a hundred thousand People, would You really want to know?”

Alright, that’s only 950 Words today which is fifty Words shy of the usual but it’s a perfect place to pause for this week. I’ll be back next week with more. But this is really the ‘Crux’ of the film because I believe what We are learning in the film is soon the very same Truth We are going to see Play out in the real world. These are the kind of things I Wish I were wrong about but this film was not set in 2020 and so thematically on point as a Matter of coincidence. And I am thing King that is the one detail the directors, Writer and Creators were hoping You would remember, remember.

Love and Blessings,

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