Volume CLXXII: The Thoroughly Thrilling Thursday Edition; Failure to Appear – Nihil Dicit, Res Judicata

Hello every One and welcome to the Thoroughly Thrilling Thursday Edition, thank King You for joining Me. I have a Monumental Edition for You today, Ladies and Lords of Your Promised Mother’s Land. If You have been following along with My Story, You Will know I have been waiting for a reply to My Statement of Claim from the city of Ottawa. Five o’clock this afternoon was the final hour of the twentieth day for defense counsel to respond. Tomorrow, I can have the city of Ottawa and the named defendants noted in default for failing to participate in the legal process. What does all of this mean? Well, if Canada’s legal system is war King the Way it should, it means I just won My lawsuit.

I would be surprised if You are any less skeptical than I am. Really? Of course I’m thing King it can’t be right, there must be something going on I don’t know about. At the same time, if the Courts and the Judicial processes in Canada are war King as they should, there should be no reason for Me to Wonder about it at all, they are!

None the less, Part of Me can’t help but Wonder if something was filed with the Courts that I don’t know about. That’s why I’m not going to waste any time noting them in default tomorrow because it’s the only Way I’ll know for sure. But what I have discussed here recently and what is in fact very much True in Canadian Law, is that there should be nothing going on between defense and the courts that I don’t have prior knowledge of. For example, even a Statement of Defense or Notice of Intent to Defend, requires that the defendant provide proof that those Notices were served upon the plaintiff before they can file them with the Registrar. Generally, the only time that anyone communicates with the Registrar, court or Justice without the other party’s prior knowledge is the original Statement of Claim. The Court won’t start counting the days for defense to respond until the affidavit of service is filed with the Registrar. I haven’t done that yet, that’s what I Will be doing tomorrow (and the document is already ready to go).

Basically, I shouldn’t have to expect any surprises when I file with the Registrar tomorrow but I’m not entirely sure that Will be the case. What I Will say, is that if there is anything going on that I’m not aware of, it is exceedingly dis-Honourable on the part of the city’s defense counsel. My belief is that when One is in a Matter of litigation, it is best to try to be amicable with One’s adversary. It is not difficult to send an email and be as King for more time, or to let One’s adversary know how they intend to respond. Because neither of these things were done, it is reasonable for Me to believe the city of Ottawa is officially in default because it would be dis-Honourable for them to believe I should be thing King otherwise. They were Given twenty days to respond to Me, no additional days were granted by their private Letter to the court, and I haven’t received any further Word on how they Wish to respond. Why should I not believe they are in default when the Rules of Civil Procedure and the Courts of Justice Act say that they are?

None the less, today is a Thoroughly Thrilling Thursday in Deeds because I have already completed the Affidavit of Service to file with the Registrar and only have the Notice of Default to complete. I’ve done one of those before, it was even easier than the Affidavit of Service so it should only take a few moments. Presuming everything does go as it should tomorrow when I file these documents, I Will prepare a Motion Ordering the Court to enforce the default Judgement over the weekend and file on Magical Motive a Sean Monday. Once the Notice of Default is filed with the Court, I am under no obligation to let them know of any further Motions I make to the Court. All My Motions can be made ‘ex-parte’ because they did not participate.

Five o’clock is the end of the day as far as service of documents or filings into the Court are concerned, so legally today was the deadline and there should be no Good reason I cannot tell You that I just won My Statement of Claim for $210,800.00. I think We all know that Will be something of a game changer.

I also thought I would let You know some of the first things I Will be doing with the debt notes I receive. I Will first be as King of the Justice to Present Me with a Bill for the Court costs, and request that the rest be placed in a private Trust for a Spiritual not for profit Foundation, ‘The Kingdom of Heaven Found A Sean’. I figure if I Show that I’m going to pay Canada to let Me use their Courts, maybe they Will be more inclined to let Me Play ball in them.

My ‘Kingdom of Heaven Found a Sean’ Will be used to finance My Life, basically. If I’m ever compelled to bring others into Canada’s Courts, I Will employ the same principals. All money for court costs Will be returned to Canada, proceeds Will go into My ‘Kingdom of Heaven Found a Sean’ which really is all about protecting Our God Given rights any-Way.

I don’t know what to tell You People. For Me it really is a Thoroughly Thrilling Thursday but it doesn’t quite feel real yet. But the fact of the Matter is this. If this were One of those dramatic lawsuits on a Show like the famous series ‘Suits’, every One in the office would already be drinking champagne and celebrating. It really is over – or at least it should be.

It’s a shame I can’t share quite the same enthusiasm as the Characters on Suits, but when I consider that it might be True, there are a lot of reasons why it makes sense that I did not Wish to share with You because I Truly felt it would be a last resort. And maybe that’s what this is. Until I know for sure, I won’t say anything further just yet, but You can be assured I Will have a Fabulous Free Lance Friday for You tomorrow, guaranteed!

Thanks for being here,

Love and Blessings,

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