Volume CLXXII: The Super Natural Sun Day Review; The Son Rise of a Golden Dawn

Hello every One, and welcome to the Super Natural Sun Day Edition, thank Your Royal High-ness for being here, it is a Pleasure to have You. I have an especially exciting Sun Day Review Edition for You today mostly because I have had no new News to share with You at all over the last week, and that is very Good News in Deed. The city of Ottawa has exceeded the twenty days to respond afforded by the Rules of Civil Procedure and is technically in default. Making it Official Will be the Motive a Sean for My Monday morning ‘Son Rise’ (if You are wondering about today’s Title).

I am certainly going to be Glowing with the Light of a Golden Dawn tomorrow as I make My Way to the Courthouse to Note the defendants in default. When One considers that I regard My name day as the beginning of a new Chapter in My Life and that My name day was just over a month ago (June 5/V), it beautifully reflects how I feel right now. I’m not quite sure what the contents of this next Chapter Will be, but it is making for a Good climax for My Story. We’re not quite at the End yet, but it’s clear We are close.

Other Magical things have started to take place in My Microcosm. I am really not a materialistic Man in any Way, but there are some things I would like to do to improve and upgrade My apartment. I would Love to go clothing shopping, I would Love to have My cupboards and fridge consistently loaded with nutritious foods. It was early afternoon or last night that I began Visualizing My Self shopping for My favourite clothes and wondering if I should consider a modest transportation utility (car) so that I can visit My father’s land, My inheritance.

That might sound perfectly normal for most People but generally, I don’t start thing King about things like that unless it is already done. For lack of better explanation, it’s a reflection of My subconscious letting go of the insecurity that there may still be some ‘trick’ I’m unaware of that is going to upset this Victory.

The Good News of the week really is that as far as all things in the Universe are concerned right now, I won My lawsuit against the city of Ottawa. There was no Word of any kind from either defense counsel or the Ombudsman over the last week, and I did tell the Ombudsman that I would be Grateful for any information revealed by their investigation. I also know defense counsel for the city of Ottawa reasonably well, and in any previous Matters We’ve had before a Court, she is typically very Good about emailing Me to advise Me of what is coming My Way. The first time it was just an initial “the city of Ottawa intends to defend this claim”, and an official Notice of Intent to Defend followed up in My mail by courier. The point is, I was joking about how the only thing that really could interfere were if defense counsel were to tackle Me on My Way to the Courthouse tomorrow, serve Me with something and file it with the Court before I get the chance. But I know defense counsel well enough to know she would just email Me if there was any intent to provide a statement of defense and be as King of Me for more time. I’m not disagreeable that Way.

I even considered emailing defense counsel and as King if she knows she is in default over the weekend just to show that I am reasonable and Honourable. The Truth is there is no requirement for Me to do so according to the Rules of Civil Procedure, and defense counsel would not be doing any favours for Me.

God doesn’t plant Visions in My Mind if God does not Wish for those Seeds of Intent-Ion to flourish and Grow. At least, typically. My real Vision is so much Greater that I have not considered some of the stepping stones of God’s Garden path before and how spectacular they may be. I’ve mentioned before that what I never really seem to know is how exactly My Words, Dreams and Visions Will Manifest in My Microcosm, I only know that they Will and that God Will place all the right things in My path at just the right time.

Here are some interesting ‘Facts’ about this recent Victory that only the Mind of a Mystic Will consider. The final amount I am as King for default Judgment against the defendants is $211,046.52. What is the numeric, Magical Value? 2+1+1+4+6+5+2=21. How many days was it from the time I filed My Statement of Claim until I ‘Officially’ confirmed with the Registrar that no materials have been filed with the court by defense? 21. What is the Significance of 21? Well, it’s 3×7. It’s also 3 (2+1) which is the Holy Trinity, or the whole E (energy) Trinity, the United State of Mind, Body and Soul, the Temple of Man.

Claim #CV-21-86803. Again, 21 (3×7 or even 3(7)). 8+6+8+3=25, 2+5=7. 7 is Heaven. Also, if We take the full Magic of the numeric Value, it is 2+1+7=10. And what does 10 represent? The beginning of a New Age. But all of this is probably just a coincidence, right?

I shared the News of default on Facebook and received a reply from One of My Friends who said that just earlier that day, she had mentioned Me to another Friend and said she Will have to message Me to find out how I am doing as she hasn’t heard from Me in a while. She received My Facebook notification shortly after and told Me what an amazing coincidence it was.

“There are no coincidences, only the Illusion of coincidence.”

V, V for Vendetta

So, despite some lingering apprehension I can still faintly feel in My Heart (He Art), Monday’s Magical Son Will be Rising with as much Light as the Rising Sun in the sky and Will be the Motive a Sean for My coming week.

Even when I do My best to stand outside of My own ego and Wishes, objectively there is no reason for Me to be concerned at all. I do know defense counsel would have contacted Me if they had any intent to respond to this claim before I file tomorrow – they would not wait until two days after the fact to contact Me.

You know I Will Keep You Posted on My adventures at the Courthouse tomorrow, and I have every reason to believe it Will bring new meaning to Magical Monday Motive a Sean!

Love and Blessings,

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