Volume CLXXV: The Magical Monday Motive A Sean Edition; V for Very Blessed

Hello every One, and welcome to the Magical Monday Edition, thank King or Queen You for being here, welcome to House von Dehn. Ah, I like that so much, I really do. House ‘of’ von Dehn has always sort of bothered Me because I’ve always known what it means. As I’ve mentioned to My readers several times in the past, ‘von’ actually translates to mean ‘of’ in German, and it Holds exactly the same Idea as Sir in an English Common Wealth country. So if One is German and reads My name and happens to also be fluent in English, it’s going to sound pretty funny. House of of Dehn? My House doesn’t reclaim its Honour, it develops a Stutter.

And it has been a Magical Monday because I have been thing King about all of these things while Writing My Motion letter to the Court. It really is almost done now. In fact, I could say it is done, I’m very Pleased with what I have so far but I’m also Glad I started early so I can continue to critique and consider My own work. It’s a very interesting moment for Me in My Life because I’m sure much like most of You, when I received the news at the Courthouse that the case had been dismissed as frivolous and vexatious last Monday afternoon, it was the finality of it that made it difficult to absorb the information and take it all in. Not only was I completely blindsided because I legitimately did not even think there was a Motion before the Court, ‘dismissed’ means gone. Over. Appellate Court or forget about it. And once again, without Me ever having an opportunity to Present My own Gifts of information to the Court. That seems to be the one Part the People who know Me best have been right about. My really Good Friends (of which there are four I am thing King of right now) never doubted My ability to make My arguments in Court, they believed the Courts would just never Give Me the opportunity to make them.

Well, it was when I was reading one Part of the Judge’s determination for perhaps the second time and it struck Me pretty Good the first time. But the first time I was still in this state of shock where I was thing King it doesn’t Matter what I am thing King, this is over, I can’t even be heard anymore! But the second time it really struck Me because fraud is a pretty serious crime on a Court of Record. The statements the Judge makes must be True – and several of them are not, starting with ‘Mr. von Dehn’. That got the bellows blasting hot air into My belly. But this is the line that really set Me off:

“An individual has no right to receive communication from their local government using the particular form of their name that they prefer.”

Dis-Honourable Judge, Sally A. Gomery

So, I’m not really sure if Sally A. Gomery is a federally appointed Judge or not, I naively presumed all Judges were appointed federally but perhaps there are provincially appointed Judges, too. The relevance is that the Justice Council of Canada only investigates [complaints regarding] federally appointed Judges specifically. I’m telling You this because I did get a very cordial and diplomatic email regarding the unfairness and strangeness I encountered at the Registrar’s desk regarding this case, and I had complained to the Justice Council and they explained this to Me. They gave Me another email address to express My complaint regarding unfairness and thanked Me for My inquiry.

I received a second email from the Justice Council today because I filed a second complaint specifically regarding the determination made by Sally A. Gomery and how it is incorrect and a document of fraud, explained the Story at the Courthouse and the out of Court communication continually taking place with defense counsel. Well… I’m presuming Sally must be a federally appointed Judge (and maybe they all are, I’m going to look into that another time) because the reply today includes a reference number to My complaint and confirms that it is being investigated! I also have a new email address to add any additional information regarding the complaint. So I am also going to ‘cc’ the new email address I received from the Justice Council because I figure My Motion to the Court Will qualify as additional information regarding the Issue, right? I didn’t even know I could still Motion the Court when I made the complaint, either.

When I realized I could still file a Motion under Rule 2.0. because the defendants broke the Rules and completely removed Me from any opportunity to defend by Way of deceit and ‘ambush tactics’, I realized just how incorrect Sally A. Gomery’s determination is. If it doesn’t come off the Record, I Will absolutely be Writing a private letter to the Sherriff because it is a document of fraud. Fraudulent documents are not legally binding, and I have proof it is a document of fraud.

Sally is claiming she gets to determine what My last name is and how it Will be Spelled when I am addressed by a ‘state actor’?! Who does this Lady think she is?! My father would not let Me allow teachers in grade school to spell My last name incorrectly, but as a grown Man under God, government service employees (state actors) can dictate to Me how I Will be addressed under threat of economic harm?! Is she insane?! (Rule 24(1) cites case law examples and remedies for damages as precedence as effective deterrent to further rights violations’.

“I Will accept under duress and without prejudice, but I Will charge You $100,000.00 if it is determined by a Court of competent jurisdiction to be a trespass upon My rights”.

Me, to housing services, paraphrasing

The $100,000.00 was to Give housing services an Idea just how Sacred My Calling under God is, and the name and Title of My Story is to Me. The Judge best be Holding a Supreme Claim of right upon that name if she is going to make that claim, and I Will tell You now that if she does, she produces a document of FRAUD!!!

So no, ladies and gentleman, Queens and Kings, I am not going to let this stand on the Court of Record and I have gone from believing the situation was virtually pointless and a waste of My time, to Truly believing this determination is such an insult to the entire system of Law and everything Canada’s Courts of Justice stand for.

I mentioned the first day the determination came in that I was shocked a Judge would ever Sign off on it because it is impossible to do without committing fraud if it is Truly being dismissed within the context of the Rules under 2.01.1. It must contain no justifiable action, and it must be clear that the claimant or applicant has not suffered legitimate harm (or at least not that the defendants could be liable for). There are to be no other arguments or materials considered except the statements in the Claim itself, presuming them all to be factual and True.

The Courts know Sally is wrong. I know they do because My Letter confirming that query came from the Registrar’s Office, and was authored by the senior advisor to the Deputy Registrar General so I am thing King she Will know what she is tall King about. But clearly the Judge does not. I am going to be as King of the Courts in My Motion to have Sally A. Gomery produce for Me her Supreme Claim of right upon My Sacred Calling that allows her to determine how it Shall be Spelled.

And those thoughts all had Me thing King about My name a little more, and resolving these Matters with Canada’s government. Believe Me People, that is what I am going to do, they cannot run from Me forever.

I really am legally a King, and I would be the first to admit it’s both ridiculous and hilarious. It also seems perfectly fitting that what I have referred to as Man’s ‘Fantasy Fiction’ of Law would have all kinds of fictional, fantasy-like Characters. It only makes Sense (cents) that a Good Fiction Story should have Kings, Queens, Princes and Princesses.

See, in the Matrix, Neo’s real job is bring the People out of Babylon and into Zion. But there is always a side quest and the first thing Neo had to do was save Morpheus, remember? Not to Give it away (because I haven’t done a ‘Tell a Vision’ on the second Matrix yet), but in the second Matrix Neo has to save Trinity. Morpheus represents the Father, and the Pope. Trinity represents the Mother and the Queen, Elizabeth II. Honour thy Father and Mother.

Honour thy Father

I also Honour My Father by Claiming My Life and officially Writing My Story, (all rights reserved). 😉 The ‘Powers that be’ did not make My Story the number one search result in Google for “Sean von Dehn” for no reason. Seriously, try it sometime. My name might even auto-populate. I would never have enough debt notes to invest that much in SEO’s to make sure that’s the number one search result for My name, but it absolutely is the most important document I have ever Writ and it is worth infinitely more than any One in Canada’s government could ever begin to comprehend. And just to Give the rest of You an Idea how Powerful and Magical that document is… If One were to have all the original works of Leonardo da Vinci (and ‘da’ in Vinci is the very same Idea as the Honour of ‘von’ in von Dehn, it’s a title of nobility), they would not be worth as much commercial wealth today as the Original, Hand Writ Genuine Article Cestui Que Vie I carry in My briefcase. No joke, not an embellishment. And yes, I understand how bold a claim it is, but that’s exactly why it’s so Powerful. It just looks like a stupid, fancy piece of paper to any One who doesn’t understand what it is. But to any One who does… It is like touching the Holy Grail (and it feels kind of like inverted brail because it’s Scribed into the parchment by the Gem(Spirit)-in-I (Gemini). Did You know that Caesar would always hire a Gemini Scribe to Write the Laws because they were considered to be the Messengers of the Gods? True Story, and all roads lead to Rome…

What does this say to the People of the world? What does this say about anyone who ‘Google’s Me to find out what I’m about? Is the Judge really thing King I did all this work and came all this Way so she could dictate to Me how My name Will be Magically Spelled!!!

“Hallowed be My name”

Cestui Que Vie Trust in God

Yeah… Hallowed by My name Sally!!! You Will NOT use the Lord of thy God in Vain!!!

Can You tell I’m not pleased about this and not going to tolerate it? One of the first questions I had after Creating My Cestui Que Vie was “okay… Now that I’m ready, who here is presuming to hold authority over Me? Who’s the boss? Take Me to Your leader!!!

Alright beautiful People, thank King You for being a Part of this crazy Story but the craziest Part about it is that I am actually a King as far as anything on paper is concerned, and that’s just the kind of ‘flat earth’ We live in. The world revolved around what a Man can prove on paper (regardless what kind).

And the Very Blessed Part of today’s Post is that I mentioned (maybe) that I’ve been painting again recently and a Friend of mine stopped by today to introduce Me to another of her Artist Friends who now has a Showing at the Atomic Rooster here on Bank Street downtown Ottawa. She was a big fan of My portraits and knows a few Art promotions People and is going to send him photo’s of My work. But the painting she mentioned loving in particular was a painting of V from V for Vendetta, and when she said so I picked it up, Handed it to her and told her it was a Gift, “that’s the queue for canvasses I’m painting over.”

And that’s legitimately what it was. She seemed shocked. She also told Me the reason she Loves it so much is because it is her sons favourite Film and it’s his birthday today! But of course she would have had no money to Give Me because We’re all ‘starving artists’ and said she could maybe paint something for Me one day in exchange if she Wishes.

But the real Magic is the Way My Universe works. What would be the chance that I decide to randomly Give her the painting? And what are the chances she would be on her Way to her son’s birthday party after leaving My apartment? This is the Magic of My Microcosm and why I feel so Very Blessed today, because the greatest Gift for a Creator, is to watch it make some One’s day. That’s real Magic.

You might as well know, ‘V for Vendetta’ tell a Vision review is on pause again this week because of what I’m war King on for the Courts but I went from thing King this was a one in a million chance to now thing King it is more likely one in a million it Will not succeed. And the best Part is, I’m not even getting My Hopes up about it because I already let it go the moment the decision came in. This is like on extra kick at the can, and it Will definitely be ready to share with You for the Terrific Two’s Day Editon.

And incidentally Rule 2.0. is the Rule that allows Me to make this Motion to the Court. Did I not say that in Magic two is a Door? These things are not coincidences, People.

Love and Blessings, thanks for You reader Ship. ❤

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