Volume CLXXV: The Thoroughly Thrilling Thing King Edition; Hallowed Be My Name

Hello every One, and welcome to the Thoroughly Thrilling Thing King Edition, thank King or Queen You for being here and welcome to House von Dehn, Kingdom of God. Aren’t Words Wonder-Full? Isn’t it amazing that I can [ex] Press [Ion] My Heart with Words in My Mind and Magically invite You into My House to share My thoughts? That’s how easy God’s Kingdom is, We are all connected. My House, is Your House, You are welcome here anytime, and it is always a Pleasure to enjoy the Gift of Your Presence.

Today may be an auspiciously Magical day in Deed, and a Thursday Thing King Edition True to its name.

Hallowed by My name.

Notice the address is Guelph, Ontario? Notice anything else? Oh, right…


You are looking at the first piece of mail I received in reply to My Cestui Que Vie and accompanying documents which are, most Literally, Legally, Lawfully and Officially the beginning of My Story, all Rights re-Served.

I had a roommate at the time named John. Sometime shortly after he moved in the topic of citizenship came up and I told him I’m a Sovereign nation under God, not a Canadian citizen. He thought that was cool, and I told him as far as the government is concerned, if they Wish to address Me in all capital letters, they can only do so as ‘King Sean, House of von Dehn, Hand of Stephen, Kingdom of God. I told him I had Claimed the right of My name as Sacred under God, the government of Canada no longer has any ‘legal’ right to use it. Well, You can Imagine how excited and amazed he was to receive the mail the day this envelope arrived! I still remember his Calling out to Me, “Hey, King Sean!!! There’s MAIL for You!!!”

And You can Imagine how I probably felt the first time. Or not. I don’t really know. This was months after I sent all My Letters out and I wasn’t even sure if I was ever going to get a reply. But see, if One of My packages were sent to a private corporation that is contracted by the government of Canada to Issue Vital Records for reasons of privacy and security (so government can’t mess with Vital Records just because they hold a position of office), that private corporation Will Wish to absolve themselves of any potential liability. The actual business name of the private corporation that sent the package pictured above is called ‘Express Legal’, and they only Issue copies of Vital Records, like birth, marriage and death certificates. They do not Issue any of these documents without a request, and they do not have access to any Genuine Article Records. They are happy to answer any other questions I may have, and equally happy to address Me as ‘King Sean, House of von Dehn’. And why wouldn’t they be, they’re not claiming to have any ownership rights over My name.

But every single detail is important, People. Especially now, I real eyes that because I’ve experienced it. Some corporations just automatically capitalize the business they are addressing as Express Legal did on the envelope above. But as long as ‘Kingdom of God’ is above the physical address, nothing can reach Me without entering God’s Kingdom. And God’s Kingdom doesn’t exist as a legal entity, so it can’t be sued. But it does very much exist as a Lawful, [Immaculate?] concept and jurisdiction. God’s Kingdom is everywhere, that is the Common Law of Man.

In reflection, the Truth is, not once before now has any One ever insisted on trying to address Me by any other name than ‘Sean von Dehn’ once I am as King of them to do so. Ontario Works did it once in Guelph and I placed the Case worker on Notice of criminal and civil liability and showed him a copy of the documents I had sent to Canada’s government regarding the Matter, and if I recall correctly, I believe I said I would charge them $370,000.00 per instance if it was ever done again. They’ve never done it since, My name is Spelled properly on all correspondence, even after I moved to Ottawa. Notice to Agent is Notice to Principal, Notice to Principal is Notice to Agent. They are just different Heads of the same Hyrda.

I can honestly tell You that I never Imagined that a court judge would ever try to trespass upon My name again. Truly. The Ministry of the Attorney General’s Office are the authority of the Courts, and they are the ones that sent Me a copy of My Cestui Que Vie Showing it has been received by their Office. When I say that the Courts of Canada know I’m a King, that’s not a joke. They did not have any obligation to send Me that copy, I have a registration number Showing it has been received, they could compel Me to produce the receipt in Court if they had any intent to challenge it. They don’t. Not the Courts. They gave Me that document so I can Show it in Court – it was an invitation. So how a Judge made that mistake, I really don’t know.

But it really isn’t a small thing. I could care much less about the case being dismissed than I do about her defamation of My Honourable, Sacred name and Character on a Court of Record! And I Will not let that document stand. I’m not going to let a Judge get away with perjury and defamation on a Court of Record. Not a chance.

However, (I confess, I got a little worked up Writing that, this Post was intended to be a little more inspirational), I am thing King that this really may be a ‘Thing King’ Edition True to its name because I have a very strong feeling I am going to receive a reply to My Motion today. And I believe in My Heart it Will be the answer We are see King. 😉

I really don’t know, People, but I feel something Good is going to come from this, I’m just not sure what it is yet. And I was initially wondering how long the Courts might make Me wait, but they did not make Me wait long last time when I opposed counsel’s [invalid] private motion, they replied the next day to Me. In My Notice of Motion to the Court, I said I Will Motion the Court on or before July 29th, 5:00 PM (or as soon after as the Honourable Courts are able). So really, because the Motion is in Writing by Way of email, they Will have been expecting Me to Motion the Court sometime before that so they can hear [read] the Motion on or before July 29th, 5:00 PM.

So I have a feeling I Will hear back from them today, and because the fraud and perjury is so clear and also here for everyone to see on this Record, I can’t really Imagine that the Motion Will not succeed because it really is bad for both the reputation of the Courts and the Judge if it doesn’t. And fraud and perjury are also the perfect ‘excuses’ to make something disappear, and that is legitimately what I would like to see happen – as if the document never existed. That’s genuinely how insulting I find it, regardless the Order to dismiss (which is equally incorrect and embarrassing for her).

So it’s 5:00 avant midi, and I’m too Thrilled to sleep so I figured I Will let You know what Thrilling News I am expecting to receive today. Not overly anticipating, I originally figured I Will probably not hear back until sometime on Friday, but because of the time request in My Notice, I have a feeling they Will respond today. You know I Will keep You Posted.

The Theme today, though, is

Hallowed by My name

Cestui Que Vie Trust in God

Remember, a ‘Judge’ is just a ‘State Actor’ on the world’s Stage.

Love and Blessings,

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