Volume CLXXV: The Sensei-Sean All Saturday Edition; Magic in the Macrocosm

Hello every One, and welcome to the Sensei-Sean all Saturday Edition, thank King or Queen You for being here, House von Dehn is grateful to have You. Today I Will be sharing some of My enthusiasm for a more relaxed Saturday ‘Sensei-Sean’. The government always takes weekends off, so I’m enjoying some down time, too while I wait to see how the Courts are moved by My Motion. Sensei-Sean also says there are no coincidences in the Universe, God is always tall King to Us in some Way. Today I Will be showing You some of the kismet Ways the Magic of Man’s Macrocosm has been tall King to Me.

One of the most Significant synchronicities in My Microcosm and Man’s Macrocosm is Canada’s previous Governor General, Julie Payette. From the very beginning I had said that she was unfit for the position exclusively based on some comments she made at a press conference where she basically insulted any One who believes in God. Is is necessary for Me to explain why such a comment would be inappropriate for an individual holding a position of Office as Governor General to Her Majesty? Her main Duty and responsibility as Governor General is to ensure that no bills are Given Royal assent if they trespass upon the Sovereignty (inherent rights) of Canada’s People. Inherent rights can only be Given by God. I placed her on the top of My list of “Canadian Government Authorities and Representatives God is Officially displeased with” on My Blog. I could be wrong, but I believe it was less than a year after doing so that she resigned from the position after complaints of her creating a toxic work environment were being investigated. It was only about a week ago that I Writ in a Post that all governor generals (at least in the course of My Lifetime) have failed to Honour their position of Office, Julie Payette’s was only the most obvious and dis-Graceful. Shortly afterward, this showed up in My Twitter notifications.

I was thing King she should be stripped of her pension, she never deserved the position in the first place, why should she continue to receive the benefits? However, the Magic is that I did get to cross Julie Payette off My list of government officials God is Officially displeased with, and I’m sharing that with You as Part of the ‘Simple Solutions Saturday Edition’ because it also reinforces the Idea that no One gets away with anything in the eyes of God. Eventually, We all Pay Our Dues.

And it was just today when I went back to My Twitter feed to share the Tweet regarding Canada’s previous governor general to find this most Magical Tweet trending in Man’s Macrocosm.

Mexico’s tall King about how this whole pandemic thing might not be as bad as We think it is, there is a lot big pharma is not telling Us, he says. He thinks We should be cautious about vaccinating children especially, and the motives of big pharma and why they are not telling Us the real science.

“as it’s obvious, pharmaceutical companies Wish to make a profit”

Mexican President, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador

Are the false profits of big pharma the false prophets We were warned about? Changing the Truth, professing (Prophet, prophesizing) something is safe for their own selfish interest in profits? The Words don’t sound the same by coincidence, People. False profits are the goal of capitalism, to ‘covet’ as much as We Wish from Our neighbour, and at virtually any cost.

“Thou Will not Covet”

10th Commandment, KJV Bible

This is also in Theme with Our V for Vendetta Tell a Vision Review which I am hoping to continue this Tuesday. In the film, the government creates a deadly virus so they can secure their control over the People and make a few billion dollars selling the vaccines to the People and being their ‘saviour’ (of the pandemic they themselves Created). And the timeline of the fantasy comic book made into a film takes place in 2020. Interesting, no? And the main theme of the Story is that there are no coincidences. Think some One might have been trying to tell Us something in their Art work? Or just a coincidence?

Finally, I’m leaving You with an interview that was fun to watch and I’m hoping You Will enjoy it, too. It’s George Carlin but it’s on a public television interview so it’s family friendly. I think if You take the time to watch You Will recognize why I felt it was worth sharing with You. A True intellect with a big Heart and a lot of talent.

Love and Blessings, Happy Saturn’s Day!!!

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