Volume CLXXVI: The Super Natural Sun Day Re-View; Cold War with Canada?

Hello every One and Happy Sun Day! I hope it was sunny where You are today, welcome to the House von Dehn, thank King or Queen You for being here. For My Sunday Re-View, I typically like to recap what’s taken place over the last week and what I am war King on for the coming week. This week I Will also be going over the events of the last week and because the only event to speak of is a ‘non event’, I am going to be going back a little further, too. In fact, I’ll be going Way back to the beginning of My Story. So if You’re new to this Blog, this Will be a Good ‘catch up’ Post. If You’re a regular reader (and thank You sincerely if You are), this Will be a Good Post to help put all of the pieces of the puzzle together. It may also answer today’s Quest-Ion, or at least Give the Title of today’s Post a little more merit, ‘Cold War with Canada?’.

A little over four years ago, I started Living My Life and telling My [True] Story for the first time. Without getting into details that could easily fill ten Posts of their own, all I am going to say is that for the first time in My Life, I actually exist in the world as a real, Spiritual, Living Man. Again, without getting into details, all I Will say for now is that far less than one percent of People on this earth (and probably far less than one tenth of a percent) legally exist (as a living entity) on paper. The identification is the ‘legal person’ or ‘entity’ and it is well known in law that it is not living, it is a corporate title. That’s about as short as I can keep the skinny, but hopefully the takeaway is that One comprehends the rights of corporations are significantly different from the rights of Man. My ‘legal entity’ is not a corporate fiction, it is a True Testimony of My Life’s Purpose under God and the Role I Will Play on the world’s Stage.

Not something One does everyday. In fact, not generally something a Man (of either sex/kind) does more than once in Life, and most People Will not do so at all. I Created a Document that is a Title Deed to My real Estate (My Mind, Body and Soul), Called a ‘Cestui Que Vie’ (which [loosely] translates to mean ‘this is Life’) and identifies Me physically by Way of a Seal of each of My thumb prints (top corners), and each of My big toe prints (bottom corners). Absolutely positively ‘identifies’ Me as the Author of the Writ and Holder of the Title Deed so long as I am Living and retain at least one of the four previously mentioned appendages.

The Notice of My new legal position of Office in God’s Kingdom was communicated to Canada’s Registrar General’s Office for Vital Statistics, and the Minister of Justice and Attorney General on January 19th, 2017. I received a reply from Sean Kearney, the legal director for the Attorney General’s Office to confirm they had received My Notice on April 21st, 2017. Because “it is not a properly issued claim or application, my intention is to take no action in response to it.” – and that’s where the Fun begins.

For a long time I have been suggesting that Court is only for the dis-Honourable. A Man brings another Man into Court because One Man is Acting in some Way that is dis-Honourable; whether it be physical harm, psychological harm, damage to property, failure to Honour a contract, whatever. I placed the date of Sean Kearney’s letter in bold italics to emphasize the time span between the date it was received by the Ministry of the Attorney General’s Office (Jan. 19th) and the date Sean Kearney finally responded. The date is the date the letter was Writ, it was not received by Me until the 28th (if I remember correctly).

The point is, I would generally say that two weeks is reasonable time to respond to a letter. The Common Law has no such ‘rules’, People are presumed to know what is considered reasonable time to respond. The Rules of Civil Procedure are basically just providing guidelines to what People should be doing in the Common Law (the jurisdiction We all Live in every day) anyway. Twenty days is considered reasonable time to respond which is just one day shy of three weeks. Considering those are rules regarding an official legal filing, We Will presume reasonable extra time has already been considered due to the serious nature of the Issue (I’m saying two weeks, this is six days more which I feel is generous but warranted under the circumstances).

Sixty days is the maximum amount of time the [Ontario] Courts allow for international service. Sean Kearney’s letter of reply came to Me roughly 92 days after it arrived on his desk. It took the legal director of the Attorney General’s Office three months to respond to tell Me that because it is not a properly issued claim or application, his intention is to take no action in response to it? Does he not understand that I am only compelled to Issue a Claim or application if he fails to take action (respond to it) without Me having to bring this Matter before the Court?

And People wonder why I took that letter of reply from Sean Kearney’s office and filed it into the Superior Court of Wellington County? It was to let him know I had received it. That lets him know that I know he is as King of Me to take him into Court if I Wish to have what I am as King of him for. I am also letting the Court know that I did advise Sean Kearney and the Minister of Justice and Attorney General of these crimes in Writing, and have now Showed that Sean Kearney is not disputing any of these allegations, nor is he providing remedy or compensation for the harm that was done (and You should really go to My Story and read the actual letter to find out exactly what was done and why I am as King for eleven million).

The harm and crimes that were done to Me were not the fault of police (though they were responsible for the Acts of harm that were done), what was done to Me was done to Me because the police believed Me to be a legal entity I am not and would never Wish to be. Under Canadian law and ’emergency measures acts’ that were imposed upon the city of Toronto, the police had the ‘legal right’ to do everything they did to Me. Nothing they did is punishable according to Canadian law. It was determined ten years later than the emergency measures act was in fact a constitutional violation, and several People were compensated. The highest amount awarded to the class in the Action was $25,000.00. Nowhere near enough to compensate for what was done to Me. Nothing in Life can ever undo the trauma and tyranny I experienced at the hand of Toronto police, and I knew that if those are the rights Canadian’s have, I most certainly do not ever Wish to be considered ‘Canadian’. And I set My sights on making that point clearly known to Canada’s government.

It took Me ten years before I figured it all out, by the Way. See, they (the Courts) like to pretend like they don’t know You have any rights at all unless You let them know. If You don’t, they don’t care what the constitution or charter says, they care about what the codes, statutes and acts have to say. Because as a voter, One is perceived to believe and support all the codes, statutes and acts passed by government – and if those laws were trespassing upon One’s rights, they should have said so before the bill was passed, shouldn’t they? (I’m suggesting this is how Court Judges see citizens).

Well, regardless how short I am able to Keep the preamble, I had to Give some background or nothing would make sense. I’ll turn this into a little mini-series because it is relevant to the coming week. The point I Wish to leave You with today, is that I understood Sean Kearney’s letter to be something of a truce. He didn’t know how to respond, he can’t deny My Claim to God’s Kingdom, so he acknowledged receipt of My letter, Gave Me something to Show the Court, and suggested that if I Wish for financial compensation I Will have to take him [Canada] to Court.

I don’t Wish to do that. I don’t think it’s what Sean Kearney Wishes to see Me do, I don’t really think it’s what Canada Wishes to see Me do, and there should be no reason for Me to have to. But in Order to not be compelled to take Canada into Court, somebody in Canada’s government is going to be required to demonstrate a level of competence in their position of office so We can resolve things amicably outside of Court.

We were waiting to hear back on a Motion to Vacate a Judge’s Order and recuse or suspend the Justice from further adjudication regarding the Matter – it hasn’t come yet. If the Motion to Vacate is not Honoured, I Will have a new cause of Action against Canada and Canada’s Courts of Justice because I Will be able to prove beyond any shadow of a doubt that the Courts are acting with extreme bias and prejudice, favouring the city of Ottawa, and allowing a Judge to enter fraudulent statements and an incorrect determination onto the Court of Record under penalty of perjury… I’m telling You People, if it is not removed, the next thing We Will be looking into is how to revoke a bond from a Court Judge, I Will be as King about how to press criminal charges for fraud, perjury and defamation of Character made by a Justice on a Court of Record, and I Will sue Sally A. Gomery for the full 2.3 million dollars ($100,000.00 for each fraudulent, defamatory statement of My Character on the Record).

I’m really not a vexatious individual, but I am not going to allow a Judge to defame My Character and commit criminal offenses in her effort to do so just because she’s a Court Justice. She accuses Me of believing I’m above the law, hears private pleadings from defense counsel outside the Rules of Civil procedure, and then commits several acts of perjury in her determination? Sounds like Sally is the One who believes she is above the Law, and this investigative journalist Will find out if that’s True.

The whole point to Writing the Court with this Motion was to avoid having any further conflict with Canada’s government but Sally is not going to get away with lying about Me on a Court of Record. Not as long as I’m Living.

Lots to look forward to and more updates to this story and the ‘Cold War with Canada’ over the coming week, including My follow up letter to the Court.

Hope You are all well and enjoying the summer!!!

Love and Blessings,

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