Volume CLXXVII: The Witches, Wizards and Warlocks ‘Lucky’ Wednesday Edition; Cold War with Canada? Part II

Hello every One, and welcome to the Witches, Wizards and Warlocks ‘Lucky’ Wednesday Edition, thank King You for joining Me at House von Dehn where We Will Our own Luck.

I can tell You that nothing auspiciously and obviously ‘Lucky’ has transpired today, yet I am feeling as if there is not only Luck in the air, but it fills the Wind of My Sail. We are traversing very rough commercial admiralty waters and making Our Way to the little white door at the back the studio to exit the Matrix and begin telling the True Man Show. (If You have seen the Jim Carrey film, the ‘Truman Show’, You Will understand the reference. It may also be in the Wings for My next Tell a Vision product Sean after V for Vendetta.)

The ‘Cold War with Canada?’ Title and what I am continuing to Write about today, is the all too familiar sound of silence I am hearing from the Court. I have filed a Notice of Motion to Vacate the Order and Suspend the Justice, and I followed up with an Official (ex-parte) motion to the Court in Writing by Way of email. Vacating an Order is a Motion that rarely succeeds, but it is very much the correct Motion to make to the Court if there is fraud or perjury on the Court of Record. It is essentially for that purpose exclusively. The only other time it is generally applied is if an Order has been made against a party that dies. Can’t collect from the dead, so the Order is Vacated (like it never happened).

This is the reason for today’s Title because to not hear back from the Court in response to that Motion made on the 28th of July, is very, very, strange! Obviously (I would hope), the Court has an obligation to respond to My Motion, even if it is not the response I Wish to hear. For the Courts to remain silent… I legitimately do not know what to make of it, and I am trying My best.

Let’s face it, it would take nothing for the Court to respond to Me and say something like, ‘the Courts cannot overturn any decision made by a Court justice, You Will have to file for an appeal’. That hypothetical response would be incorrect for all the reasons expressed in the Motion itself, but it would not be ‘uncustomary’ for Me at this point for the Courts to choose not to do something they are able to do. And what makes it so strange for Me, is that I am VERY displeased with the libel and slander of My Character by the Judge on the Court of Record, but I am offering absolute forgiveness. Vacate the Order, no harm, no foul. If they don’t, someone is choosing to allow this determination to remain on the International Court of Record and believe Me, this International Court of Record is every bit as Official as any other Court of Public Record (and is technically superior in jurisdiction and authority to the Ontario Superior Court, though the Ontario Superior Court can inherent the same jurisdiction providing they are able to produce a competent judicial body).

Why do I even care about an appellate Court if I can Publish the facts of the fraud and perjury on the International Public Record for all the world to see? I am not subject to any statute of limitations on any Claim as a representative of the Crown. All crimes against Me are indictable (criminal) offences upon the Crown itself in an International jurisdiction of law. I am a Sovereign which means I am a foreign body to Canada’s courts, so the Courts are obliged to inherit competent jurisdiction to hear the Matter. A Judge trespassing upon her own duties as an Officer of the Court and failing to provide relief and remedy for trespasses upon My inherent rights legally binding upon the Courts as a representative of the Crown, is [also] an international [war] crime against a foreign body. Basically, it is like imposing economic sanctions on a defenseless nation for the purpose of extorting their resources for their own benefit. And that is exactly what Canada [as a nation] is doing to Me. At least, that is how it Will look if the Order to Vacate is not Honoured.

Now, the other consideration I had that I am still not sure about, is to just print the Court form My Self, provide My own endorsement of the Order and file it with the Court on Friday. I’m tempted because I am somewhat curious to see if they Will try to refuse acceptance, in which case I Will have them for another international offence of trespass upon the Crown for denying Me access to Crown Courts necessary to fulfill My obligations to Her Majesty as a representative of the Crown.

What I’m getting at here, is that although I suppose the Courts could perceive this as being a Motion to benefit Me, it offers far more benefit to the Court. It absolves a Judge of very serious criminal charges and [commercial] liability for her Actions.

Again, if they had reasonable grounds to deny My motion, they would have provided it by now. So if they don’t, then what is taking so long? Why would they not Wish to process My request as quickly as possible to save the Judge’s reputation?

I really don’t have an answer for You, only hypothesis. The first consideration is that maybe the Courts don’t Wish to ’empower’ Me by asserting that I am correct. But failing to respond is the same thing, it really is!!! THIS is the final Word on the Matter until they respond, and that is fact in Law. Consider how this looks to You, My audience! This isn’t embarrassing for them? Of course it is! And they are doing NOTHING about it, which asserts that it is all True and they have nothing to say in defense of their Judge.

So the other hypothesis I have recently considered, is that perhaps they are simply acknowledging this Court of Record as the least invasive Way of allowing Me to Hold People accountable. The problem with that theory, is that it does nothing to secure the protection of My inherent rights, it is only a record of Canada’s continuous abdication of their fiduciary and judiciary obligations to Me.

However, all of this is information on the International Court of Record and all the Claims I have filed thus far have been against the service agents of Canada’s government, not the administrative or judicial bodies. And again, the only reason I haven’t placed People like Sean Kearney (legal director, Attorney General) and François-Philippe Champagne on Notice and taken them into Court for abdicating their duties, is because I presume they are ignorant and incompetent in their position of Office, not Willfully malicious or negligent, and I am legitimately trying to be sensitive to that fact so that I don’t have to destroy their career to enjoy My rights. But enough is enough already!

I am also legitimately not interested in financial compensation, I am interested in resolution and remedy. At the same time, until that resolution and remedy is provided by a competent body, I am compelled to be as King for financial compensation for depriving Me (in violation of My inherent rights) of My right to freely dispose of My natural wealth to Canadian obligations.

“In no case shall a People be deprived of its own means of subsistence”

United Nations Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, Part I, Article 1(2)

Again, this is international Law binding upon Canada. So what does One do when an individual abdicates their legally binding obligations? You Claim their surety bond for compensation in restitution for damages for abdicating the Duties associated with their position of Office (the loss of a right is a form of harm/tort). (See how that ‘office’ thing works? The Governor General’s position of Office is a corporate body Sole (only one (Sovereign) and a legally recognized entity).

So I’ve been thing King about filing an appeal. But what would be the point? That is what the Court’s silence is telling Me. If this Court (which We already know is of competent jurisdiction to hear this Matter) Will not do what it is able to do to protect the Judge and the Honour of the Crown, then maybe they don’t Wish to absolve the Judge of her crimes? Maybe they actually Wish for Me to hold the Judge accountable because it is a mistake and was not supposed to happen!

For all I know, the Courts are just as displeased about this as I am and do not Wish to have the Order removed because it evidences the fraud, perjury and private negotiations between the Judge and the city of Ottawa. Maybe the Courts themselves are tired of pandering to the city of Ottawa and Wish to see the Judge held accountable to the Law. I may only be able to appeal within thirty days, but fraud on the Court of Record is not binding. If I sue the Judge for abdicating her position of Office, the Order Will be removed for that reason, and I may be able to relaunch My Claim or perhaps the amount I was as King for in damages Will be awarded to Me right on the spot (holding the Judge liable instead of the city of Ottawa).

The other benefit to placing the Judge on Notice of Criminal Liability is that I am now taking on an even bigger fish. If that Claim fails to succeed, then all of My Claims and letters to Canada’s state actors can be put into one massive case file against the Crown itself. If that doesn’t succeed, then I just send everything to Her Majesty and tell her I have done everything I can but Canada’s courts no longer Honour the Crown.

The ‘Cold War’ aspect of it, is that I do believe it was the Justice’s determination to completely demoralize Me hoping I Will feel so defeated and helpless, I Will just Give up. And I most certainly believe that is the city of Ottawa’s determination. They Wish to try to convince Me that I’m not a King because they say so. Well, unfortunately, it doesn’t work that Way. Only God can make a Man King.

I have lots more thoughts to share on this. There have been many attempts by government agents to ‘trick’ Me into accepting a lesser juridical personality. I think the Judge believed that if she could just impose the title of ‘Mr.’ upon Me on a court of record, it somehow negates My Claim of right to God’s Kingdom and diminishes My Oath of service to Her Majesty’s Honour – it doesn’t, it just evidences fraud and perjury of established facts on an International Court of Record and makes the Judge look that much more incompetent and foolish. And really, You don’t think the Judge is reading whatever I might be saying about her? Of course she is, and I’m sure she’s furious. But she’s also committed criminal offences on a Court of Record, so she deserves every bit of scrutiny she gets.

I sent one last email to the Court to advise them I Will be placing Sally A. Gomery on Notice of Criminal Liability at 5:00 PM Friday if I have not heard Word from the Court before then. I’m sure she is going to LOVE that! Here’s the email:

My head has been very busy trying to make sense of this because I really don’t know what ‘Canada’ or the ‘Courts’ are doing. I don’t understand why they would Wish for something like this to remain on this International Public Record, I can only presume that is their Wish until they indicate otherwise. I’m really not disappointed at all! I thought I would be but in the end, it just Gives Me that much more evidence of Canada’s representatives abdicating their legal obligations. It also appears there is very little competence of any kind in Canada’s government (but I guess We already knew that).

Thanks for being here People, I love tall King with You like this. We Will prevail, regardless how, We Will find a Way (I always do).

Love and Blessings,

***Notice of Correction*** The Notice of Criminal Liability reads that the Notice Will be Given on Friday, July 13th. That is an error, it should read Friday, August 13th.

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