Volume CLXXVII: The Simple Solutions Saturday Edition; Casting Simple Spells that Stand

Hello every One, and welcome to the Simple Solutions Saturday Edition, thank King or Queen You for being here. Today’s Title relates to Our most recent Casting of Magic. Yesterday, dis-Honourable Justice Sally A. Gomery was placed on Notice of Criminal Liability for abdicating her duties as an officer of the Court, for fraud and perjury on the Court of Record, and for interfering with My right to a fair hearing. Today I Will be tall King about why it was important to Cast that Spelling of Magic, and how Sally’s silence Will allow the Casting of that Magic to Stand.

It can often seem as though People in positions of power and authority like Sally A. Gomery can abuse that power whenever they Wish. This same justice accused Me of believing I am above the law while committing fraud and perjury on the Court of Record in order to do so. And most of the time, judges like silly Sally get away with this kind of nonsense. It is absolutely an abuse of her position as an officer of the Court and an abuse of the process of the Court – and ironically, what defense counsel and the justice are accusing Me of by dismissing My case as “frivolous, vexatious or otherwise an abuse of the Court process.”

Rather astounding, isn’t it? I filed a lawsuit in hopes of putting an end to the continuous trespasses upon My inherent rights, the degrading and insulting Way I was not only addressed by Housing Services, but the arrogance and pomposity demonstrated by Sana Abou-Arraj, Christine Amaro and Celia North, who believe that if I Wish to protest the degrading Way they choose to address Me, they can threaten Me with economic harm and duress by revoking My housing subsidy. As far as they are concerned, they ‘own’ Me, and I must do as they say ‘to the letter’ (quite literally) or be threatened with undue economic harm. The justice asserts that these things were done, that the defendants ‘demonstrated intent and Willful determination to offend, antagonize, and diminish the plaintiff Sean von Dehn’s legal status in law‘. And yet she claims there is no ‘justiciable action’. A grade school student Will have enough common sense to know that is not morally correct. And if it is not morally correct, it is not justice, it is incorrect.

Conta Bonos Mores

Latin, Maxim in Law ‘Against Good Morals’

After the determination came in and I realized that the justice’s determination is not only incorrect and void of Good moral judgment, it is also littered with fraudulent, ‘ad hominem’ attacks regarding My Character, postulating offensive beliefs the justice asserts to be My own. It wasn’t just a bad decision, it read like it was Writ by a bigot who believes her contempt for People of low income Magically absolves her from international law and her legal obligations to provide relief and remedy for those trespasses as an officer of Canada’s courts. It is truly deplorable behaviour unbecoming of a Justice. And if she’s not ashamed of her determination, she should be – and dare I say she Will be.

I tried My best to do the justice a solid, no harm no foul. I motioned the Court to Vacate and suspend the Justice from further adjudication over the Matter. But the Courts did not respond to My Motion. And the Courts know every bit as well as I do that the decision is incorrect and littered with fraud and perjury. How do they know? Well, because I Showed them in My Motion.

The silence from the Court was the most difficult Sign to read. However, if the Court were unable to vacate the Motion (for whatever bogus reason they come up with), I have no reason to believe they would not respond to tell Me why. Fraud and perjury are not admissible on a Court of Record (even by a justice), so they would require some ‘very special rule’ that allows Court justices to commit fraud and perjury in special circumstances (and I’m being facetious, no such rule exists).

So why did they not Vacate the Order as per My Motion really is the greater question. Vacating the order completely absolves the justice of her fraud and perjury on the Court of Record, as well as an embarrassingly incorrect determination overall. A court justice does not openly acknowledge that harm was done to an individual by the defendants the individual is suing with intent (intent is ‘Mens Rae’, or ‘of guilty Mind’) to cause harm, and fail to provide relief and remedy for their trespasses against the plaintiff in the future. Complete abdication of her duties as an officer of the Court. Makes Me wonder if Sally has any Idea what her duties as an officer of the Court actually are. Here’s a hint Sally – to provide ‘Justice’! [And not ‘just is’ whatever silly Sally says].

Now, I can’t guarantee the Courts of Ontario or Canada Will ever Honour their duties and obligations to the U.N.C.C.P.R. or ever provide relief and remedy for the continual trespasses upon My right of self determination and to freely dispose of My natural wealth to Canadian obligations, all I can do is report to You on their failure to do so.

But We must remember, the Courts don’t do any harm to anyone. People holding positions of Office within Canada’s courts have the potential to cause harm by abdicating their duties and responsibilities. I really, Truly believed (and still do) that I was Giving the Court a very gracious Gift to absolve silly Sally of her international crimes against Me. The ‘Courts’ chose not to. What does that tell Me? Well, again, it is a difficult read, but after much consideration, I can only presume they (the Courts) do not Wish to absolve silly Sally of her crimes because they are an embarrassment to the Court and she should know better. Perhaps they Wish to see her held accountable.

You know what I believe? I believe whomever it is that receives Motions requests at the Courthouse, forwarded My Motion to Sally A. Gomery and left the decision with her! That would be something the Courts would do (to remain impartial). Silly Sally is also seriously stubborn and Wishes to assert her crimes. Okay. So I gave the ‘Courts’ fair warning that I Will be placing silly Sally A. Gomery on Notice of Criminal liability if I did not receive a response to My Motion by 5:00 PM yesterday, and now it is done.

The point I most Wish to make here is that there really isn’t much I can do if Courts and those Trusted to provide Justice in Canada’s Courts continually abdicate their duties of office – all I can do is Post those criminal offences on the International Public Record and collect ‘information’. Every single endorsement is also information, and in My case, information evidencing international crimes against the inherent rights of Canada’s People perpetrated by state actors and endorsed by Court justices. Doesn’t look very Good for Canada.

The other point I Wish to make, is that Canada really is an inferior jurisdiction to that of international law. Canada’s determination may stand on their Court of Record, but I have just shown the world that Canada’s Court of Record lacks integrity and accuracy. Filing times can be changed, documents can Magically be ‘unfiled’ without Notice to Me, incompetent registrar’s (Steve Pardou) refuse perfectly Good affidavits they themselves Swore on the Court of Record in the first place. It really doesn’t mean much when We see how much of a ponzi scheme it is, right? What happened with My case was not justice, nor have I ever experienced what I would call ‘Justice’ in Canada’s Courts. They (Crown) withdrew all (bogus/criminal) charges against Me without notice to Me, which makes every single thing Jenkyn’s did to Me a criminal Act! Was I ever offered compensation? No. That should be automatic if there is any interest in maintaining integrity in Court and holding officers accountable. I’ll tell You right now, if every person who is unlawfully arrested must be compensated by the Courts for the unlawful arrest and police held accountable to their bond, police would start behaving themselves very quickly. There is no accountability for People who violate the law at the highest levels, and here, I can hold People accountable.

So long as My Notice of Criminal Liability is on the International Public Record uncontested by Canada’s Courts and the justice who made the Order, it remains on the Record as the ‘final Word’ on the Matter on an International Public Record.

So placing Sally on Notice does not only hold Sally A. Gomery accountable, it clears My name of her slanderous, fraudulent Character attacks. Until she disputes My Notice and proves Me to be incorrect, these are now the Established Facts regarding this Matter.

Never underestimate the Power of an International Post Office.

Love and Blessings,

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