Volume CLXXVIII: The Witches, Wizards and Warlocks ‘Lucky’ Wednesday Edition; War King for Justice

Hello every One, and welcome to the Witches, Wizards and Warlocks ‘Lucky’ Wednesday Edition, thank King or Queen You for joining Me. We are all Kings and Queens in Our Sovereign State of being and We are all Living in a Common Law, Commonwealth Jurisdiction where the People are the authority of government. Yet it often doesn’t feel that Way, especially when they are trespassing upon autonomy rights over One’s healthcare choices, mandating masks, vaccines and other harmful policies on the public, and threatening their People with violence, imprisonment and fines for failing to comply. If the People are the authority of government, should We not be able to hold these People accountable for the harm they are doing to Canada’s People? Yes, of course We can. I’m going to be learning how.

Keep in Mind that here on the Good News Journal, We make Our Luck. Last Friday I placed an Ontario Superior Court Justice on Notice of Criminal Liability for abdicating her duties of Office and violating her Oath to the Court (in addition to fraud and perjury on the Court of Record). I’ve been using this technique for some time and some People wonder if it means anything at all.

I have suggested that this is the Common Law Jurisdiction, the highest jurisdiction of Law on earth and the one We are all in all of the time. The only Way We can lose that jurisdiction is by Way of Our consent; sometimes the consent is informed, sometimes the consent is obtained deceptively and without full disclosure of the agreement/contract. A contract containing fraud or deception is invalid, as is any court document containing the same, even when made by a judge – none are above the law.

Placing an individual on Notice is the first due process of Law. It’s the first step in making a formal complaint, and a complaint is a cause of action. Any individual who files a [legitimate] complaint of wrongdoing is entitled to relief and remedy by the wrongdoer. That’s a basic ‘principle’ in Law. That principle does not change for public servants, especially public servants who abdicate the official duties.

I’ve been teaching these philosophies for at least the last four years because I know the basic, most integral, fundamental principles of law and justice. What is not so easy, is proving these principles to be True in a Court of law because they are Playing the game according to Rules a lot of People do not understand. To make it even more challenging, when One does understand their Game and how the Courts try to trick People into unwittingly Giving up their Common Law rights, they simply dismiss the case and fail to provide any remedy. How is any One ever supposed to hold these People accountable?

Well, today I Wish to tell You that I am feeling very ‘Lucky’ because for the sake of the Honour of My own Character and reputation, I Will NOT be allowing the order to dismiss My lawsuit as frivolous and vexatious made by Sally A. Gomery to remain on the Court of Record. It doesn’t Matter how long it takes Me to have it removed or how many processes I have to attempt before I find remedy, I guarantee You I Will.

I directed a Friend of mine to a video I must have watched at least six years ago now. At the time it had only been viewed a few hundred times, now it has been viewed well over 274,000 times. I assert it is one of the best informational videos regarding the various jurisdictions and statuses One may be subject to when entering a Court in Canada (or any other Commonwealth country) that diminishes One’s legal standing and interferes with their ability to receive remedy. And as corrupt and silly as it all sounds, it is absolutely True and comprehending why this is True is probably the most important fundamental concept to grasp.

So I’m leaving a link to the video here. Typically, I don’t like to sent People to videos containing information like this because a lot of the time the information is incomplete or not comprehensive enough to empower the individual. In many cases, it is only enough to Give someone a sense of how things work and just enough information to provide false confidence that is more likely to get One into trouble than help them understand Our legal system. And when I say ‘Our’, I really do mean Our, wherever One is in the world, the Foundational principles of the Rule of Law are the same. Man is supreme authority, and no Man was Given any special [God Given] authority over any other Man (except by consent). That’s where the Maxim “All of Man is equal in Law, at Law and before the Law” comes from. That means We are also equally subject to the Rule of Law when it is violated and entitled to compensation, even when the violation is perpetrated by state actors.

So I came across some new projects the Creator of the video I’m sharing with You today has started, and one of those projects is of particular interest to Me. This individual has had many successes in Canada’s Courts using Common Law techniques and insisting on Common Law jurisdiction. He has also been using techniques that are essentially exactly the same as what I have been demonstrating here. Place People on Notice, give them time to respond and provide cure and remedy. If they fail to respond, complain to their superiors through the administrative process and request cure and remedy. If the administrative process fails, complain about the administrative process and continue this process until the internal process is exhausted. Then file into the Court for final relief and remedy with an accurate record of all attempts made to resolve the Matter outside of Court.

I spent about five or six hours trying to figure out how I can hold a Judge accountable if Canada’s fiction of law tries to suggest she is above the law and immune to prosecution. She’s not, not for criminal offences, and not for abdicating her position of office. A Judge is ONLY immune if they are acting in their official capacity. Abdication of their duties of office is Acting outside of their official capacity, making them liable.

So One of this Man’s projects is to help People hold People like Judges and Justices accountable to their duties to the Court and provide as many online examples as possible so that other People Will develop the confidence to do the same. We really are the authority of all government service employees in any position of office, We should not be afraid to complain to them if they are abdicating their duties in Ways that are harmful to Canada’s People.

Perhaps most encouraging, is that everything I’ve done so far is pretty much spot on. The fact that I have an international public record of all My efforts to work within the law and in Honour with Canada’s representative agencies, works very much to My advantage when I Wish to put it all together into one final claim. If the Justice Council of Canada doesn’t correct the Justice or provide remedy (for example), I can then sue Canada for the negligence of Canada’s Justice Council to provide remedy and how incorrect it is that they are policing themselves. This is how People make real change.

So I’m feeling very Lucky this Wednesday to be connected with some Truly brilliant Minds who are just as focused as I am in holding elected officials to their position of Office and holding them accountable to breaching the Public Trust.

More to come on this in the coming months as I decide how to lawfully deal with Sally A. Gomery and hold her accountable for breach of her oath and the public’s Trust.

Love and Blessings,

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