Volume CLXXVIII: The Super Natural Sun Day Edition; Curing Corruption in the Commonwealth

Hello every One, and welcome to the Good News Journal, thank King You for joining Me for the Super Natural Sun Day Edition where I review the events of the last week. There has not been much News in My microcosm lately, though I’m very happy to have less on My plate at the moment and took a few days off Writing. There is plenty going on in Man’s Macrocosm, however, and not much of it is Good… Lest We be Mind-Full that all these events have the Power to change Our perception and start taking steps to Cure the Corruption.

While undoubtedly the most momentous event in Man’s Macrocosm over the last week is what is taking place in Afghanistan. The world is outraged that a terrorist organization has taken over a county and are war King to get People out of Afghanistan to protect them from unthinkable abuse at the hands of the Taliban. Meanwhile, in other ‘freedom loving countries’ like Australia, the People are being brutalized in Ways We would once condemn and now politicians champion for. Tell Me this is anything other than a police service gone rogue and nothing short of domestic terrorism. [Warning, contains disturbing, graphic content.]

Police gassing citizens, shooting them with rubber bullets, running them over with cars (quite clearly on purpose), and ‘curb stomping’ citizens, sans curb. The actions the police took in this video could well have been lethal depending on the physical health and resilience of the individual. The man could have cracked his skull after getting run over by that police officer, never Mind the damage ‘stomping’ on a Man’s head might do. I have literally been attacked by an entire gang of thugs, and even in those situations, I would never hit or kick a Man in the head or face with full force. I couldn’t do it if I tried. I cannot ‘Willfully’ cause harm to a Man (of either sex), though I can do what I need to do to protect My Self. Either of the actions above could literally kill a Man or cause irreparable brain damage. These officers should be ashamed and disgraced with themselves for this type of behaviour but they’re not – they are literally sociopaths. That’s not a joke or exaggeration, only a sociopath could do those types of things to another sentient being, much less a Man.

But this is all in the interest of keeping People safe and healthy, right?

If You hadn’t noticed, the trending hashtag of this Sunday is #Australiahasfallen. Are We going to let this happen in every other Commonwealth country, too? Is this what the Queen and the Crown represent? If anybody thinks this kind of behaviour ‘Honours’ Her Majesty, I’ll tell You that this is precisely why the Queen needs saving – because People are allowing these deplorable Acts to take place in Her Majesty’s name and in her alleged ‘Honour’. The Crown is the only ‘other’ authority to that of the Sovereign People, and the point to all of that is to protect the Sovereign rights of the world’s People. Because if the People lose their Sovereignty, so does Her Majesty – We are all equal in rights, dignity and Value, remember.

And this one just shows You how tough and mighty they are. That’s why they need… What is it, five officers with guns, tazers, cuffs, pepper spray, gas, and God knows what else to take a Man to the ground. Does it LOOK like they are concerned about causing unnecessary harm? No, it looks like they take pleasure in beating up civilians for no Good reason. You see an injured party here (other than the guy getting beat?). No. No injured party, no crime – just a fiction of authority asserting itself unlawfully. These pricks CAN and SHOULD be sued in their private, individual capacity where they are not protected by their position of office (because breaking the law is a violation or abdication of their official capacity). A crime is a crime, this is assault and battery, it is not any more lawful for the police than any other Man.

Perhaps the only Good News this week is Justin Trudeau’s campaign launch. The People don’t seem to be too impressed with Trudeau, #Trudeauhimbecile was trending yesterday and it would be nice to see it continue to trend until election time. Here are some of the highlights of Trudeau’s campaign trail so far this week.

#1. ‘The curb’ experienced it differently (what Trudeau said [she] in reply to sexual misconduct allegations).

But that’s ‘ad hominem’ and just making fun of a Man who can’t walk and talk at the same time, so I admit it’s a bit of an unfair, immature jab. But he so deserves it, and I’m going to qualify that with the next two Tweets.

2. “Look at what We’ve done”

3. “Public speaking awards”

Oh, but that’s only the beginning. ‘People-kind’ was just the beginning for the new version of the English language Trudeau Wishes to Create. I know, You’re probably thing King I must be joking or being facetious or something. No. He’s actually creating a new language for the House of Commons to use that Will be ‘legally binding’ (whatever that means, they don’t follow any of their own laws, usually the laws only apply to citizens – Trudeau can commit as much treason as he Wishes, no big thing).

4. #TrudeauHimbecile’s new and abridged ‘Woke’ Canadian English dictionary.

He left out Sheeple? But why?

Doesn’t get much more ‘Brave New World’ or ‘1984’ than this, does it? Or does it?

5. #TrudeauHimbecile and the ‘she-covery’ of the ‘She-conomy’.

#6. #TrudeauTreason, #TrudeauHimbecile. This is the most relevant to this recent election and why it’s REALLY happening (distraction from real Matters at hand).

#7. And of course, We could not be tall King about the gross incompetence of Trudeau and leave out how the Man who claims to be ‘healing’ rights issues is creating division by attempting to create a new ‘class’ of People, pitting the vaccinated against the unvaccinated, and suggesting the unvaccinated place the vaccinated at risk? Uh, that’s why I’m not getting the shot because that is what I legitimately believe. The vaccine provides immunity to ONE virus, and reduces Your ability to learn how to deal with viruses because the individual didn’t Trust their immune system, so now it doesn’t know how to do what it was designed to do.

Make no mistake about it, the tactics Trudeau is using above is the exact same psychological tactics Hitler used. Doesn’t matter what the “Issue” is, it’s about creating enemies within. Divide the People against themselves to divert attention from the real problem, the Man instigating the separation. #TRUDEAUTREASON. There is no Man in the world right now less competent in their position of office than Trudeau. Not even Biden, and that’s saying something!!!

Wow, have I really rambled and ranted for eleven hundred Words already? So much to be tall King about. Please, People, regardless what One may be thing King of the King thing, We legitimately ARE all Sovereign in Our natural state of being regardless what nation one is hailing from. We are in the world, not of the world.

We not only have a right to say no and refuse to comply with any law that violates Our inherent rights, We legitimately have a duty to one another to do so. As I’ve said previously, if We don’t collectively defend Our rights, We Will collectively lose them.

We can hold ANY state actor accountable for their actions if they violate the Common Law. In Order to do that, One must know what their rights are, what the Common Law is, and how to properly complain about it. I’m not criticizing any One who does not know how to do these things, I am learning, too, and that’s why I’m sharing My Story with You.

It is more important now than ever before that We fight to maintain the freedoms We have and hold elected, administrative, and service agents of the world’s government’s responsible for their trespasses upon the inherent rights of the world’s People. We need to make this a global movement because I can see no better world government than that of the Will of the People being paramount to Our society.

Love and Blessings,

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