Volume CLXXXI: The Thoroughly Thrilling Thing King Edition; City’s New Legal Counsel – Jeremy Wright?.. Or Wrong?

Hello every One, and welcome to the Thoroughly Thrilling Thing King Edition, thank King or Queen You for joining Me, however One Wishes to Self ‘ID’-entify. Before I get too much into today’s Post, I do Wish to let You know how great-full I am to have You here. And no, that is not a Spelling mistake because You are what makes Me great and Spelling is just Part of My Magic. I can’t understate this as most Writers Will tell You they do it for the Love of Writing and hoping others Will enjoy it, too. You are the reward!!!

That additional little Tribute of thanks in My intro was inspired by this Post from somewhere around My first year of Writing a Blog.

Haha, I guess My ‘snipping tool’ malfunctioned (it doesn’t usually capture itself). Now, what’s interesting about this is that I wasn’t really thing King that much of it when I first received this Post. I received a notification from WordPress about a Post requiring My approval. Generally, that’s pretty common as it is required anytime I link to My own material or someone comments on a Post (so I can check for appropriateness). But look at this!

Initially, I thought it was just a computer generated stats page that auto fills relative to My stats. Strange thing is, My stats were not showing anywhere near 1600!!! And let’s face it, 1600 readers in a full year is nothing, yet it says, “This blog is on fire!!!”

Keep in Mind, I see everything through the eyes of a Mystic, and fire represents the Spirit of God. Also keep in Mind, I’m pretty sure that the Ottawa Citizen, National Post and Sun news publications in Canada all use WordPress (I could be wrong about that but I’m pretty sure). They Will receive more than 1600 views a day, so to have as many over a year is nothing and certainly not ‘on fire’ by comparison! None the less, it was about 1300 or more views than what My Blog stats were actually showing Me after My first year – I was happy if I received a single view within days after publishing a Post. So for Me at the time (I still remember getting this) I was thing King it was just a glitch but a cool one.

The relevance is that this random Blog Post from years ago was My top viewed Post a couple of days ago. It wasn’t until I went back to look at it that I realized it couldn’t have just been randomly generated by a computer because someone would have had to find a picture of My Book. It was an awfully thoughtful thing to add to the Post to promote My work. I don’t even have that picture! That was the default cover of My Book and I was NOT happy about it (if You know how I feel about all capital letters and My name). This was just the Way the default ‘style’ of the name was automatically expressed, nothing I could do about it. Yet, sometime after the government demanded two copies of My Book, I ordered some for My Self and the name is Styled as it should be, and it is above (Highness) the Title, not at the bottom of the cover. My status on Google also changed from ‘Canadian author’ to ‘author’. Now it doesn’t say I’m an author (or anything else) at all! 😛

If You actually go to the Post and find out where most of My readers were coming from, ‘private networks’ is listed as one of the most frequent. No wonder I wasn’t seeing any stats!

I don’t know how interesting this is for My readers but I figure it’s worth mentioning because I’ve had ‘little Gifts’ like this Given to Me along the Way that I have no Hand in. The change in My status as an author in Google’s search engine did not happen until after I Writ My Cestui Que Vie (and sent a copy to Canada’s Ministry of the Attorney General). Could just be a coincidence, right? 😉

What I’m trying to point out which may seem silly to some but it’s just the Way I see things as a Mystical Man… Promotions for My Book would show up in the top right of a Google search result for My name. For the longest time, Facebook was always at the top. Now, My Story is the top search result for My name, and there is no mention of My Book whatsoever. My belief, is that the ‘powers that be’ Wish for Me to Focus on My Story and more importantly, getting it finished!!!

Which brings Me (finally) to today’s Title, ‘City’s New Legal Counsel, Jeremy Wright… Or Jeremy Wrong?’. I’m not sure yet, though I did receive another vague and empty email of nothingness this afternoon.

Hello Sean,

Thank you for your email. Your links did not take me to the indicated documents. I will assume I have received everything from you and proceed in accordance with the Rules of Civil Procedure. Accordingly, you will receive my materials in due course which will set out the City’s position on your motion.



I don’t Mind sharing this with You and telling You how arrogant it is. This is now Jeremy’s fourth email to Me where I have asked him specifically if he has anything at all to say in response to the fraudulent, misleading testimony provided by defense counsel. Notice how he just pretends to not hear the question? This is called legal gaslighting and now We know where the city gets it from – they are learning from their senior legal counsel who is setting a terrible example. This is My reply.

5:26 PM 

Hi Jeremy,

You Will not presume anything.  At this point, You have not opposed the charge of fraud and perjury on the Court of Record and have not expressed to Me if You intend to do so in Your opposing materials.  Again, I would like to discuss this amicably like grown men, but You don’t seem to be able to tell Me why You think fraud and perjury are acceptable on a Court of Record, and that is what I am most interested in knowing.

These emails Will be added to My Motion Record as an Affidavit exhibit of My efforts to resolve this with You outside of Court.  I already told You that if You can convince Me that defense counsel did not deliberately present false, misleading testimony to a justice on a Court of Record with intent to unfairly influence justice, I Will not proceed with My Motion.
Otherwise, if You are not contesting the fraud and perjury on the Court of Record, (and You’ve had over a week to do so), I’m not even interested in the rest of Your opposition materials because I believe they are irrelevant. 

I also believe that continually dodging this very direct question is called stalling and is not considered ‘Honourable’ conduct for a lawyer.  Can You not have a civil discussion with Me about the elephant in the room?  Fraud and perjury are pretty serious, or is that something the city does frequently in lawsuits they don’t Wish to deal with?.  Just tell Me how You plan to respond to the fraudulent, misleading testimony presented by Your defense counsel.  If You do not oppose the fraud and perjury, One must presume You are guilty as charged and the material evidence in that regard is pretty clear.  I Will include this email as evidence of Your refusal to address this very serious question.

So is it fair to say that Your opposition to this Motion is that You do not believe fraud and perjury on a Court of Record are reasonable grounds to vacate?

And You are incorrect, I checked both links, both are working, both contain the exact content of the Motion and Notice of Motion, and the actual court documents are attached.  Look again.

Thank You, 

Sean von Dehn,
King Sean,
House von Dehn,
Hand of Stephen,
Kingdom of God

I’ll admit, I don’t sound very ‘Friendly’ in My email. At the same time, I am SO sick and tired of lawyers dodging legal questions they are supposed to be experts at answering. This is NOT professionalism, this is NOT how One should deal with their legal opponents. There is a very serious question to be answered, and defense counsel is continually and obviously trying to avoid providing an answer. I need to know this not only because it is critical to My Motion, but also because if defense counsel does intend to dispute the fraud and perjury, I Wish to know what material evidence they have to support that position – and I have a RIGHT to know and not be ambushed by unknown information and defense strategies later. At this point, I have no reason to believe the Motion Will not pass because defense counsel is not disputing the fraud and perjury on the Record.

I’m going to finish this up for today because I was too long winded with My intro and tall King about My retro Post. One of the things I Wish to touch on before I do, is that I legitimately believe Jeremy may be arrogant to a fault. Of course, I can’t be sure about anything, but I sincerely believe the ‘Courts’ are behind this Motion and I have Good reason to believe that – reasons I have not yet shared with Jeremy but Will be sharing with You tomorrow in the Free Lance Friday Edition. Let’s just say, it is not a coincidence that all of these emails are still going out to all respondents (Ministry of Attorney General, Justice Council of Canada, Superior Court, Sheriff’s department). I believe they are just as curious as I am to see what Jeremey comes up with…

More to come for Fabulous Free Lance Friday!

Oh!!! And the BEST news of the day? It’s not a rumour!!!

Release date, 12/22/21

(A resurrection movie three days before Christ-Mass? Probably just a coincidence…)

Love and Blessings,

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