Volume CLXXXII: The Thoroughly Thrilling Thing King Edition; Thing King, As King, and War King

Hello every One, welcome to the Thoroughly Thrilling Thing King Edition, thank King or Queen You for being here, it is always a pleasure to have You. Today’s Title is based on a quotation I once read from Neil Donald Walsh, “Thought, Word, Deed” that emulates the same metaphysical Principal instrumental in Creating powerful Magic. This is the natural formula for Casting the worlds most mesmerizing and Miraculous Spells.

I Writ a short Post yesterday briefly tall King about My Love for plants and how I am growing an exotic succulent collection from seed. I forgot to mention the main reason for Writing about it! Seeds (and especially these succulent seeds because they are tiny as dust) remind Me just how Magical Our world really is.

I mean, science can explain all of this away until they are blue in the face but at some point do We not need to step back and rationalize for a moment, perhaps just long enough to consider that there is absolutely no logical explanation for a seed transforming into this complex living structure, it is purely Magical? Everything We try to comprehend about photosynthesis, soil nutrients, how plants transform water and carbon dioxide into carbon molecules to construct their eventual form is contained in a seed as small as dust. It already knows what it’s going to become before it even begins. Is it the consciousness of the original plant immortalizing itself in a tomb that Will remain Magically sealed until the optimum conditions present themselves? And some People don’t even believe plants are conscious!

Better still, because they are less ‘complex’ than the animal or even the insect kingdom (theoretically), they evolve much faster, too. The plant learns from the experience of it’s life and communicates that knowledge to the very first seed. Hybrid flowers are very common for this reason. Cross a red rose with a blue rose and the next plant Will be?.. The result may or may not always be the same, I’m not sure. One might get a purple rose, a red rose, or a blue rose – there’s no guarantee the DNA Will not determine blue or red to be dominant. Chances are the plant Will experiment with many variations so if enough flowers are crossed, eventually the seeds Will produce a purple rose as a genetic experiment. Similarly, vegetables grown indoors Will adapt to the conditions and if the seeds from the fruit are harvested for the next season, the plants Will grow even better.

“Thought, Word, Deed” is a very powerful Spiritual and Mystical concept to comprehend if One Wishes to master what is often referred to as ‘the Secret’, or ‘the Law of Attraction’. Some People scoff at these Ideas and say that One cannot just Visualize a dream home and make it Magically manifest. They are correct, too. But it does start with the Vision, the Idea. That’s why My ‘pen name’ is ‘vonDehnVisuals’ – every Dream starts with a Vision.

The next Way We bring that Vision to Manifestation is by breathing Life into the Idea with Our Word. We must speak Our Vision into the Universe as confirmation of the Vision. We must be as King before We can receive so that the Universe can line everything up. Then, We must follow through with Our Deed. We must do as We say We Will do to bring that Vision to Life, We must #BeTheChange We Dream to know.

The relevance of this in My microcosm is that the very first Quest-Ion I had about the dismissal of My lawsuit, was how was it possible? The Court had already told Me they were not responding to defense counsel’s letter request because it was not filed with the Court – communications with the Court outside of the Court processes are strictly forbidden by the Rules (1.09). So how was this possible?

Initially, I did not know what to be thing King. Why would the Courts lie to Me? I couldn’t believe that they would – that was My core belief. I didn’t believe this decision came from ‘the Court’, yet I had no Idea how I could ever prove that, it was just My belief; but a very strong One.

So I was thing King if I’m correct, and the Court did not request this determination, maybe the Court Will let Me put My Words into Action and file a Motion so they can do something about it? I was as King of the Universe if the Courts Will let Me file a Motion to tell them what happened and Imagined they might – but I decided to meditate on the Idea first.

Now, this could very well just be a coincidence but it would go against the very foundation of Living the Life of a Mystic and knowing there are no coincidences. When I returned to My desk after My meditation, I had received two new emails with instructions on how to file a Motion with the Court by Way of email. One was from the Ministry of the Attorney General’s Office, and the other from the Superior Court. They were entirely diplomatic and neutral but the case file number was referenced in the subject line and it was phrased like a Quest-Ion, “if You would like to file a Motion with the Court…”, with instructions and attachments concerning new covid directions.

To the Mind of a Mystic, that sounds like a Magical invite-a-Sean. This is less than twenty-four hours after the determination was made and the same email address as the private email from the Court previously, though representing different individuals and specific offices of the Courthouse (motions office, for example). So I finalized the Magic with a Deed of Spelling to Motion the Court to Vacate the Order and suspend or recuse the judge for conflict of interest.

We waited five weeks for an answer before instructions to serve the Notice of Motion upon the defendants was provided to Me by Ashley Moniz Andrade on behalf of the Ontario Superior Court of Justice. This coming Tuesday Will be three weeks We have been waiting for opposing counsel to Present their Official opposition materials. They have changed their lawyer of Record and I received the Official Court filing of that change today, the new lawyer of Record is senior legal counsel for the city of Ottawa, Jeremy Wright.

And I hope You Will check out the Notice because this is another ‘Magic’ trick that lawyers Will Play to try to change the jurisdiction of the Court. Technically, One might suggest I did make a small error in My initial filing but I had Good reason to do it. I Styled the name of the Court as “ONTARIO SUPERIOR COURT OF JUSTICE“. Technically, this is a mistake, and it Will be the last time I make it.

However, it was an intentional mistake because of some of the arguments I have expressed previously and in My Motion materials. The jurisdiction of the Court is determined by the subject Matter at Hand. Imagine if Her Majesty were in Court, what jurisdiction would Her Majesty be subject to? Would Her Majesty be ‘tricked’ into some jurisdiction of Law that does not recognize her inherent, Common Law rights under God? Of course not, and the Courts would never dare to try. The Common Law Courts represent the Crown and the Crown represents Her Majesty.

The intention of filing with the Style of the Court expressed in all capital letters was to test this theory by making sure the Style of the parties to the lawsuit were expressed in the proper, Common Law Style. My theory, is that the Title of the Court (ONTARIO SUPERIOR COURT OF JUSTICE) on the application allows the Civil Court to recognize the filing in compliance with the Rules. The Civil Courts are an inferior jurisdiction to the Common Law jurisdiction; the Common Law is the Foundation of the Civil Law system. The Common Law is non commercial and the Civil Law is commercial. The Civil law is commercially liable for trespass (assault) on Common Law (inherent) rights. This is in fact why the Civil Courts can only Act provided they Act in compliance with the Provisions (stipulations/restrictions) determined by Canada’s Department of Justice.

That’s also why these public facing websites I reference are so powerful because these are ‘Public Notices’, guarantees to the People on the public Record and advertised by Canada’s Justice system. What’s interesting is that I don’t actually think I’ve shared that link before because I am as King of You to take Notice of the Style of the webpage itself compared to the Department of Justice of Canada website (which says the same thing verbatim). At the very top of the Page, One Will Notice “Government of Canada” is not in all capital letters and the flag is in colour, not black and white. The Department of Canada’s website by comparison shows the flag in black and white, a corporate logo indicating the Civil, commercial jurisdiction… And wouldn’t You know, I can’t find it! I am thing King it is the same Page and they’ve updated it?! I’ll look into this more another time, maybe it was another link.

I remember the heading of the Page because I’ve referenced it so much. It has a black and white bar across the top of the page with the flag of Canada in black and white. Then it has the Department of Justice in blue (I think) against a yellow background underneath and the [identical] text on white underneath.

I had a Friend in My microcosm tell Me today that he believes this blog and International Public Record are making all the difference in this particular case, and potentially even the reason the Courts decided they Will hear the Motion. Now, what started out as something of a long shot is beginning to look very promising because it is beginning to look as though the Court did not direct this determination at all; it all took place entirely in private.

It is even beginning to look as though a justice may have been bribed! That, or the justice likes to Write six page determinations in her spare time as a personal favour to the city of Ottawa. If the determination was not directed by the Court, that’s exactly what it is and I’m pretty sure that makes the determination officially fraud on the Court of Record. If there is no filing request with the Registrar, then the judge didn’t get paid [by the Court] to make this determination and I’m pretty sure that’s a serious violation of the Rules and potentially, even the Law.

Today I was thing King about thought, Word, Deed. How We were as King, and received. How breathing Life into the Words and Idea that maybe I could file a Motion Will soon Magically move a Court to Vacate and ‘Voila!!!’, We make a curse upon Justice and the Court Magically disappear!!! I am thing King the Spell is war King it’s Magic.

Love and Blessings,

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