Volume CLXXXIII: The Witches, Wizards and Warlocks ‘Lucky’ Wednesday Edition; Do We Have Trust Issues? Part IV

Hello every One and welcome to the Witches, Wizards, and Warlocks ‘Lucky’ Wednesday Edition, thank King all of You fellow Masters of Magic for Playing a Role in the Casting of this Magical, Universal Product-Sean. There were a few Lucky Omens in My microcosm today, the least of which was being Divinely Inspired to Write this Post shortly after thing King about what excuses I have for not Writing a Post today – and what My excuse is for not Writing a Post yesterday for the Tuesday ‘Tell a Vision’ Edition and what might be the conclusion of My Spiritual Interpret-a-Sean. I didn’t feel like it, it’s that simple.

I see things the Way they are. I Real Eyes that most People don’t even consider Writing this Blog to be Real work. I don’t get paid for it, I’m not compelled to Write it… And if it isn’t generating money, it’s considered by most to be worth-less. So why do I feel guilty when I don’t Write? Because this isn’t about money, this is My Life’s Legacy, My Great Work.

How could something One spends considerable time and attention on ever be worth less with each continual investment? And what is an investment, anyway? In Vest (body) Mind. A body of Ideas. Ment = Mind. The more intention One invests in an Idea, the greater the Value of the E-State. E=Energy. In-tent-Ion. Energy going into a tent, or Establishing the constitution of a House. Every House begins with a blueprint, a ‘dead’ idea We must breathe Life into, even if only in the Mind of Man.

This is the Good News Journal and this is also My private Journal made public. When I am Writing to You, I am tall King with God. Trust Me, it has more Value than most Will believe – God is the Source of all Magic, whatever One perceives God to be.

I feel guilty because I have a very Real Duty and responsibility to God that most People could not even hope to comprehend. I can’t Imagine what it must have been like for My family to grow up with Me, much less after I remembered My True Purpose roughly thirteen years ago.

But yesterday marks three weeks from the day the city of Ottawa was served the Notice of Motion and indicated that they Wish to oppose the Motion. They claim that defense counsel did not do anything outside of the Rules of Civil Procedure. I’m perfectly fine with that position because I know it’s absolutely false and that they Will not be able to produce a Record of their filings with the Registrar because they filed nothing with the Registrar prior to July 13th if they filed anything else at all. I know that to be one hundred percent True because I had them Noted in Default on that day. Allegedly, defense counsel filed a Notice of Intent to Defend through the online portal at 10:40:09 Monday (same day) morning… And according to Steven Pardou (registrar), just six seconds before the Court of Record was Showing they were Noted in Default at 10:40:15 (despite the fact they were Noted in Default around 3:00 in the afternoon and according to Mike (registrar), no filings were showing on the Court of Record by defense counsel at that time).

But I digress. The fact is, defense counsel is lying outright and they know it. And now I’m waiting three weeks for them to find some kind of ‘legal’ loophole that makes this kind of Court conduct acceptable? Why don’t they just admit the can’t support their position, they haven’t filed any official paperwork with the Court, and the email is invalid? This is why I thought it seemed insane to Me that they Wish to oppose the Motion at all because defense counsel knows what she did. She got caught. And now I’m trying to be patient and cordial so they can try to come up with some kind of acceptable excuse?

So it was on My Mind because I am Mindful of how much time they are taking and it seemed reasonable that if I hadn’t received anything by 5:00 PM yesterday, I should follow up and be as King how much longer they feel they Will need. I didn’t even know how to do it without sounding impatient, sarcastic, or patronizing because their behaviour overall is ridiculous and entirely unprofessional. That goes doubly for the defense counsel that has taken over.

So I didn’t feel like Writing yesterday. The only logical explanation I have, is that because they know they can’t support their opposing position, they are hoping to stall to frustrate and antagonize Me in hopes that I Will lash out and say something they can use to attack My Character. It doesn’t take three weeks to produce materials that Show One did comply with the Rules of Civil Procedure if it’s True. All they would have to do is send Me a copy of their Court filings with the Registrar and I would rescind My Motion. I know they don’t have any.

So I’m going to Give them until the end of the week, then I’m going to place them on Notice and advise them I Will include Our email correspondence as an affidavit of opposition materials, along with defense counsel’s failure to provide copies of their Court filings with the Registrar to support their position. I Will suggest if defense counsel fails to produce copies of their Court filing with the Registrar on demand, it is because they did not file a Motion in accordance with the Rules as claimed by defense counsel and proves beyond a shadow of doubt that this order was requested outside of the Court process and in violation of the Rules. I may even request a copy of the requisition to the justice from the Court as King of her to make a ruling on this Matter. I don’t believe she Will have one… Though I bet she received a few emails from the city of Ottawa. I wonder if I should subpoena that request for a ruling from the Court to Sally? That might be interesting.

The Magic of this ‘Lucky’ Wednesday is that I didn’t Wish to Write yesterday for the very same reasons I initially didn’t feel like Writing today. I never in My Life Imagined that professionals would Act so childish. If People wonder why lawyers get such a bad reputation, it’s because of exactly the kind of thing defense counsel is doing right now. They know they are wrong and they are trying to find a Way to ‘justify’ that position with some kind of legal Magic so they can continue to ignore their legal obligations. It sounds like some kind of fictional legal drama where some One is in an impossible situation they refuse to accept, which only compounds their problems.

But the Real Magic of it was that I was thing King about how the drama of it all kept Me from Writing a series I Truly enjoy Writing and usually look forward to as My second most favourite day of the week for Writing (next to Free Lance Friday). I was think King about ‘V’ and why I resonate with his Character so much despite the main difference being that My only weapon is My Word. I allow God to avenge My foes because that Way I can never make a mistake. And ‘God’ knows how to take care of People in Ways I could never even Imagine. So ‘V’ Acts as the Hand of God by Way of His knowledge of God – he chooses to be the executioner. I Will pass judgment on others, but God delivers the Sentence. Cent, Pence, sentence… Does a sentence have Value? (That’s rhetorical – of course it does.)

The reason I resonate with V so much is because V becomes a product of his environment. It is the main principal of natural selection. Evolve or die. V evolved to transcend his situation, the deadly virus and vaccine… And he became a little more than Vexatious in the process.

I find it interesting that the city likes to suggest My Claim is frivolous and vexatious, or otherwise an abuse of the Court process. Notice how People tend to be guilty of that which they accuse others? They don’t even know they’re projecting, that’s how mentally disturbed they are. But what happened to Me? What made Me this Way? How did I come to be King?

Necessity. Survival. No One but Me Will ever know what was done to Me in Toronto by those police officers, but physical and sexual assault change a Man in Ways that cannot be undone. Beliefs I had about Canada and what the rights of a Man in this country are, were obliterated in a blind of an eye. It is not just about how I was treated, it was the horror and shock of knowing that the People who did these things to Me believe it was perfectly acceptable for them to do so. In what sick, twisted, sociopathic institution is that kind of behaviour or treatment of a Man in any Way ‘acceptable’. I was tortured. I was physically assaulted, sexually assaulted, and told that if I did not comply with their interrogation I would be held ‘indefinitely’. Keep in Mind I was being denied the right to speak for My Self in Court, the right to make any kind of phone call (until they were ‘done’ with Me), and interrogated at least four times and strip searched without consent (and under military duress). Yes, that was actually ordered by a military general under martial law. One day You wake up and realize the country You joked about is no joke, it’s a fascist dictatorship posing as a constitutional demon-cratic Monarchy (and affirmed today by another Treasonous trudeau government).

The best Part of all of this, is that they must maintain a Record. The government of Canada knows what they did to Me, they hold all the Records. Are You thing King they Will try to tell a Court that they had the right to do this because they tricked Me into answering to My name Styled in all capital letters? Yeah, Me either.

So I learned how to defend My Self in Court so that one day I could hold these People accountable. And wouldn’t You know, I happened to discover that the True Rule of Law does in fact state that the People in a constitutional democratic Monarchy are Sovereign in their natural State of being, authority is derived from the Sovereign People, the Kings and Queens the government call citizens. When We reclaim Our Crown, We become the city Zen – God’s Kingdom on earth.

Believe Me, if what was done to Me in Toronto were ever done to You, You would realize just how important this Blog and My Story really is. The fact that nobody in Canada’s government Wishes to take accountability and responsibility for what was done or execute the Trust as per My direction, is equally important. I’d like to believe this was a gross exception and violation of the Law, not something the government Wishes to turn a blind eye to overlook. I also Wish to believe there are People within Canada’s government who understand the public Trust well enough themselves to accommodate My request but that belief dwindles more as the days go by.

Yesterday on Twitter I also read a few Tweets from People tall King about how they are concerned about the safety of the vaccines but becoming even more terrified by the alternatives. Some feel there is going to be a new medical apartheid against People who choose not to vaccinate and can’t handle being segregated from society for failing to comply. There were two tweets like that, here’s One:

This is the Real danger. People are getting the vaccine not because it’s in their best interest but because they do not Wish to rock the boat and Trust that their government would never encourage them to take something that is far more dangerous than any virus out there. It’s unfortunate but One can’t Trust government any more than We can Trust Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg – they’re all in for the cash. But don’t worry, all cash is a Promise to Pay something of Value later – and pay back is coming!

Love and Blessings,

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