Volume CLXXXIV: The Super Natural Sunday Re-View; Magic in Motion on Monday

Good evening, afternoon, or morning depending on where You are in the world, thank King or Queen You for being here, I am thrilled to have You. It is the Super ‘Natural’ Sunday Re-View because feeling Super is natural when One accomplishes something significant. If You have been following along with My Story, You Will know I have been war King on preparing a Reply Factum and Motion Record to file with the Court on Monday. I finished the Reply Factum yesterday afternoon, and began war King on the Index for My Motion Record. Next thing I knew, it was five o’clock in the morning – but it’s done!

The Good News for Me is that this kind of thing is really not that erratic for Me. It is in fact unusual for Me to do anything too intellectually taxing during the day if I can help it at all. The day time is for Imagining and pondering, evening and night time are when I put all the Ideas together with Pen to paper or fingers to keyboard. Speaking of which, seeing as this is the Sunday Re-View Edition of the Good News journal, I was also tall King just this last week about how We are all evolving from One generation to the next. I suggested that generation ‘X’ is the arrival of earth’s real Life ‘X-men’ (of either sex/kind).

I’ve also suggested many times in the past that We are continually evolving in every moment. We evolve from a single-celled organism, to a child, then eventually mature and are no longer considered minors – We are now Manor‘s in God’s Kingdom.

One of the courses I took in high school that some of My Friends liked to tease Me about was typing. Keep in Mind, I’m young enough that thankfully the typewriters were electric, but old enough that computers like We have today were some kid’s Star Trek fantasy for the future that most People still found laughable. I believed. I had heard that computers might able to communicate around the world as fast as a phone with virtually perfect video quality one day soon. They were saying computers would be the Way of the future. So I decided I should learn to type and I didn’t care how many teased Me.

Funny thing about Me, is that I didn’t even plan to complete the course when I signed up for it. All I wanted to know was how to type – I didn’t really care how Good I was because I knew that would improve once I had a reason to type. So once I got to around 50 or maybe 60 words per minute, I dropped the course. That was Good enough for Me.

Often I take for granted how Happy I am for taking that course now. I don’t have to think about typing, I am only thing King about what I Wish to say and My fingers Magically do the rest. They make mistakes often enough, but they can auto-correct almost as fast.

Well, My laptop is coming up on year five this Christmas – that’s when I usually retire a laptop and get a new one. This is the first time I lost a key. The left ‘shift’ key. If I try and use it, it still ‘sort of’ works – but it might get stuck and does sometimes. I don’t Wish to short out My laptop before I can replace it so I stopped using the left shift key. You would be amazed how fast My fingers learned to adjust. It Will almost be strange to be able to use the key again but what was initially a huge inconvenience is not even an Issue I notice. I don’t even think it slows Me down.

So I thought that was kind of a Good ‘everyday’ example of Our continual evolution. We overcome stuff, that’s what Our bodies are naturally programmed to do.

I said I would let You know how long it took Me to put all of My Motion materials together, and I finally have a reasonably accurate rough tally. Now keep in Mind that a lot of time is spent editing, organizing and formatting the documents but all of that is a very real element to putting it all together. The Motion Record required very little new drafting of documents, but it still took time to organize all the documents into a table of contents in a logical order. It also took time just to organize all the digital documents necessary on My USB drive so I know what I’m doing when I go to the print shop to put it all together. It was twenty hours, almost exactly ten hours for each document, and both were Writ at almost the same time of day (7:30 in the evening and finishing at 5:30 in the morning).

I don’t know if that sounds like a lot, but I’m telling You it was both exhausting and satisfying. That’s just to prepare two Court documents for a Motion. There’s a Notice of Motion Form and a clean draft Order to file with this, too. Never Mind the time and Energy invested to have this Motion heard in the first place.

But the Good News is, it’s really, really done. Because I was up until almost six in the morning completing it, I slept until almost noon and wasn’t feeling as enthusiastic as I thought I would about going to the print shop. But the Truth is, I literally have everything I need and can go from the print shop straight to the Court tomorrow which is what I Wish to do anyway. The longer I hold onto them, the more likely they are to get damaged in some Way.

So Monday is going to feel Magical because the Magic of My Motion Will be officially Cast into the Court. Then I guess We just wait to see if the Spell is strong enough to move a Court. You know what My Monday Motive a Sean Will be. 😉

Love and Blessings,

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