Volume CLXXXVI: The Witches, Wizards and Warlocks ‘Lucky’ Wednesday Edition; Permanent Suspense, Sean

Hello every One, and welcome to the Witches, Wizards and Warlocks ‘Lucky’ Wednesday Edition, thank King or Queen You for joining Me. I Will not be Keeping You in suspense about the ‘Permanent Suspense, Sean’ of the Title of today’s Post, I have been permanently banned on Twitter!!! And that’s My Good News for this Magical ‘Lucky’ Wednesday.

Okay, so it probably doesn’t sound like Good News, but keep in Mind there are no coincidences in the Universe. Of course, I’m banned for violating the Twitter rules regarding ‘abuse and harassment’. You can read the email here.

Now, I’m not suggesting that any of the Tweets are not potentially offensive – that was the intent, and I wouldn’t be sharing them with You if I were sorry I’d sent them. I’m not. Notice that the email doesn’t include the tweets I’m responding to that were sent directly to Me? They also removed My ability to show You what the Tweets are in response to – it’s like the account never existed, no history.

The very first account is the only account that is consistent in all tweets. The other noticeable account is Huffington Post. The original Tweet was by the Huffington Post, and it was about the all-star NBA player, Kyrie Irving, who has been benched for refusing to be vaccinated.

“Any player who elects not to comply with local vaccination mandates will not be paid for games that he misses,” Mike Bass, the NBA’s executive vice president of communications, said in a statement on Wednesday morning.

I replied to this tweet by stating something to the effect, “This is a multi-billion dollar lawsuit waiting to be won. It directly violates the Nuremburg Code, which states that no medical treatment or experiment may be conducted without informed consent, and informed consent cannot legally be Given if there is intimidation or coercion involved.”

This response was My most liked and retweeted Tweet yesterday, but of course, not every One was a fan.

The first tweet cited in My violation of the Twitter rules is in response to an account that suggested that there is no lawsuit waiting to happen, just a ‘cry-baby’ who’s too scared to get a shot and that his childish attitude is affecting the whole team. She was clearly insulting and degrading the athlete. This kind of social pressure is exactly the kind of coercion that Gives legitimacy to Kyrie’s lawsuit because legally informed consent must be Given freely and without intimidation or coercion. It is also the exact type of behaviour and harassment that allegedly violates Twitter’s rules of harassment. I’m being ‘harassed’ for defending Kyrie’s belief in his right to autonomy over his medical choices and health care needs.

The second tweet cited in Twitter’s violation is in response to an account that suggested that it’s not a violation of any right, and I should shut up and stop spreading ‘dis-information’. The tone was aggressive, insulting, and got worse. Finally, they resorted to ‘just get your ‘f-ing’ shot (except not the edited version) and whatever else, ending with some cheap, irrelevant insult. I don’t respond well to ‘orders’ from strangers suggesting they have any right to dictate what I must put in My body (or any One else for that Matter). At no time do I ‘dictate’ what others must do, nor do I ever initiate any kind of abusive or insulting dialogue. If someone begins directly messaging Me with insults and threats, I am going to respond in kind. The point is, I doubt very much that this individual filed a complaint against Me because they were far more aggressive than I was and would be subject to a ban themselves – it would be like a child who started a fight complaining to a teacher that he lost.

The third tweet cited doesn’t violate any rule. It isn’t insulting any particular individual at all, it is insulting a particular ideology – it is stating a belief and opinion that is not offensive to any other party unless they have some special affection for government or big pharma. Or an agenda and particular ‘theme’ they Wish to spread on Twitter.

And finally, the last tweet is in response to someone who called Me an idiot or some other lame insult just previous to the one cited. I could be wrong, but I believe he called Me an idiot. I really Wish I could show You the thread to put all of this in context and You Will see that I am nowhere near as aggressive as the Tweets I’m responding to that were sent directly to Me (with the others still ‘tagged’, I suppose – which I believe Twitter also characterizes as ‘direct’).

So it probably sounds like I’m ranting and I suppose to some extent that I am, but I can tell You that I’m legitimately not worried about losing My Twitter account. Remember, I didn’t even exist on Twitter before I published My Cestui Que Vie – True Story. The fact that Twitter considers Me influential enough, or My Ideas harmful enough that they feel they need to permanently ban Me from their platform? Would You believe Me if I told You I feel a little flattered?

Twitter has never had anything to do with the success of what I’m doing here. My Twitter account drives barely any traffic to My Blog anyway, Pinterest does more with a fraction of the followers. But Twitter is owned by the powers that be, whoever they are, and it was the ‘powers that be’ that decided I should have a voice on Twitter in the first place. Now, I suppose I could perceive this as bad news, but that just isn’t My Style.

See, I would never even have bothered with Twitter at all if an inactive account hadn’t suddenly gone viral. 0 – 5000+ followers in less than ten months, beginning immediately after publishing My Cestui Que Vie, and ‘featuring’ My Cestui Que Vie in the first few tweets and retweets or comments that started it all – if there were any at all, it may well have only been followers. But it began immediately after publishing My Cestui Que Vie, the beginning of My Story.

The other interesting thing about it, was that many of the People who initially began following Me were highly influential People – writers, ceo’s and editors of publications like the Huffington Post, the New York Times, Forbes, and Entrepreneur magazine, and those are only a few of the big names I remember. I am thing King there were a total of six Fox News journalists who started following Me within the first month, one was even as King of Me to friend her on Facebook (I did, and I needed a password because it was a private account). Roughly 1% of My 5000 followers were super elite accounts with over a million followers. Accounts and profiles like that don’t just randomly follow People like Me, and certainly not in droves – unless someone tells them to. I even returned home from Court one day to discover that the Justice, Perkins McVey, had started following Me on Twitter. Her account was private, too, so I couldn’t even follow back or comment to be as King why, or how the Justice would even know I have a Twitter account – didn’t exactly come up in conversation in Court that day.

I’m banned, for Life!!! The only other person I know of that’s happened to, is Donald Trump. I’m sure it happens to People every day that We just never hear about but… I don’t know, it’s interesting. Believe it or not, I actually felt a wave of relief.

One is often thing King One Will feel anxious if they were to Give up something seemingly important like their phone, and perhaps some People Will be at first. But the Truth is, when One doesn’t have One, it is one less thing to worry about! I legitimately do not Wish to be any social media superstar personality, I would prefer to remain mostly anonymous aside from this Blog. I don’t have to worry about the propaganda I see peddled on Twitter anymore, and really, I believe that is the point.

I believe the point to banning Me is so that I can tell You to get rid of Twitter, it is a fascist, propaganda machine that justifies exactly the type of conduct they ban People for, provided it supports their mission statement – which is to help big pharma endorse their lethal injection. An official study in Taiwan has confirmed that more vaccinated People have died of covid now than unvaccinated. Another government report concludes that the vaccines are causing auto-immune deficiency. Any People like Me are getting silenced by social media giants because they know the Power of My Word.

This happened super-fast, too! I would say within a couple of hours of the tweets at most, but difficult to say. I don’t believe any One complained about being abused or harassed, I believe Twitter is using meta-data collection to weed out People who share opinions contrary to their world view. This happened so I could tell You that Twitter is ‘officially’ a fascist propaganda machine, and no information fact-checked on their platform should EVER be Trusted as legitimate information.

The fact is, they don’t ‘silence’ People unless they are genuinely afraid of the Ideas expressed. Shutting them down on Twitter Will not keep them from manifesting in the Universe, I Give You My Word on that.

For Me, this is trophy number two in the social media world. Every YouTube video of Ben Shapiro’s I have critiqued with intent to have removed from the internet, has effectively been removed from the internet as if it never existed – that was My first big accomplishment. I wasn’t thing King what I writ here would matter much to Ben; turns out it matters enough to have him retract his Words and videos. Today, it matters enough to Twitter they decided to ban Me for life.

I did appeal, but I did that before I had received the email because it ended up in My ‘promotions’ folder. I didn’t realize the ban was permanent, so I’m not expecting them to even read the appeal, much less give it any serious consideration. They made up their mind, and it was entirely partisan. So I am taking that as a Sign, too and perceiving this to be a promote-Sean.

Love and Blessings,

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