Volume CLXXXVI: The Fabulous Free Lance Friday Edition; Mainstream Media’s Fabulous Fraud

Hello every One, and welcome to the Fabulous Free Lance Friday Edition of the Good News Journal, thank King or Queen You for joining Me, it is always a pleasure to have You in My House. Today I am feeling fabulous and Friday’s are My favourite day for Writing because I allow My Self to be tall King about anything I Wish. Today I Wish to be tall King about the fake news, mainstream media’s favourite propaganda machine marching the People of the world toward tyranny.

In My last Post I mentioned that I have been permanently banned from the Twitter platform (check out the Post to get the full details) for violating the Twitter rules regarding ‘targeted abuse and harassment’. I found it rather interesting because I was in fact the one being targeted, abused, and harassed – it was in defense of targeted, abusive comments that were the Tweets allegedly violating Twitter’s policies. I didn’t know any of these People and had certainly not ‘targeted’ any of them for anything. They responded to My Tweet with abusive, harassing behaviour! It’s literally social media narcissism. It’s perfectly okay to target an individual for abuse and harassment if it is part of Twitter’s mandate!

I’m pointing this out because the People I allegedly targeted for abuse likely had absolutely nothing to do with My being banned from Twitter. Taken out of context without showing the Tweets I’m responding to allows Twitter to justify their action because it looks Good on paper (or in the email in this case). The real reason I was banned from Twitter was for congratulating the NBA player for not giving into social pressure, and standing up against the vaccine mandate. #BetheChage was the hashtag I included. You should have read some of the things Twitter are allowing People to say about the NBA star! Instead, let’s show You how CNN characterizes Joe Rogan for his personal choice to not get vaccinated and the alternative medical treatment he received.

“Praises horse dewormer Ivermectin”. Please, watch the whole thing because it isn’t slight. This is deliberate and what exactly is the point? It’s to create a stupid, confused, People that are easier to manipulate and control because they don’t know what to believe anymore. It’s like comparing hydroxychloroquine to bleach and suggesting they are the same thing – remember when they did that to Trump? Hydroxychloroquine and zinc have worked wonders in fighting viruses, and Ivermectin is a very common pharmaceutical not at all exclusive to horses that has proven to be successful treatment of viruses. I’m not Giving You medical advice, I am as King of You to look into these things and then ask Your Self why major media [fake] news networks are lying to Us. As stated in the video, they KNOW they are lying and spreading horse manure. The scary part is, some People believe these morons!!! In fact, a lot of People look to these People as a source of ‘reliable’ information!!! How scary is THAT? And believe Me, Global News and Radio Canada are just as bad or worse. They are continually suggesting that the vaccines are proven to be safe and effective – that’s probably the biggest global lie being told by politicians right now. Here’s a stat to the contrary.

We are living in very strange times, People. The government has always lied to the People and used mainstream media as their main propaganda tool, but they’ve never been as overt about it as they are now. There is no denying that the government knows the vaccines are harmful, so why are they not telling the Canadian People? They certainly know they are not perfectly safe. People don’t just randomly commit mass crimes against Man’s kind without some major incentive. Who’s paying these corrupt politicians? If You didn’t get My joke, let Me rephrase the Quest-Ion. WHO is paying these corrupt politicians? If not WHO, then WHO’s investors (Bill and Melinda Gates to hell foundation).

The Good News this Fabulous Free Lance Friday Edition is that the corruption is so overt it Will be impossible for these crooks to deny when they are dragged into a Court of competent jurisdiction. They have no scientific data to validate their claims, all their scientific data shows the exact opposite of what the government is telling You, but they have decided not to tell You about the risks because THEY decided (without any proper legislation) that it is in Your best interest to get it anyway, and telling You they may cause paralysis, multiple organ malfunction, fatal blood clots, sterilization and death because that may induce ‘vaccine hesitancy’ (and We wouldn’t Wish for People to hesitate taking a potentially lethal injection, right?). Even though it is not My Will, some of the People behind this global fraud Will hang. There is no pandemic, the pcr test was used to manufacture a pandemic because it is known to produce alarming numbers of false-positive results when used above 30 cycles. They have been using 35 and 40. For those who have been vaccinated, they reduce the cycles to produce less false positives (to prove the vaccines work when really they are just manipulating the scientific instrument used to measure the data).

You can watch an entire educational video on the fraud being perpetrated by mainstream media all over the world.

This may not sound like fabulous news, but I feel fabulous for being able to share this with You and for being banned from a social media platform that is proving to be a fascist propaganda machine. I’m also feeling fabulous about My Motion to the Court, though I have heard no Word yet, I was thing King about telling You all the reasons why I am feeling so Good and confident regarding that today but I rambled on about the propaganda machine a little too much today.

Joe Rogan keeps saying that he’s thing King about suing CNN and I really, really hope that he does because I’m sure he’d win and he has the resources to do it. I Will tell You why I’m feeling so confident regarding My Motion in tomorrow’s Edition, even though I have not heard Word yet. In fact, I feel no less confident that a decision has not been made because the longer it takes, the more serious the consideration.

Alright, People, that’s all for this Fabulous Friday. Obviously You can see that I am still checking out what’s happening on Twitter but today it was more to explore what I am able to see and or do with My suspended account. I couldn’t help noticing how just about every Tweet that advocated for freedom of choice regarding medical care (vaccines, masks, whatever) was being ‘targeted and attacked’. It was not until I witnessed this more objectively as an observer that I realized they (Twitter) are using the same tactics undercover police use when creating violence at a peaceful protest. There are People who just continually attack those advocating for Truth, and when they finally defend themselves, they are abused for violating the rules. Only those who support mask mandates and vaccines are allowed to target People with harmful and abusive comments, according to the Twitter rules.

Love and Blessings,

Post Script – Today’s feature photo is just My favourite plant window. The hanging plant is an old incense package filled with earth. I poked five holes in the side of it, watered it over the sink until is stopped dripping, then stuck a ‘Calisia Repens’ leaf into each of the holes – this is roughly a year later. It is now flourishing!!!


  1. With all love and appreciation, do whatever works best for you …
    Be yourself and be your best as much as you can .
    Every person is unique and special in his or her own way …
    Whatever road leads to Rome is okay even if the road is longer and harder as long as it makes you happy . Choose your ultimate path that makes you feel divine joyfullness from within and so without …

    1. As long as People are being threatened and intimidated, and the risks are being kept hidden, there is no freedom of choice, only varying levels of deception. But yes, I hear Your point and thank You for commenting.

  2. I do not care what religion or faith or system one follows whatever it may be as long you are kind-hearted and feeling the timeless formless divine aspect in everyone and everything …
    If someone believes vaccine is good or not , allow him or her to choose how to live and if you do not have a great necessity to travel abroad, do not take the vaccine if you do not like it and wait as everything changes but the divine beyond time , space and forms …

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