Volume CLXXXVII: The Magical Monday Motive A Sean Edition; Poisonous Propaganda

Hello every One, and welcome to the Good News Journal’s Magical Motive a Sean Edition, thank King or Queen You for joining Me. Today the Motive-a-Sean was an article that caught My attention regarding vaccination rates in the county of Waterford, Ireland. Ironically, when I Googled vaccination rates of Waterford, one of the first search results took Me to a Tweet. Seeing as that Tweet was the Motivate-Sean for this Magical Monday Post, let’s start with that.

I especially Love the tinfoil hat – I might have to consider making one.

The reason I find this especially interesting is because I was tall King about this in My last Free Lance Friday Edition. I have been permanently banned from Twitter, allegedly for ‘targeted abuse and harassment’ for Tweets I made in response to abuse I was receiving for defending Kyrie Irving’s right to not get vaccinated. I suggested that I wasn’t permanently banned from Twitter because anyone complained about abuse or harassment, but because I Tweeted that Kyrie Irving Will soon have a multi-billion dollar lawsuit to win. No One may be intimidated or coerced into receiving a medical procedure, it is one of the most basic rights to autonomy over One’s health care choices. What One Wishes to put in their body is no-body else’s business – and suggesting these vaccines are ‘perfectly safe and effective’ is just business as usual for big pharma, and false advertising because they don’t have to worry about any liability.

So the county of Waterford, Ireland has the highest vaccination rate in all of Ireland, and also now has the highest rate of covid cases. Yet the Canadian government is claiming these vaccines are both safe and effective. Really? Where is the data to prove they are effective?

A Google search query for the population of Waterford county, Ireland shows 53,500 People as of 2016. I’m not really sure why the statistic is so dated but I was only looking for a rough estimate. I would suggest that Waterford county, Ireland, is a substantial enough population that We should now be able to determine how effective the vaccines are in preventing and stopping the transmission of Covid, right? But Waterford county Ireland only recently achieved their 99.97% vaccination rate, and now they are leading the nation in new Covid cases. Is that not a sufficient populace of People for a reasonable group study for real scientific data? What is the data telling Us? That the vaccines are not effective at all!!! In fact, it is beginning to look as though the vaccines may be spreading Covid. Is it possible that the new mRNA technology is not war King as it was intended to? Or, (perhaps more concerning) did the pharmaceutical companies insist on immunity from liability before agreeing to mass produce the vaccines because they had no Idea if they would be effective or not because this is a brand new medical technology? Finally, (and most concerning), if overpopulation is considered to be the greatest threat to the earth by the powers that be, was the vaccine designed to make People sick? Is the vaccine just a biological weapon unleashed on the world?

I’m not suggesting I have an answer to any of the last three Quest-Ions, but I am suggesting they are Quest-Ions all of Us should be as King. Is it not fair for the rest of the world to now use Waterford Ireland as a case study example of just how ineffective the vaccines are? Is any One really thing King the government of Canada Will be able to counter that evidence? Canada also has one of the highest vaccination rates in the world, and its fascist government is dictating that vaccines are mandatory and vaccine passports Will be required despite the fact they are proving to be entirely ineffective in preventing or slowing the spread of Covid.

Meanwhile in Canada, the Globe and Mail are spreading fake news and encouraging People to take the vaccine, suggesting it is the quickest Way to end the pandemic. Well, if the vaccines work as advertised by the Canadian government, then only 13% of Canadians are now susceptible to Covid. And People seem to have so much hatred and disdain for those who choose not to be vaccinated, why not just end the pandemic now if We know the only People at risk are those who chose not to get vaccinated? Seems fair to Me. One of the insults I frequently received on Twitter was People ‘hoping I Will die’, allegedly because I deserve to die for not Wishing to be vaccinated. I would agree with them, much to their surprise, I’m sure. I Trust nature far more than I Trust big pharma. But this is the poisonous propaganda being spread by one of Canada’s leading magazine publications:

Convincing the holdouts remains the goal of public-health officials, who say vaccination is our best way of ending the pandemic

Globe and Mail

You can go to the Globe and Mail’s main webpage to see just how much Covid propaganda they are pushing. Everything from criticizing MP’s in the House of Commons choosing not to be vaccinated, to calling Kyrie Irving a ‘martyr for his cause’. Perhaps Kyrie Will be a martyr because I really hope that more People follow his example. Joe Rogan has been attacked by the mainstream media, Kyrie Irving, MP’s, and this ridiculous sound bite that public officials say that vaccination is our best Way of ending the pandemic. How so? If Covid cases are going up in concert with vaccinations, how does one draw any reasonable conclusion that vaccinations Will end the pandemic? The Globe and Mail even has an article about how Pfizer is now as King of Health Canada to allow children 12 and under to be vaccinated. Why? They are not at risk in the first place, and why is big pharma pandering to government? If the government feels it is necessary for children 12 and under to be vaccinated, should it not be the decision of government to be as King of Pfizer if their product is safe for children 12 and under? They are not accepting any liability, why would the government of Canada give them ANY approval whatsoever without proven results? And WHERE are the proven results, Canada?

Yeah, if You can’t tell, this is really beginning to make Me angry – and to take a page out of the Incredible Hulk’s book, “You wouldn’t like Me when I’m angry.”

I am FED UP with the government of Canada’s utter disregard to their civil duty of care for Canada’s Sovereign People. Every single elected official or representative of government advocating for these poisonous vaccines is committing an act of treason. They are placing the interests of the WHO and big pharma before the best interest of the Canadian People. Treasonous Theresa Tam should be the first to go, she is a Chinese insurgent and spy. That’s just a hunch but it’s one of those intuitive things I expect We Will see manifest in Good time. The same is True of Trudeau. He not only knows the vaccines are dangerous, he helped created the virus in the Wuhan lab and conspired in its distribution by Way of vaccines. The liberal government are domestic terrorists on Canadian soil.

How’s that for a Magical, Motive a Sean Edition for this Monday? Seriously, People, Waterford is a sufficient case study to win any law suit suggesting vaccines have been proven effective – they haven’t, it’s a social experiment and it’s not going well – or it’s going perfectly depending on the intent of the vaccines Creators.

Sorry I gotta rant sometimes, People. But if We don’t put a stop to this now, it won’t be long before it’s too late and the damage is irrevocable – if it isn’t already. Make decisions regarding Your health care based on the real scientific data that is emerging, not the false promises of treasonous dictators.

Love and Blessings,

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