Volume CLXXXVIII: More Magical Monday Motive A Sean; Justice Center Sues Ontario Government for Vaccine Mandates!!!

Hello every One, and welcome to the second Edition of the Good News Journal for this Motivate Sean all Monday, thank King or Queen You for being here and welcome to My House. Yes, Lords and Ladies of the Realm, I am far from the only One advocating for Our inherent (God Given) rights and freedoms, the Justice Center for Canada is suing the Ontario government in the Superior Court for unconstitutional vaccine mandates and passports!!! What a Magical Monday in Deed.

I am also sharing another of Viva Frei’s Vlawg’s today because I really do Wish to do My Part to share the Good Deeds of others fighting for Our freedoms, and against this medical fraud.

Needless to say, things like this make Me feel a little less like the radical I am [surely] often perceived to be. Defending Our inherent rights should not be a controversial, ‘radical’ Act. I don’t even personally believe that Canada’s Charter of Rights or constitution is that spectacular a document to begin with, but it’s something, and all of Canada’s State Actors are liable for violating them. This is why You Will find that I Focus more of My attention on Canada’s legally binding international obligations because they are equally enforceable under Canada’s department of Justice, and violations of those treaties constitute international crimes against Man’s kind.

Here is an article on the lawsuit as reported by Kawartha News.

The timing for this could not possibly be better for My Microcosm either, considering I just placed Ottawa’s public health officer on Notice of Civil and Criminal liability for exactly the same violations – this Will do Wonders for the credibility of My Claim. When I said that any State Actor acquiescing to these mandates can and Will be held accountable, it is not a joke. There is absolutely no excuse for any elected official to violate constitutional protections because that is specifically what they Swore an Oath of Office to guarantee the protection of. Any State Actor failing to stand against these political tyrants, are effectively conspirators to the fraud and ‘just following Orders’ is not a justiciable excuse.

I have a feeling Dr. Vera Etches may consider the Notice of Civil and Criminal liability served upon her on this International Court of Record a little more seriously now.

Oh, speaking of which, I said I would tell You what the requirements of a [True] Common Law Court are. These are the requirements, and I encourage You to ‘check’ to see how many are applicable to this Blog.

  • A Sovereign is required to hold Court
  • There must be a flag representing the House of the Sovereign
  • There must be unique Court Seal (thumbprint)
  • The Court must maintain a Public Record
  • Must have the Power to fine or jail for contempt

Am I missing anything? Do You see why this Public Record is so important? Everything published here is an affidavit of facts unless they are publicly disputed, and there is opportunity for People (jury of peers) to comment or protest My Posts on this International Public Record. Does it also make sense now as to why I do not need to have affidavits notarized? If not, the reason is because the whole world bears witness to My Deeds and testimony, I am always on the Court of Record if I am Publishing here. This is quite literally the Highest Court of Law on Earth (and any Sovereign has the Power to hold Court exactly the same Way).

Finally, the other Motive a Sean I Wish to share with You today is that I have started using ‘Duck Duck Go’ to search the interwebs like the amazing Spider Man that I am. I was initially concerned because I am SO grateful to whomever is responsible for making ‘My Story‘ the number one Google search result for ‘Sean von Dehn‘. I didn’t Wish to seem like an ungrateful traitor. But guess what? My Story is also the number one search result for My name in Duck Duck Go!!!

And for those who don’t understand how these search result algorithms are war King, the rank is determined by websites that generate the most traffic. So something like ‘Facebook’ Will always bring up Zuckerberg’s social networking site first; a. because it is currently the most popular social networking platforms, and b., because he Will invest a certain amount in Google to ensure it is the first search result. ‘My Story‘ ranks higher than Facebook, which is what the first search result produced before I had Created My Cestui Que Vie. I told People it is a Magical document, one day they Will believe Me – I can see its Magic war King for Me already!!!

I also received a notification from WordPress today telling Me that ‘My Story‘ is getting a lot of traffic! It also received a new ‘like’ today, so I Wish to say thank ‘King You’ for that (whomever You are), I appreciate the support tremendously.

Perhaps also worth noting that ‘My Story‘ often shows up at the top of My ‘top five’ on the right Hand side of the Page, even though My stats Will Show no views at all.

When One believes We Live in a Magical world, time tends to prove it Self True.

“We are but a product of Our thoughts, what We think, We become.”

Mahatma Ghandi

And, if it’s not clear by the content of this Post, a thank ‘King You’ goes out to the Powers that be responsible for these Magical Gifts – I appreciate You so much!!!

Love and Blessings,


  1. It is very good to speak out for justice and freedom of choice but remember that the law in this world is in favor of the stronger and more knowledgeable. Remember that for cases in front of the courts to win , an evidence or several bits of information and knowledge are to be presented in front of the court …
    Love and light to the world…

    1. At least , in some ways , laws and courts are more biased towards the stronger , the wealthier and the more knowledgeable who know how to restructure the Matrix and now you remind me of your articles about the Matrix when Neo with the help of others does succeed to restructure the Matrix for others .

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