Volume CXCI: The Terrific Two’s Day Edition; Casting Characters for My Universal Product Sean, Part II

Hello every One and welcome to the second Part of the Good News Journal’s (Magical) Casting of Characters for My Universal Product Sean, thank King or Queen You for joining Me, it is always a Pleasure to have You in My House.

In the first part of this Special Present-a-Sean, I was tall King about My recent move to the Sunshine Gallery and how perfect My new war King space is for a Man like Me. The space is well lit, spacious, stylish, and comfortable; everything to inspire this Artist to Paint. I was also tall King about how the relocate-Sean was entirely unexpected and had very little to do with My own Will – virtually every aspect of the move was determined by Universal forces beyond My control, I was just accepting the Gifts God Gives Me. As much as I loved My previous apartment, it is also a significant upgrade, more costly than My previous unit, and exceeds the maximum subsidy provided by the city, though it Will not cost Me any more than My previous place, and Will likely be less costly for Me to maintain overall.

What seems most Magical and Miraculous about the Sunshine Gallery, is how unexpected the move was, how quickly it all came together, and how accommodating My landlord and community have been. I was a little concerned that the difference in cost would not be covered by the city and make My month to month living slightly more [economically] burdensome. However, I was assured by My landlord that if the city Will not cover the difference, the landlord Will! It is the first time I have moved that I felt a little like royalty; I felt the management were Willing to bend over backwards if that it what it would take to make Me feel both settled and welcome. That is a Blessing I cannot understate.

It is also the perfect war King environment and I’ve already been far more productive in My new space than I was in My last, and far more motivated to Paint and get on with ‘Plan A’.

‘Plan A’ is what I really Wish to be tall King about with You today, as I have had this Idea since before I even made the move to Ottawa four and a half years ago. So what is My Plan moving for Ward?

Well, it took Me the better part of ten years to figure everything out with respect to Canada’s system of law, what determines a Man’s status, and how nations borrow money for their People. The Good News is that My studies revealed to Me that Canada (and most other countries in the world and most certainly all Common Wealth countries of the world) has a virtually perfect system already. I had previously thought the entire system had been set up to Willfully deceive People and extort their wealth. Fortunately, that is not at all the case. On the contrary, if Canada’s People were to actively participate in their government, and if elected officials were to Honour their position of Office, We would be living in a virtual utopia. It is not the system that is corrupt, it is the individuals holding positions of office integral to the realization of the system’s potential that are corrupt and in breach of the Public Trust.

Initially, My Creative Plan had been to Paint a Portrait (for traits) of all the individual State Actors responsible for bringing the Vision Canada’s People have of and for their country into Focus with a Vivid tapestry of Canada’s Common Law system and how it works.

Well, needless to say, the wind was taken somewhat out of My sails after I moved to Ottawa and discovered just how dis-Honourable and incompetent the People I Wish to Honour actually are. I can’t very well ‘Honour’ the mayor of Ottawa (for example) if he’s too arrogant and pompous to respond to a letter loaded with suggestions that Will allow him to accomplish the goals he alleges to have. Apparently the mayor of Ottawa, Jim Watson (hereby referred to as mayor ‘What’s on?’ for his cluelessness) Wishes to end homelessness in Ottawa, though he has made very little progress in nine years.

“What’s on’s” Promise to Ottawa’s People was to end homelessness in Ottawa entirely within ten years, and he’s got roughly fifteen months left to achieve that goal, though I’m reasonably sure he has abandoned that goal and decided that a Salvation Army ‘mega shelter’ is a suitable solution. I offered to provide the mayor with any funding he needs to accomplish his goals, but he feels he is far too important to respond to My letters, despite the fact that he clearly has no clue how Canada’s economy works. Now, by approving the Salvation Army’s ‘Mega Shelter’ project in Vanier, he is endorsing and supporting a market for homelessness, as the Salvation Army Will surely go bankrupt if they are not able to fill their beds. It appears the mayor is more interested in making homelessness a lucrative business for the Salvation Army than he is in putting an end to homelessness. If I were in his position with My current status, I could end homelessness in Ottawa within a few months (at the very most), and in the entire country by the end of the year. But that’s precisely why they don’t Wish to respond to My letters, because these incompetent state actors feel I make them look foolish (and that’s probably true to some measure).

So I became somewhat less motivated to continue with My Art Exhibit-Sean, which Will Officially be Called, “The Kingdom of Heaven Found a Sean”. However, with all the incompetence and corruption exposed by Way of this recent pandemic, I am more motivated than ever to continue with My campaign. Although I am thing King most People would not be disappointed if I were to have accomplished ending homelessness very quickly, I wouldn’t have had more than a handful of Portraits to Paint, which wouldn’t have made for a very exciting exhibit-Sean. Now that I’ve got all these corrupt, criminal imposters posing as elected officials, My Art Exhibition gives Me the opportunity to immortalize these Characters so they Will never be forgot!

I Imagine I may easily have as many as eighty paintings by the time I am done, and it Will be interesting to see how many of them Will Honour their Oath, and how many Will be remembered as treasonous traitors like Trudeau, Vera Etches, Jim Watson, Laura Dudas, and Mary Simon (who was also Officially Given Notice of Civil and Criminal Liability for Treason against Canada’s People for Giving Royal Assent to draconian laws that violate the inherent rights of Canada’s People earlier today).

It isn’t quite the ‘Vision’ I had for My Art Campaign when I was initially planning it, but I can’t compel Canada’s elected officials to do their job or Honour their position of Office, but I can expose them. The Idea, was that each portrait would be presented to the individual to Honour their Character’s Role on the world stage – now it Will be for the exact opposite reason, and I am curious to see how many state actors I Will be compelled to paint. The only Honourable Actor so far, is the Right Honourable Jody Wilson Raybould, so she may well prove to be the Star of the Show.

Finally, along with My Art campaign, I do plan to make an effort to Write a Blog Post daily. This has been a long standing personal goal of mine, but I feel it is one I Will be more likely to keep thanks to My new, inspirational, war King environment. I also Plan to up My ante a little by using another social media tool at My disposal that I have not tapped the potential of yet, Instagram! I’ve only posted a few photos on Instagram and My paintings in particular seem to do well there, so I am thing King it has wonderful potential to take My game to the next level.

I also thought it is worth mentioning that I have had all kinds of Signs from the Universe telling Me that My Art Exhibit-Sean Will be what takes My Vision to the next level. Even when the building manager here came to look at My plants, she commented on My paintings and was as King of Me just this morning if I am war King on My exhibit-Sean and telling Me how talented she is thing King I am, and that I should put those talents to use. Of course, she also mentioned trying to sell them online ‘or something’, and I told her it was a political exhibition designed to educate Canadians regarding the duties and responsibilities of elected officials in Canada, and that I intend to donate the entire collection to the Crown as a Gift when it’s finally completed with each of the paintings containing a copy of the letters sent to them in the back of the canvas as a historical record. She seemed to be thing King that is a pretty fabulous and creative Idea, and I believe every Man’s Voice is the Voice of God speaking to Us in every moment (regardless the Man’s sex/kind).

So that’s all for Plan A and how I Plan to use My Magic to Create a real life Tarot of My own with up to eighty paintings in total. Like I said, lots to look forward to in the weeks, months, and years to come.

Love and Blessings,

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