Volume CXCI: The Thoroughly Thrilling Thing King Edition; Amplifying the Magic of My Motion

Hello every One, and welcome to the Thoroughly Thrilling Thing King Edition, thank King or Queen You for joining Me, it is a great Pleasure to have You in My House. Today is a Thoroughly Thrilling Thing King Edition because I have added some momentum to My Magical Motion, and I Will be sharing that with You today.

It has already been a pretty eventful and Thrilling week and altogether, it does make for a Thoroughly Thrilling Thursday. We had some Magic on Monday to motivate Sean with a reply to My complaint to the Canadian Justice Council. The link includes My response to their reply where I suggest We could make the whole thing considerably easier just by as King of the Court to produce the requisition from the motions office to Sally A. Gomery as King of her to make the determination contrary to the email provided to Me by the Court by Way of Ashley Moniz Andrade. It is clear someone is lying to Me, I’m most interested in knowing who is liable for doing so (though I believe I already know, this Will confirm My suspicions and resolve the Matter once and for all).

So this morning I decided to follow up with Canada’s Justice Council to see if they can provide Me with an estimation as to how long I should expect to wait for proof of that requisition. The fact the Courts are taking so long to respond to My Motion is a little Mysterious to Me as well considering how clear the facts are. So, after reflecting on that for a few moments, I figured that by may King the request for the instruction from the motions office to Sally A. Gomery in My Motion materials, it may add some momentum to the Magic of My Motion. I also suggested that if they are unable to produce one, I would like to formally request that the email correspondences between the city of Ottawa and Justice Gomery be subpoenaed so We can find out exactly how this Matter came to Sally’s attention in the first place. Frankly, I believe this hammers down the nails of defense counsel’s coffin so We can finally read them their last rites and begin burying them in the ground. I’m hoping soon We Will see.

The above document includes all the original Motion materials and supporting exhibits.

One thing I Wish to point out that I have never mentioned before, is that I don’t change the colour of the font when I type My name at the end of My emails. But if One takes a look at the last email included in the above motion materials, You Will Notice that ‘King Sean, House von Dehn, Hand of Stephen, Kingdom of God, On Her Majesty’s Service’ is in purple type. Remember what I said the different colours represent in Law? If not, here’s a quick review:

Red = Life, a Living Soul, and Authority (Author [of] Writ E) (E=MC2, or Energy)

Blue = Contract Law, Commercial Law, Blood with no Oxygen,

Purple = Royalty, A Living Soul mixing with Commercial Law, (Red+Blue=Purple)

Black = A dead corporate Soul, no Life, no Blood whatsoever

You Will also notice if You review the above motion materials that defense counsel’s emails are in blue type. That’s the ‘highest’ jurisdiction they can claim. I also Wish to be clear that if I were to have changed the font of My emails with Intent-Ion, I would not just Sign My name in purple, the whole email would be in purple. When I Write the emails and review them, nothing is in purple. The moment I send it, My name changes to purple! That’s pretty Magical, no? Does gmail do this for every One? I started reviewing a few other emails I’ve sent and this happens frequently, if not consistently. I’m not sure why I haven’t mentioned it before, though I am thing King I would have been thing King it was a random glitch. But it happens Way too much to be a random glitch, and most often on My most important emails! Again, this is just another one of those ominous, serendipitous details that makes My microcosm feel Magical.

It was also somewhat Thrilling for Me because I finally got back to the canvas and made a little more progress on Her Majesty’s portrait. It’s going too slowly to share with You today because the improvements are so subtle I’m likely the only One who Will notice them, but despite the fact that it is going slowly, I feel it is coming along rather well and it’s one portrait I Wish to make sure turns out at least reasonably well. I’m also looking forward to getting it done because I have so many more Characters to Paint and I feel it Will go much faster after the portraits I’m most self conscious about are out of the Way. I also Wish to get it completed while Her Majesty is Live and well, and she’s not exactly a spring chicken. We lost Prince Phillip recently, and as sad as it is to consider, statistics show that when One loses their Life long partner, the motivation to continue decreases considerably. I’m hoping Her Grace chooses to stick around for a little while yet… Please.

I’m also Thrilled about everything else I have shared with You recently. I Truly Love My new war King space – both for Writing My Blog and war King at ‘the King’s Bench’ (what I Call My desk), and for sitting (or even standing in between Singing and Dancing sometimes) at My easel. Everything about My space is super comfortable. I’ve been so overwhelmed by the beauty of the new space itself that I haven’t even mentioned some of the other Gifts I was Given.

When I opened the door to My apartment with the first load of stuff, it was already half furnished with a superior desk to what I had before, a super-comfy swivel chair with wheels that rolls so smoothly across My floor it barely makes a sound, a faux leather love seat with matching cushions, a real leather, luxury recliner with matching foot stool, a black coffee table with two matching end tables, a magazine rack that perfectly matches the paint job, a new bed with a superior wood frame and real down comforter, a dresser (one false drawer but strong and sturdy, perfect for plants and storing My favourite clothes), and of course there’s My amazing bathroom with a jacuzzi style tub ‘sans jets’ – though I am thing King You can actually buy jets that just stick to the side of the tub, so I’ll be looking into that sometime in the future.

It’s like My entire Life ‘leveled up’. I haven’t even entertained the Idea of inviting a Lady into My Life in at least five years. I wasn’t even really ‘on the market’ when I met My last girl Friend, though she was an absolute Angel and impossible to say no to – again, I try not to resist the Gifts God Gives Me. But I may be ready to invite a Lady into My Life again sometime soon now that I have a suitable space to entertain, and that’s kind of exciting, too.

Don’t get Me wrong, I don’t ever go ‘looking’ for a Lady, but for whatever reason, there is no shortfall of opportunities I Will consciously walk away from because I know I’ve got too many things going on My Life to take on anything else, and I do make an exceptional effort to make any Lady in My Life feel like a Queen, (and remind Her it is in fact her True position in the Universe). That’s not something One can do when they still have a considerable amount of business to take care of. But the Truth is, I could very much use an accomplice, so I’m opening up to the Idea for the New Year.

Finally, I’m also Thrilled because perhaps the most Glorious thing about the Sunshine Gallery is that I’m in Harmony with cycadean rhythms for the first time in years!!! The sun goes down at like 4:30 in the afternoon now, and I get to see the sunset every day! By the time it’s like nine or ten o’clock, it feels like it should be much later. Typically, I used to go to bed between midnight and two o’clock in the morning. Now, I find I’m ready for bed around eleven and struggling to stay awake by midnight! It’s awesome because it’s hard for Me to sleep for more than five hours unless I’ve had some kind of super exhaustive day, so if I get up at sunrise, I already feel like I’m sleeping in!

So those are the things I’m Thrilled about this Thursday, and I hope You have a lot of Thrilling things taking place in Your microcosm, too. Once again, thanks so much for being here, You mean the world to Me, and I am most thank Full for You of all things.

Love and Blessings,

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