Volume CXCI: The Magical Monday Motivate Sean Edition; A Reply to My Complaint to the Canadian Judicial Council

Hello every One and welcome to the Magical Monday Motivate Sean Edition, thank King You for joining Me, it always a Pleasure to have You in My House (or Queen You, as the case may be). Before I get into the Magic of My Monday and the reply to My complaint received by the Canadian Justice Council late this morning, I Wish to let You know that Part II to Saturday’s Post is still forthcoming. I had planned on Writing that today, but there is so much more to Motivate-Sean this Magical Monday, that I have decided I Will save that for tomorrow’s ‘Two’s-day’ Edition and make it True to its name, as I also plan to start My next ‘Tell a Vision’ Spiritual interpret-a-Sean of the film, ‘Truman Show’ tomorrow! Lots of things in the works, People. Okay, let’s get into today’s Feature Story!

It was 11:06 a.m. that I received the reply from Canada’s Judicial Council in response to My complaint of Sally A. Gomery’s bigoted, biased, prejudice, fraudulent determination made under penalty of perjury, in violation of her Oath, the Rules of the Court, and in abdication of her position as an officer of the Court to protect the Public Trust (guarantee of the protection of inherent rights). I was very surprised to see the email in My inbox because I was not expecting the Canadian Justice Council to respond to My complaint until after the Court had responded to My Motion. I have made it clear that if the determination made by Sally is Vacated, her trespasses against Me are forgiven – no harm, no foul. I am waiting to hear from the Court before Sally ‘Officially’ becomes civilly and criminally liable (as does the Ontario Superior Court). I figured the Canadian Justice Council would be waiting on the reply for exactly the same reason, as My complaint to them is mute if the determination is vacated and stricken from the Record. If it’s NOT, and the Judicial Council and the Courts have been Given fair Notice of Sally’s crimes and abdication of duty, then they also become liable to Me for failing to provide remedy, effectively abdicating the duties and responsibilities of their office, and causing Me further harm.

So I spent a Good Part of the early afternoon responding to the initial reply, then I forwarded the Notices of Civil and Criminal Liability and Default Judgment, Res Judicata served upon Sally A. Gomery by Way of Notice to Canada’s Ministry of the Attorney General. Finally, I also served the Canadian Justice Council with a Notice of Civil and Criminal Liability (as Notice to principal is Notice to Agent, and Notice to Agent is Notice to Principal), and requested proof of her Oath and performance bond.

So that’s a pretty big day already, and I’m only just getting started!

I forwarded all the information (that I have) to Ontario Works last Thursday, but they were out of the office and can only be reached by phone. Ontario Works doesn’t consider a phone an essential service and I don’t really Wish to have one, but if I can’t communicate with these People because they can’t monitor emails (or have someone else do so) while they are out of the office, I kind of need one ‘under duress’ don’t I? So that was articulated in My email, as well as instructions to transfer the hydro, rental insurance, and get Me the special discount rate from Rogers available exclusively for People receiving Ontario Works. I hadn’t received a reply today (when they allegedly return to the office), so I forwarded the email to the verification department. I figure it is worth sharing these emails because this really is the ‘duty’ of public servants – to serve. Everything I am as King of them to do, they have a legal and lawful obligation to do; but if One is not as King, One Will not receive…

Finally, I also discovered something very interesting. CanLII is where I often go to search examples of Common Law case precedence. It is a large database of Canadian case law. Rather than try to tell You what kind of things One Will find on CanLII, I Will simply quote from their public website directly:

What will you find on CanLII?

“The CanLII.org website provides access to court judgments from all Canadian courts, including the Supreme Court of Canada, federal courts, and the courts in all Canada’s provinces and territories. CanLII.org also contains decisions from many tribunals nationally.

CanLII started by publishing current cases, which courts and tribunals sent us as they were written starting in the early 2000s. For most Canadian courts, our collection now spans more than 18 years of these “organically acquired” cases.

We have also completed several projects to add historical cases with the goal of offering a comprehensive resource for jurisprudence for access to Canadian law. See this page to learn about our more recent additions of historical cases.”

So why might this be Magical? Well, I’ve been using the database for several years and never once considered looking up any of My own cases. We all know I was unlawfully arrested, assaulted, battered and unlawfully detained by Constable Jenkyn in early 2018, We know I had an application before the Divisional Court for Judicial Review in 2019, a Statement of Claim against the Salvation Army and the city of Ottawa for the harm the city of Ottawa determined had been done to Me by the Salvation Army sometime shortly after that. We also know I have a Claim and Motion before the Court right now. However, I do not exist in the CanLII database whatsoever! You Will not find any of those cases listed there, or any other information containing My name. Why do I find that a little ‘Magical’?

Because this is from the information against Me, and Pages 37, 38, and 39 were redacted in My information. Why would My own criminal record be redacted so that I can’t see it? And why does it say ‘negative’ beside each query? What does ‘negative’ mean when One goes to get diagnosed for cancer? It’s Good News, right? Presumably, the same would be true regarding a criminal background check, the query came back ‘negative’, though Jenkyn’s mentions an outstanding warrant regarding charges in Toronto for dangerous weapon carry, carry concealed, and obstruction of a peace officer, along with food and lodging fraud in Guelph, Ontario. Why would he not include the results of the query if they support his information?

Once again, I don’t have an answer for You, I was hoping to get an unredacted version of My information (because I am entitled to full disclosure of the information against Me), and it was when I was as King for the unredacted information that I was told all charges against Me had been withdrawn by the request of Crown.

My guess is, Jenkyn’s pulled that information from some police database that has not been updated since I filed My Cestui Que Vie, but all criminal record checks came back negative. 😉

And not being able to find ANY of this on CanLII just further solidifies My belief that I am Truly Acting with what is known as ‘Clean Hands’ in Law. All trespasses have been forgiven, as per the instructions Given by Way of My Cestui Que Vie!!!

Love and Blessings,

Post Script: And if You have some other explanation or hypothesis for this, please don’t hesitate to comment.


    1. Oh, I should also probably point out that I am referring to the (Left) Hand of Stephen when I say I appreciate Your sense of humour – I thought that was very clever and I burst out laughing when I first read it. Thank You for that!

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