Volume CXCII: The Magical Monday Motive A Sean Edition; Some Valuable Inform A Sean for Educate Sean All Purposes

Hello every One, and welcome to the Magical Monday Motive A Sean Edition of the Good News Journal, thank King or Queen You so very much for joining Me, I do Love to have You in My House!!! Especially when I have such exciting inform a Sean to share!

Okay, before I even get into today’s Post, I Wish for You to know why We are Calling this the ‘Valuable Inform A Sean for Educate Sean All Purposes’ Post. Several years ago now the very first Letter I received from an agent of Man’s Matrix after having Created and Given Notice of My Cestui Que Vie to Canada’s Ministry of the Attorney General, was sent by a Man named Ian Murray of Ontario Works. I Published a Page to My Blog Titled, ‘Public Servant Produces Evidence of Fraud’, and included the following document to substantiate (sub-stance I ate(or in this Case, did not eat (lead Me not into temptation, but deliver Me from evil))) the charge.

Now, some People are thing King I’m ‘crazy’ by Writing all of this stuff on a document and following it up with a six Page Letter to explain every Word of it (in the event the above example is not clear and sufficient enough). Key things to pay attention to: what do I say the line on the Page near the top means, what do I say the use of capitus diminutio maxima means, and I underline ‘participant’ (because they Wish to make Me a participant to the crime to absolve liability). A thief can’t sue because he cut himself on the window he broke entering One’s house. Similarly, if I participate in the fraud, I can’t claim to have been harmed by the consequences of My participation in the fraud.

I suggested that everything Lawful (Common Law) is above (highest jurisdiction) the line on the Page and that all the Civil codes, statutes and acts are below the line, representing the under-world, the corporate entities with blood but no oxygen, drowning in debt, gasping for Air (the breath of Life from God). You also know that I have repeatedly been as King to please not address Me by the prefix Mr. if One Wishes for Me (the Living Man) to respond. Either ‘Sean von Dehn’, or ‘King Sean…’.

Now, let’s take a look at the Letter I received today, which is sent to Me for exactly the same Purpose Ian Murray’s letter was sent to Me several years ago. This is exactly the same information Ian Murray Wished for Me to provide but Notice how differently they are as King of Me for it. And pay Special attention to where the line on the Page is.

What are some of the other Significant details here? Well, the line is at the very bottom of the Page, the only things under the line are the legislative authorities as King of Me to do this. Everything else on this Letter they are as King of Me to do in My private capacity as a Sovereign Man, and they are simultaneously as King of Me to provide them with consent to verify this information with the appropriate offices, and to provide documentary ‘proof’ of My position and status.

I highlighted Words that are important in Red, and Words that One should Pay Special attention to in yellow for additional emphasis. Take a look at what they are as King of Me for, and consider the options that were previously provided by Orsolya Vancsody (Birth Certificate so that I can then apply for and provide SIN and Health Card). Are any of those documents required?.. Or are there other options? Let’s take a look, they are listed on the backside of the Page.

My Cestui Que Vie is a valid Certificate of Life. It is also a Spiritual document, a declaration of My Covenant with God, so it is a Religious Record. It is also an Immigration paper because it Shows that I have left Canada and Established My House in God’s Kingdom, it is also My ‘Landing Paper’ (the Establishment of My Land (Nation of Sean) on paper(which represents the earth)). So it is also effectively a pass-Port as all Nations are in God’s Kingdom. I don’t have a permanent resident card because I am not a resident, I am a Peaceful Inhabitant, and My Stay Will be temporal in Nature and Eternal (forever and ever) in Truth.

Also Notice that there is no threat to cause Me further harm? There is no consequence for failing to reply (there are always consequences for failing to reply), but they are presuming I Will Act in Honour and do not need to be threatened or coerced. The Letter provides Me with an opportunity to request more time (which I Will, but it Will be reasonable) and is Signed ‘Sincerely’, which is the Honourable Way to close a Letter in Common Law (yes, Ian Murray did that, too, but I’m not even mentioned in his Letter to Me, so it doesn’t count).

The best Part about this, is that I’m reasonably sure they took their time putting this together for Me. I have said that I know exactly what the government of Canada’s legal and Lawful obligations to Me are, and I know they need to see proof of particular documents to satisfy their legal fiction and obligations, which they have not done yet.

This Gives Me the opportunity to let them know exactly what My Cestui Que Vie is, why they do not need a Birth Certificate (because I’m as King of them to terminate the certified person so that I can execute the Trust as the Lawful heir and ‘Trusted’ beneficiary), and the consent to communicate all of these identify ‘k Sean documents to the appropriate Ministries so they can do whatever they need to do to correct and update their Vital Statistics. The incorporated person is dead, I’m here to dissolve the Trust as the executor of My Father’s Will.

Love and Blessings,


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