Volume CXCIV: The Thoroughly Thrilling Thing King Edition; The Kingdom, The Power and the Glory, a Man, Part V – Take Every Thing at Face Value

Hello every One, and welcome to the Thoroughly Thrilling Thing King Edition, thank King or Queen You for being here. Today is a Thoroughly Thrilling Thing King Edition because I followed up with a third formal request to the Court for receipt of the email forward from the Court to Miss Sally Gomery in response to defense counsel’s June 22nd email requisition. I’ll be sharing that email with You today and continuing on with the fifth part of My little mini-series which Will attempt to explain in simpler terms how the current global economy operates, and how We are the source of every dollar printed.

It was two weeks today that I was last as King of the information from the Court regarding defense counsel’s June 22nd email request, and I am entitled to full disclosure of any information related to My Claim. Let’s face it, it doesn’t take long to open an email thread and forward the email to Me if it exists, and We know they have the relevant email thread. Basically, that’s what I communicated in My email today.

And once again, Notice that ‘King Sean… Her Majesty’s Service’ is all in purple type? It was the same colour as all the rest of the text when I hit the ‘send’ button, it was converted to purple by the time I checked My sent messages. I still find that mildly interesting in My microcosm. Otherwise, the other reason I feel this Thursday is somewhat Thrilling (at least as the author), is because My Deeds of today tie into the theme of My little mini series.

Let’s begin tying these Ideas together so We can securely dock Our Magician’s apprentice Ship in port. Doesn’t every One Wish to be im-port-ant? We have to Claim response ability and account ability for the citizen Ship that crashed on the shore, for it was carrying Our Father’s House and inheritance (birth/berth-right) on board. Please compare the closing of today’s email with the diagram I introduced yesterday and pictured below.

Okay, so I know it’s not exactly a Picasso or anything, these were just quick sketches to try to Present a Visual re-Present-a-Sean of the Ideas expressed above. Now I Wish for You to Imagine that the birth certificate is the boat in the above sketches, and consider not only how well the metaphor works with respect to how the Trust is Created, but how Beautifully and Art-fully is mimics exactly what the ‘founding fathers’ of Canada did when they first set sail from England.

I’m not sure what other People were told, but when I was in very early grade school, I was taught that Canada declared its independence because they didn’t like paying taxes to England. I’m not going to get into specifics because the history Will be different for every country but the principles are the same. The entire expedition was a Trust relationship.

England would have undoubtedly provided its very best ships, tradesmen, hunters, soldiers, and whatever else the long voyage would require for the expedition. So England is the Grantor and Settlor. Technically, the sponsoring nation does own the settlers they are sending because they are Trusted to care for the investment of the real property entrusted to them, and that the initial investment Will be repaid and prove to be prosperous. Did Canada repay the debt to England before they declared independence? No. ‘Canada’ wasn’t even taught how the banking system works – all that was set up by bankers allied with England just in case the colonists decided to do something crazy like declare independence.

The fact is, no country that has an outstanding debt is Truly Sovereign in any Way. The debtor is bound to the creditor until the debt is paid, and the terms of the contract are Honoured. Unfortunately, the whole citizen Ship registration system was set up to recapture treasonous traitors and preserve the world’s ‘Real’ wealth.

None of the colonists were taught how the banking system works and remained dependent on banks to issue and print money. Now that We know the difference between Real wealth and credit (promissory notes, legal tender, money), consider what it means to ‘Register’ property. Anything that is ‘Registered’ is listed as property of the Crown, and Will go on an asset ledger. Every registered business is renting office space from the Crown, the Crown has the land those businesses are built on listed on their asset ledger. That’s the real reason We pay property tax – because Canada is delinquent in its eternal debt to the Crown and does not have the first clue how to govern a Sovereign nation. Canada doesn’t even know what a Sovereign nation is!!!

The Crown example is a Good one because it helps to comprehend why the Queen doesn’t pay for anything – all the debt is owed to Her Majesty. So when Her Majesty purchases something, she is eliminating an equal measure of debt because any ‘Real’ property Will be added to the Crown’s Trust assets, and any expenses Will be paying the debt by redeeming its Value as a ‘secured’ (recovered) asset. Imagine everything in the world being collateral for a debt, and that when You need something, You are simply recovering a small portion of what is owed to You.

There Will be more still, because although I am thing King I’ve done a decent job of explaining the basic principles of the public Trust in Our Macrocosm, I haven’t clarified how this information relates to Man’s microcosm and how it can be applied to Your Life.

One of the other reasons I’m Writing about this is because I am war King on defining My Cestui Que Vie Trust and Recording all My Estate assets over the next few weeks leading to Christ-mass. I Will share those documents with You when I have them completed, but I intent to put them into Action early in the new year, so the hope is that I can teach any One else how to Create their own private Trust.

Love and Blessings,


  1. As you said thst common law or conscientious law or universal law evolve with time and with changing circumstances like the development of awareness in ” New Earth” …

  2. Lord , let thy will be done and your kingdom reign in heaven as on earth …
    May more justice and Godly righteousness that goes beyond religion be bought at anytime suitable …

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