Volume CXCV: The Terrific Two’s Day Edition; The City of Ottawa and Criminal Charges

Hello every One, it is a Terrific Tuesday in Deed because I have already completed this week’s Tell a Vision Tuesday Edition of the Truman Show, and I have two other Deeds to share with You today, too! Welcome to House von Dehn, Kingdom of God!!!

Okay, so the first Terrific thing about this Two’s Day is that I’m still war King on a few final details with respect to My recent re-locate-Sean of office. One of those details is a phone. I’ve actually been war King on this for a few months now, and resolved a long time ago that I Will not use a phone again unless it is absolutely necessary. If it is determined that a phone is necessary and I am required to have one against My Will to function in society, then it Will be paid for.

Not having a phone caused Me serious inconvenience with respect to setting up My internet when I first moved, My apartment has key-entry kiosk to access the building which requires a phone to buzz People in or accept a delivery, and One cannot set up hydro or transfer rental insurance without a phone. I’ve been insisting that as ‘Trustees’ of the public Trust, it is the duty of Ontario Works to ensure that I have access to any necessary resources, and at no detriment to My Self.

Initially they suggested I could come down to the office and use their phone. I was wondering how much I should charge for My time to do that – it would be two hours out of My day just to travel there and back. The fact is, it doesn’t matter unless they officially Wish to Act as a permanent receptionist for Me as well, in which case there would be no need for Me to call because these are precisely the type of ‘business expenses’ and tasks I would assign to a receptionist if I had one.

The Good News today, is that they finally gave in and conceded that I require a phone, regardless how much I do not Wish to have one, and provided $150.00 in Canadian credits to the Trust account so I can shop for one. Hopefully I can take care of that on ‘Lucky’ Wednesday tomorrow.

The other ‘big’ news today is that I also placed the City of Ottawa on Notice of Civil and Criminal Liability for Fraud and Obstructing Justice under Canada’s Criminal Code.

Obstructing justice

  • 139 (1) Every one who wilfully attempts in any manner to obstruct, pervert or defeat the course of justice in a judicial proceeding,
    • (a) by indemnifying or agreeing to indemnify a surety, in any way and either in whole or in part, or
    • (b) where he is a surety, by accepting or agreeing to accept a fee or any form of indemnity whether in whole or in part from or in respect of a person who is released or is to be released from custody,is guilty of
    • (c) an indictable offence and is liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding two years, or
    • (d) an offence punishable on summary conviction.
  • Marginal note:Idem(2) Every person who intentionally attempts in any manner other than a manner described in subsection (1) to obstruct, pervert or defeat the course of justice is guilty of
    • (a) an indictable offence and liable to imprisonment for a term of not more than 10 years; or
    • (b) an offence punishable on summary conviction.

I’ve been wondering which criminal charges are most applicable with respect to defense counsel’s actions. It’s true that violating a Rule of the Court in and of itself is not a criminal offense, but if violating a Rule of the Court obstructs the natural course of justice, that is a criminal offense. The effect of the violation determines the cause of Action.

In this particular case, the Court has confirmed to Me that a private email sent by defense counsel on June 22nd requesting to dismiss My case was not processed by the Court; no materials of any kind had been filed with the Court as of June 25th.

Since then, We have requested a copy of the email forward from the Court to the justice to Show that the Court ‘changed its Mind’ without any further provocation from defense counsel – no such email has been produced, and We have been patiently waiting for more than three weeks.

So this was the email I sent to the city’s previous legal counsel, Genevieve Langlais, Tasha Fenner (legal clerk for the city of Ottawa responsible for sending the emails in violation of Rule 1.09, and also complicit in swearing an affidavit that the private email made in violation of the Rules is in fact a properly filed requisition with the Registrar made in accordance with the Rules when it is prima facie evidence of the polar opposite), and Jeremy Wright this afternoon:

Strangely, I don’t even remember now if I was expecting a reply today, I only know that I was not alarmed or surprised to see the city’s reply in My inbox later in the day and was anxious to read it. It was much as I anticipated it would be.

The nice thing about getting to know One’s adversary, is that I am no longer surprised by these tactics. I am always expecting the unexpected, so when I see the same tricks being played over and over… Well, it just gets old.

What I Wish to point out here, is to draw Your attention to exactly what it is Jeremy is Presenting to Me in his ‘rebuttal’. Notice what I am as King of him for. Notice what he is not producing. The 2.1.01(6) Rule is a requisition for a summary process to dismiss, there are very specific processes that follow a requisition to dismiss, beginning with Notice to Me by the Registrar that the request is being considered by the Court (I’ve included the full summary procedure before and am as King of You to review Your Self if One feels so inclined).

I’ve also mentioned a YouTuber named ‘VivaFrei’, who I still really enjoy watching from time to time, especially when he is reviewing lawsuits with Robert Barnes. Viva has repeatedly suggested that some of the most common tactics used by lawyers is projection, gaslighting, and repetition. The ‘repeat’ technique involves telling the same story over and over again until it sounds believable. The more People hear the same narrative, the more ‘numb’ the brain becomes, the less it is opposed, and the more believable it becomes (to a jury or sleepy judge or justice).

Projection is exactly what it sounds like, projecting One’s own faults and weaknesses on their opponent, accusing One’s adversary of that which they themselves are perpetrating. Notice that the city of Ottawa using all three tactics.

First, gaslighting means to undermine the serious nature of One’s trespasses in varying measure. Jeremy starts off by suggesting there is nothing to see here, “the city filed a request with the Registrar…”.

He then asserts that he did not tell Me about this email request until two days later, and only ‘as a courtesy’ (as if he has no obligation to obtain My prior consent before reaching out to the Court to make a request, and does not even know or comprehend what Rule 1.09 means!!!). He is proving he did not file a request with the registrar by asserting that the private email he didn’t tell Me about was made in compliance with the Rules. He’s just repeating the same Story over and over, even though the facts haven’t changed and the Court says he didn’t file a request with the Registrar on June 22nd.

Finally, he accuses Me of doing exactly what he him Self has just done. He has failed to substantiate (Give substance to) his rebuttal with proof of an email from the Court advising defense counsel that they Will respond shortly or whatever (anything to indicate the request was being entertained sometime before July 9th when they were due to be noted in default for a SECOND time!). He accuses Me of being vexatious for being intolerant of his contempt for the Rule of Law and the Rules of the Court, and privately pleading to a justice outside of the Court process.

As far as the accusation of being scandalous is concerned, I Will not dispute that the Matter is scandalous in Deed, but I am not the One responsible for the scandal, I am just bearing witness to the Deeds and pointing them out. Defense counsel is feeling naked and exposed, with not so much as an email letter from the Court to cover their Parts.

Hahaha! I almost forgot to include My reply!!! Here it is –

Also, I Wish to let You know this Terrific Two’s Day that I am officially on vacation!!! I am on vacation from now until My Kingdom’s anniversary on December 25th, and Will be on semi-vacation for the following week.

I managed to break My longest continuous Writing streak starting from the day I moved in, and from now until the 25th, I have no obligation to Write because I am war King on some Christ mass Gifts for family, some new documents for My Kingdom, and finalizing some paperwork for a new Trust I setting up for the New Year.

I does not mean You Will not hear from Me, it is entirely possible You Will hear from Me everyday – I have officially been on vacation since yesterday and I have Writ three Blog Posts already. I’m just under no obligation to for the remainder of the year.

I look forward to sharing My Holy days with You.

Love and Blessings,

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