Volume CXCV: The Two’s Day Tell a Vision Edition; The Truman Show, Part V

Hello every One, and welcome to the Tuesday Tell a Vision Edition of the Good News Journal, thank King or Queen You for joining Me. In the Tuesday Tell a Vision Play House this evening We have Our fifth Spiritual Interpret-a-Sean of The Truman Show, and quite possibly the last!!! Yes, this one is going very quickly and ties in quite profoundly with My series on the public Trust, ‘The Kingdom, the Power and the Glory, a Man’, as Truman has already Found a brand new Ship to face his fear of water and leave the Show for Good.

To recap some of the Christian references that I have suggested can be found in virtually all mainstream (the streams of income in commercial admiralty) movies and television, We have the Immaculate Concept-Ion of Truman’s Character by the Producer and Director (Grantor/Settlor of the Trust) who is not Truman’s biological father, but is the father of Truman’s Creation.

Truman has no Idea he’s the Star of a Reality (Realty) Show and is quite content to Live his Life without Quest-Ion. It isn’t until Truman is moved by Love for a Character who was not Cast for him that the curse begins to break, and the catalyst of Truman’s Lust for adventure is activated.

When Truman’s Love is taken from him, Truman officially begins his transformation and is Spiritually reborn. In Our film, this is symbolized by a dark cloud raining (reigning) down on Truman until he is forced to leave the beach and head home. Water always represents a Christening, a re-Birth (and for Truman a re-berth) into a new, Spiritual Life that marks the beginning of the Hero’s transformation into their full [Christ-like] potential.

Initially, Truman’s transformation is slow but begins to accelerate when he picks up on more and more ‘coincidences’ that seem to be interfering with his determination to vacation to Fiji. To Truman, a vacation to Fiji Will seem perfectly normal and harmless, so when everything seems to stand in the Way of that vacation, his determination to leave only increases.

Notice how Truman not only has a new boat (ship), he is also wearing a captain’s cap? He is the captain of his Ship, the Master of his Destiny. The citizen Ship was meant to be used to ‘Sale’ the commercial admiralty waters without ever getting Our feet wet. This is one of the reasons washing feet is so Significant; the water washes off the sins of those who tread in commercial admiralty water, while those who take accountability and responsibility for the citizen ship and restore the vessel to its True potential can ‘walk on water’ by standing on a strong deck (like Cards from the Tarot). Before Showing Truman in his new Ship, the scene cuts to the bow of the Ship flying an Eagle mascot.

Notice how the sun cannot be seen in the sky, but its light is walking on water, just like the ship? Trust Me, this cut scene is not a convenient coincidence, especially with the Eagle mascot which Will represent the United States for many People, though birds of all kinds represent Spiritual Ideas Magically. The eagle is perceived to be a particularly lucky and powerful symbol.

“Because the Eagle is one of the highest-flying birds, He is considered Chief of all flying creatures; this certainly also connects Eagle with the Air element. He also rules over the Eastern quarter of creation, which represents renewal and the season of spring.”


Just the first link I found on ‘Duck-Duck Go’, but again there are no coincidences. Considered the ‘highest of the high’, and getting One’s House in Order as Truman has done, is all about the right Head space (air element). It is also worthy to Note that the Eagle association with America is absolutely intentional, as the name of Truman’s new vessel is the ‘Santa Maria’, which is the same name as the Flag Ship of Columbus on his expedition to America.

Now, as One might expect, having a beautiful boat and renewed determination was not the end of Our Hero’s quest, We know he Will have to use all of the tools at his disposal to the best of his ability if he Wishes to succeed, and the Director queues the weather program. Life can get rough on the High Seas of Commercial Admiralty, Truman has to make sure he does not become overwhelmed and make it back to shore safe and sound.

Truman does get thrown overboard but he doesn’t Give up and manages to make his Way back to his ship. The Victory further increases Truman’s determination to succeed, and he begins taunting the director of the Show, yelling out at him, as King of him if that’s ‘the best You can do?!’, laughing almost hysterically.

Finally, the director looses his cool and orders the weather manipulator to CAPSIZE the ship as a last resort. Trust Me, NOT a coincidence that the worst threat the director has, is to CAPSIZE Truman’s ship. Truth is everywhere for those with eyes to sea…

More incredible still, is that the director is trying to kill Truman. He would prefer to see Truman die, than discover the Truth. The director orders that the weather machine be shut down only after it appears Truman is unconscious in his CAPSIZED ship (and slowly turning blue from lack of oxygen, like the waters of commercial admiralty).

It’s also worth noting that Truman loses his captain’s hat when he is first overwhelmed, indicating that he is no longer in control of his vessel (though also symbolizing that he is now in God’s Trust because he is Spiritually transformed).

After the weather machine is shut down, the Sun appears from behind the clouds, and Truman begins to Show Signs of Life again. This time, it is the Rising of the Phoenix from the flames, the final of Spiritual transformation into the form-less (and further symbolized by the loss of the captain’s cap).

Truman finally finds his Way crashing through the outer wall of the studio, which of course represents Truman’s mother (the womb the Spiritual child was raised in), the ‘receptor’ of the Producer’s Ideas and Vision for the Show, the ‘Set’ of the Production.

And finally, We see Christ Characteristics once again as Truman discovers a ledge (bank) around the water and begins walking on it. The Image is portrayed in profile to Give Us a Visual sense of Truman walking on water.

Once One has fully matured enough that One can walk on water, it is time to climb the stairway to Heaven. In this film, the stairway to heaven distinctly represents entering the Real world and leaving a fictional world behind. Is it possible that the only thing holding Man’s kind back is dogmas about wealth and CAPITALISM? Are We simply too stubborn to admit We were wrong, and that We should take a page from the Golden Rule We teach Our children, ‘to do unto others as We would Wish to have done unto Us’, or maybe even just ‘share and share alike’?

Why do We celebrate such greed? We Will own nothing, and We Will be happier for it, I Give You My Word.

The last significant numerology and Magical reference, are the number of stairs to exit the Show – 18. 1+8=9. Remember how I have suggested that 9 is the ‘trick’ in Man’s matrix because it’s just six upside down and using the same symbol to represent two contrary Ideas can only cause confuse-Sean? It symbolizes Truman leaving the fiction, the underworld, Babylon…

Love and Blessings,

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