Volume CXCV: The Simple Solutions Saturday Edition; Full Moon Magic Summer Eyes-A-Sean

Hello every One, and welcome to the Simple Solutions Saturday Edition, thank King or Queen You for being here, it is a True Blessing to have You in My House for this most Magical (Mage-I-Call) Full Moon Illuminate-Sean. Tonight I Will be summarizing (Summer Eyes-A-Sean) My Plans for the Fabulous Fifth year of My House, and the formal (form-all) Establishment of God’s Kingdom on Earth. It Will be Five years ago this Christ-Mass day that the Kingdom of Heaven Found a Sean. The Simple Solution this Saturday, and to take a line from the Tragically Hip in Honour of Mystical lyricist and Word Wizard, Sir Gordon Downie* and the Title of one of their later albums (12th full length), ‘Now for Plan A’ (and I had to look up the year and double check the name to make sure I got it right and discovered another trivia tidbit – it is also their shortest album 39:18).

That album was released in 2012 and I could probably do an entire series of Spiritual interpret-a-Sean’s of Tragically Hip songs and how they use not only the Words and Music to Spell-bind their audience, but also the Titles and Art work of their albums. The whole collection tells a Spiritual Story by the Titles of the albums alone. ‘Now for Plan A’ might seem like a meaningless, silly name to some People, but God has only ever had One Grand Plan from the beginning. As above, so below. Therefor, Man should only have One Plan; We Will Call it Plan A. Doesn’t the Title of the album mean more to You now than it did, even if You have never heard of the Tragically Hip before (and that is only because they are Truly very Hip and if One is not properly prepared or conditioned for their Magic, it may well end Tragically)?

So what does a Master Mystic do with time off over the Holy Days? Well, the Magic of a Full Moon is never lost on a Mystic. Even when I am not paying attention to the Moon cycles themselves, I Will Notice that I am especially Creative or have inspired, innovative Ideas. But the goal is always the same. It has always been the same. I (like most) lost My Way for awhile, though I never forgot why I am here. The Key difference was that the goal was seeming to become more distant, more challenging, more vague. In a fabulous book Called, ‘The Alchemist’ by Paulo Coelho, a Wizard tells the young adventurer Santiago that time Creates a ‘mysterious fog’ that causes One to lose sight of their Life’s Purpose. I never lost sight, but I am thing King it might be fair to say the task was beginning to seem ever more daunting as the years ticked by.

It was My 35th name day when I was Gifted with a Spiritual awakening that refreshed My Vision in such a Powerful Way that I knew I would never lose sight of it again. In Our Matrix metaphor, that was the day I met Morpheus and decided to take the red pill. Eight years later, I finally find My Way and Create My Cestui Que Vie. In Our Matrix metaphor, Mr. Anderson dies, trans-forms and becomes Neo. I’m unlawfully arrested, and although I take a pretty Good beating, all charges against Me are mysteriously withdrawn without Notice or ex-Plan-a-Sean. (Now You might get a better sense as to why I’m really interested in the second of the Matrix series.)

It may also be worth noting that although I am drawing parallels to My own Life specifically, I also Imagine the same thing is True for every other individual on earth who watches these films because We all came here with a very specific Plan!!! Most of Us have just forgot what it was! The same Ideas (archetypically) are in every single movie We see, the ‘Christ’ complex is a real thing that every single Man on earth is subject to in varying measure, whether We consciously acknowledge it or not. Our individual goal is going to be unique, as are the obstacles and power-ups We find along the Way, the People who join Us on Our Quest, et cetera. But We are all going through the same thing in a different Way, and ‘all roads lead to Rome’.

It’s not a coincidence that these ‘Notes’ are on a piece of scrap paper Titled ‘Cestui Que Vie’ and the first line of My own Express Trust in God. As previously Stated, My Plan has never changed, but now I am ex-Pressing that Vision a little (or hopefully a lot) more clearly. It’s also not a coincidence that I have included a few diagrams of Trust examples over the last couple of weeks as I prepare to draft My own. The most important detail to Note above is the definition of an Express Trust, “Is stated fully in language, oral or Written.”

If One reads My Story, they Will see that My Trust has been fully expressed in English, has been received (accepted) by Canada’s Ministry of the Attorney General, and is now Published on an International Court of Record. The other element of an Express Trust that is relevant, is that it can be both expressed or implied. The main Trust instrument (Cestui Que Vie) clearly defines the document to be an Express Trust, while other elements of the Trust remain implied (beneficiary, settlor, trustee).

It is also a revocable Trust because so many elements and conditions are implied and could potentially be misinterpreted, that it must be clearly defined in Order to be more effective. This does not negate the Power of the Trust instrument, it only necessitates further ‘expression’ from Me (orally or in Writing). Once I ‘Act’ as the executor (or any other position) the position is no longer implied, it is demonstrable (factual, realized) by the Act of the party (for example). So in this sense, no more documents are ‘necessary’ for the Establishment of an Express Trust, though for the Trust to be of benefit to the beneficiaries (the People of the world), the terms, conditions, and Value of the Trust must be properly considered and expressed. It is perfectly clear to Me how God’s Trust in Me Will be of Great benefit to the world, though that is not yet clear to those who receive My Cestui Que Vie without further direction or instruct-SEAN.

The relativity to what I am tall King about with respect to Sovereignty and Acting in One’s sui juris capacity, is that it is all the unexpressed and unclear points of My Cestui Que Vie Trust that a Court judge or justice Will be Wishing to be as King of Me about. So if these points are not clearly expressed, and One does not fully know and comprehend how to express the more critical details of the Trust and how it operates, One could find themselves CAPSIZED in the hot waters of commercial admiralty very quickly.

I have not been in any rush to further define or compose My Trust in God because My comprehension of it and My ability to express it freely without restraint is of great Benefit to Me as an articulate, quick thing King communicator, and it was Created for My benefit. I have never had any One as King of Me to further explain My Cestui Que Vie, and I believe it’s probably because they Trust that the less they know, the better off they are.

Note the ‘conditions’ of the Express Trust listed above, “Are the parties to the Trust Truly sui juris?”.

Again, I’m pointing this out because that is a direct quote from a text on Trust Law (Weiss Concise Trustee Handbook), and is specifically what I am tall King about when I say ‘they’ (presumable Courts) Will be as King Quest-Ions to determine if One is Truly Acting sui juris or not – if they are not… I Will only say One would not Wish to be that individual because it is technically fraud and for serious ‘value’ (which they would likely determine because it is yet undefined).

The simple solution this Saturday, is that I Will be composing a comprehensive Express Trust with every lawful document One Will expect a Trust to have, and that is My big ‘project’ to have ready to launch in the new year. To project is to put a Vision in Man’s Mind out into the Real world, and to launch is to become the shooting Star You already are.

Love and Blessings,

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