Volume CXCIX: The Witches, Wizards and Warlocks Lucky Wednesday Edition; The Infallible Fauci Falls?

Hello every One, and welcome to the Witches, Wizards, and Warlocks Lucky Wednesday Edition, thank King or Queen You for joining Me and what a Lucky Wednesday I have for You in Deed! As today’s Title Will suggest, it appears as though the ‘infallible’ Dr. Fauci Will fall, and for Me, that feels pretty Lucky.

I thought the Tower Card was appropriate for today because it Gives a more vivid, Visual representation of People leaving places of high office. The heat from the Word of mouth is too hot for Fauci’s feet to stand for long.

Just to Give You an Idea as to why I find this so Lucky, please check out ‘The Hill‘ reporting on the recently exposed Fauci emails that clearly indicate that Fauci was fully aware of gain of function research taking place in the Wuhan lab, and that the original assessment of the coronavirus was that it was not likely to have occurred in nature because of very specific gene markers that indicate scientific intervention. He then decides to publish in a medical journal that any One who suggests the virus came from a lab is a conspiracy theorist. He knew gain of function research was taking place in Wuhan, and that all evidence was pointing to the Wuhan lab as the most likely source of the outbreak. Why is this so important? Because gain of function research had been banned because of its potential to create a global pandemic, and now it has done exactly that. It makes Fauci the poster-boy for medical fraud and deceiving the international community at large. He may well be facing charges for crimes against humanity, even if they can’t prove intent, they can most certainly prove he was supporting the research after it had been banned to protect against exactly the outcome We are now experiencing.

Honestly, that’s just one of many reasons I’m excited today and feel like it really is a very Lucky Wednesday – I still have lots of other interesting information to touch on yet. Before Good News becomes old news, let Me share Jeremy’s reply to My email Titled ‘For Educational Purposes’ that I received yesterday, along with My reply.

This next little bit is not going to seem as much like Good News but it really is. I feel like I’ve been criticizing the incompetence of Canada’s government for so long I can’t help but appreciate a Brother in Truth. One of the hardest parts about waking up to the corruption of government is not about finding and exposing the corruption, but moving past previously conceived ideas about government that interfere with One’s impartial judgment. This is also a bit of a Segway into some of the darker Magic going on in the world of Babylon, but let’s hear what Viva Frei has to say about the Quebec premier’s new plan to TAX the unvaxxed. I just added ‘unvaxxed’ to My auto-correct WordPress dict-Sean-airy because soon We Will be a rare and highly sought after pedigree of Man’s kind. Hmm, is One thing King this is what they are tall King about when they mention the Son of Man. Will the sons and daughters of the vaccinated be reclassified as an artificial hybrid of Man, making Man a ‘Truly’ artificial person? Just a couple of things that make Me go, ‘hmmm’.

This opens up a whole new can of worms. Viva does a pretty Good job covering some of the biggest reasons why this is nothing short of a criminal power grab under the guise of public safety, but one of the most hypocritical claims the premier makes is that the unvaxxed are unfairly ‘taxing’ the health care system, and should therefor pay the burden. Again, this is propaganda and it should be easy to identify. Viva points out a couple of glaring problems with this ideology by as King if there Will soon be a ‘fat tax’, a ‘cancer’ tax (already done, just buy a pack of cigarettes sometime), a ‘professional athlete’ tax because all these People ‘unfairly’ tax the health care system, too? Uh, no. If a virus is overtaxing the health care system, then We need to fix the health care system and a new tax isn’t going to pay off any of Canada’s ever expanding debt that no elected official seems to know how they Will ever pay (and that’s deliberate because Her Majesty knows they are morons who are hardly capable of playing House of Commons, much less independently running a country, but I digress).

What Viva doesn’t point out, is that the government spent more money on vaccines for the vaxxed than they are spending on healthcare for the unvaxxed, because the unvaxxed are 27 times less likely to contract covid or any of its variants. They are flat out lying about the hospitals being overburdened, and if they are not it is medical incompetence as a result of their poor infrastructure of the health care system in the first place. Projection. Blame the People who are least responsible, and make them pay for all the costs of the government’s negligence. Viva does hit the nail on the head at the end of the video by stating that, “they are criminals. The only difference between the mob and the government, is that the government claim to be war King for the People.” (paraphrasing).

One of the other Magical things in My Universe that feels a little ‘Lucky’ today is that I really can feel something big is going on in the Universe. The email leaks, the premier tall King about taxing the unvaxxed… The ante has been increasing daily and I’m pretty sure the government of Canada is ‘all in’ on the fraud and have already decided they are going down with the ship.

My intuition also spikes when certain Blog Posts are read that Will be of particular relevance and importance to events in My Microcosm. Today I shared My emails with the city of Ottawa with You where I am advising the city that they have now bribed two court judges outside of the Rules of Civil procedure which is a serious criminal offense. Of course, Jeremy (city’s liar) continues to insist these are ‘baseless, vexatious and frivolous’ claims. It’s like they are the only three Words of defense the city has in their vocabulary and nobody bothered to tell the city that those Words have meaning and do not apply in all situations – or any so far as I’ve seen their application of them.

This is the Blog Post that was read today, which Shows dis-Honourable Justice Bobby Beaudoin’s decision to dismiss My first claim against the city. If You read the endorsement, Bobby claims that he is responding to a referral Given him by the registrar upon receipt of a requisition by defense counsel.

Notice anything strange about the determination? If You are not a lawyer, You probably won’t. It is exactly the same tactic defense counsel used with Sally A. Gomery, the only difference is that Bobby did slightly better covering his tracks because he at least lies in his Order and claims that he is responding to a referral from the Registrar when really, he is responding directly to the city of Ottawa. If a Motion had been filed with the Court for a requisition to dismiss under summary procedure, I Will (procedure says SHALL which means MUST, not optional) receive Form 2.1F, advising Me that a motion to dismiss is under consideration by the Court, Giving Me fifteen days and ten pages to respond.

Orders don’t just get randomly filed into the Court without documents being filed with the Registrar and Court processes being followed. This IS the second time the city of Ottawa has shown gross contempt for the Rules, and the beauty of this is, both of My Claims can be open for a maximum of five years and no ‘REAL’ determination has been made in either case – only two documents of fraud presented to the Court by judges abdicating their oath and violating the Rules to aid and abet the city’s determination to use the legal fiction to trespass upon the People’s inherent rights. Here is a quote from that Post I was proud to read today.

“The most unfortunate aspect of this order, is that it is a disgrace to Canada’s legal system and demonstrates the determination of the city of Ottawa to trespass upon the rights of the People while interfering with the People’s access to Justice.  I was hoping to demonstrate the perfection of Canada’s legal system, not its determination to protect the negligence of government in their Fiduciary Duty of care to Canada’s People.  Let’s face it, an Honourable government would and should be advocating to protect the rights of Canada’s People, not standing in opposition of them.  A dark day for Canadian justice in Deed…”

I had no Idea I was tall King as much about Fiduciary duties back then, either. But that Post was receiving an unusual amount of attention today, and any One who knows anything about the law Will know simply by reading the determination that they city and Justice commit a serious criminal offense with Willful intent to interfere with My opportunity to a fair and impartial hearing. It is going to bite them in the ass, I Give You My Word!!!

And THAT is the Lucky for this Wednesday, though I still have some HUGE things to be tall King with You about later in the week. A Friend shared a five hour video from an alleged ex-freemason tall King about the secret societies, Satanism, witchcraft, and all the conspiracies that go along with it, as King of Me to please watch and get back to them to share My thoughts. It was difficult for Me to watch and took Me three days in intervals to get through it all (not because it was too graphic or anything, sheer boredom) but it is absolutely worth tall King about because he’s probably about 95% correct on everything he is tall King about, but he’s not initiated enough to understand it, so he’s just communicating a senseless and confused message of fear. But I figure if I don’t start tall King about these things, People are most likely to perceive everything People like this Man are saying to be mortifying (literally).

As a prelude, I am actually going to be tall King about Lucifer and the anti-Christ specifically, though that won’t be the shocking part. The shocking part Will be why these People war Ship with Satan and what the True Plan for the Golden Dawn really is.

Love and Blessings,

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