Volume CXCIX: The Fabulous Free Lance Friday Edition; Freedom, Trust, and Treason

Hello every One, and welcome to the Fabulous Free Lance Friday Edition, thank King or Queen You for joining Me, always a Pleasure to have You in My House. Today’s Title, ‘Freedom, Trust, and Treason’ is something of a Tribute to the documents I was war King on over the Holy days and expanding on some of the Ideas I have been sharing with respect to Trust, Trusts, and Treason. I’ll be sharing these Ideas with You in My usual Free Lance Friday Flair for Word Play and Magic to keep things interesting. Lots of Good News to share with You today.

Let’s start with today’s feature photo which was first shared by Me on Facebook six years ago! As the screenshot indicates, I received this ‘memory’ highlight from Facebook on the 11th. Today I noticed this story is STILL posted on My timeline and visible for every One to see (as far as I know, anyway). It can certainly be seen by some of My Friends because it received a few likes and comments, one was in a private message as King of Me why it was not removed by Facebook ‘fact-checkers’. I agreed I’m surprised it hasn’t been removed and My Friend said that virtually everything with the Word ‘vaccine’ is flagged by the Facebook algorithm, so most People substitute a couple of letters like @ for the ‘a’ or ‘cks’ instead of ‘xx’ or whatever. I didn’t have an answer for My Friend but I am thing King it is a Good Omen that My first Facebook Post warning of the dangers of vaccines was not removed! (And somewhat astounding, let’s be honest.)

The underlying quote reads “keep ’em sick, keep ’em trapped, keep ’em paying”, which is nothing to be surprised about because it is the traditional, successful business model for success. It is not profitable to produce a thing that lasts. A company Wishes to generate repeat business, so it is more desirable that the thing breaks down over time or becomes obsolete so that the manufacturer can continue to generate cash flow. Antibiotics Will eventually cause the body to develop immunity to the antibodies and become dependent upon pharmaceutical antibiotics which Will need to increase in dose to compensate for the increasing immunity. One of the main side effects to vaccines which is considered to be a ‘minimal’ risk and not at all deadly serious, is the possibility of auto-immune disorder. By ‘as King’ for the medical industry to protect the individual from harm, they are placing their Trust in the medical profession over their Trust in God and the immune system One was Given. It is like a muscle, if We don’t use it, it Will become subject to atrophy.

So every time One goes out to get their ‘flu shot’, they are basically saying they Trust science to Create an antidote for a virus that does not exist yet based on speculation of previous viruses. They are 100% guessing what to put inside the flu shot, and the more flu shots One gets, the more hopeless their natural immune system becomes. I’m not going to share the data today but I Will say if You are interested in reviewing some suspicious data related to vaccines and flu shots, take a look at both the increase in auto immune disorders and autism which seem to ‘coincidentally’ increase in correlation with the number of flu shots and vaccines being administered in the same areas. Autism was once extremely rare, now it is almost becoming common, the same is True for auto immune disorder. Highest autism and auto-immune disorder rates are in the same areas as the most highly vaccinated (U.S.). This is not medical advice, just some interesting coincidences that don’t exist in the Mystical, Magical world.

Wow, this might be a long one today because I’m just getting started and We’re already over six hundred Words! One of the other pieces of Good News I have to share with You today is a follow up email to Ontario Works. I am highly intuitive and felt as though the package was received on ‘Lucky’ Wednesday. In My Microcosm it would make sense, as far as time estimates for the Postal Service are concerned it would be on par, and I really do feel some of these things as if they are ‘told’ to Me. To elaborate, I remember I was having a smoke Wednesday afternoon, appreciating the warmth of the Sun on My face when out of nowhere, “Ontario Works received Your package today.”

Actually, it was a little less descriptive, it was more like, ‘Your package reached its destine-a-Sean today’. The reason I remember it was slightly less powerful than previously described, is because the first thing I did after My smoke was go back inside to check My mail. I figured if it was not in My mailbox returned to sender, it Will have arrived at Ontario Works. I had requested confirmation of delivery from Tatiana when it arrives by Way of email and hadn’t received anything yet, so I figured I would Give it one extra business day (Thursday) and follow up again this morning to see where it’s at.

Tatiana responded to confirm the package has been received!!!

This is really Good News for Me because I was a little nervous sending the package. In total it was 18-20 pages, including My Declaration of Trust, a new Mandamus of Instruct-Sean for administration, and some ‘Promises to Pay made Good’. In total, I believe there is $553 and some change in receipts Showing I Promised to pay People, I have authorized the Trustee to fulfill these obligate-Sean’s. You can click on the link of the highlighted Words to read a slideshow version of both the Declaration of Trust and the Letter of Instruction (Mandamus). The reason I was so nervous is because of the Value of the documents the package contained, and because it was the first time I have ever mailed a package this heavy, this Way:

On Her Majesty’s Service

So far, to the best of My knowledge, the only time a package has not reached its Destine-a-Sean are personal letters to Family or Friends, and I believe I have only ever sent two that Way, (and maybe only one).

What’s interesting for Me is that if One reads up on using ‘On His/Her Majesty’s Service’, it is used by representatives of Her Majesty and guarantees delivery of mail to any government office. Mail has been around a lot longer than the telephone, so ‘On Her Majesty’s Service’ was used by Governor General’s to Her/His Majesty to guarantee delivery to any government office under the authority of Her Majesty. Canada Post is quite literally an International Court of Record for the Crown, and a franchise corporation of Royal Mail.

According to Royal Mail, only Governor General’s in Service of Her Majesty may use this service to ‘Serve’ a corporation. Typically, the citizen does not have the privilege of using ‘On Her Majesty’s Service’ to send mail to a corporation. I have served both a doctor’s office and the Ottawa Citizen Newspaper Notices ‘On Her Majesty’s Service’ and can confirm they were received. The doctor responded very quickly and very apologetically – the Ottawa Citizen did not but Michelle Richardson’s (Chief Editor) receptionist was able to confirm the package had arrived and was on Michelle’s desk waiting for her return from vacation.

The envelope above is also ‘legal proof’ that I am Acting in the capacity of a Governor General to Her Majesty, regardless if any One in Canada has ‘appointed’ Me to the position or not. A Trust relationship can be defined by Words, or by the Acts of the parties to the Trust Instrument. In fact, I’m pretty sure everything I have ever sent by regular mail to Ontario Works has been sent ‘OHMS’ and it does legally determine My position of office because technically, Ontario Works is a corporation, not an official, elected representative of the People.

The reason it is ‘free’ for People to mail letters to elected officials, is because Her Majesty insisted on it. We’ve all heard the expression, ‘nothing in Life is free’, right? Well, that’s certainly True in a commercial world, so if People in Canada are not required to affix any postage if they Wish to send a letter to Canada’s government, then who Will pay for that postage?

Some may argue that it’s paid for with Canadian tax dollars but the fact of the Matter is that mail doesn’t go anywhere without a charge and a bill. Consider the charge to be the cost, and the stamp to be the bill. In Order for the stamp to have any Value, there must be a charge (cost). This of course Will Create the generation of a bill Showing when the mail was received by the Post Office, where it was going, where it is coming from, and who is paying for it. It is the largest International Court of Record on the planet, and regular Mail is both legal and Lawful Service of documents.

Seriously, 1500 Words already!!! Okay, please bear with Me, I Promise it Will be worth it, I haven’t even hit on the biggest and best Good News of the day yet. I really required that confirmation before I could continue with the rest of My plans for this year because the main point I Wish to communicate in My Letter to Ontario Works, is that although ‘Sean Stephen von Dehn’ is listed as the primary beneficiary of My Cestui Que Vie Trust, the Purpose was to communicate that it was God’s (the Settlor/Grantor) Intent-Sean that Sean von Dehn’s Life Story should be of benefit Man’s kind. God quite literally sent Me here to Establish His Kingdom of earth, regardless what any Man Wishes to say about it,

“That’s what I’m here for…”

‘Grace, Too’, the Tragically Hip

Now that I know it has been received, I can begin Focusing on My Real Estate and doing what needs to be done. The first priority and urgency in knowing the package was received was treasonous Trudeau’s press conference yesterday, which I Sacrificed over an hour of My day torturing My Self by watching this snake of a Man-child slither away from every single serious Quest-ion in his path.

I can honestly tell You it has been a long time since a Man has annoyed Me as much as he does – I swear My plants are more intelligent than Trudeau. I know he was a drama teacher, but he must have failed drama too because he is a pathetic actor. When he tries to be genuine, he just looks like a liar trying to convince One the sky is green and the grass is blue.

At any rate, this in an important press conference to discuss however briefly considering the already long length of this Post. I really am very intuitive and some People don’t Give intuition any credit because it isn’t physical proof of anything that People can touch and feel, and People don’t tend to Trust anything they can’t touch or feel.

Having said that, if One watches carefully it is easy to see how uncomfortable Trudeau is. It is clear he’s trying to Give the appearance of a firm, confident and competent prime minister, but he doesn’t have dementia to fall back on like Biden, and when One repeats over and over what they have done to increase vaccination rates, rather than speak directly to the ‘vax tax’ proposed by Quebec’s premier, he just looks like an incompetent idiot who has memorized particular tall King points like a parrot.

It also appears as though he is being very careful about commenting on whether or not a vaccine tax is a violation of Canada’s Charter. Instead, he mentions the things he has to ‘encourage’ vaccination rates that already violate Canada’s constitution and charter. This is important because it is the same tactic he used the other day referring to an aviation tragedy and international crime as an unfortunate accident.

Consider the implications of how Trudeau is answering these Quest-Ions. Instead of supporting the Quebec premier when he should in fact be criticizing the statements made by the premier and assuring Canadians that Will never happen because it Will be another gross violation of the inherent rights of Canada’s People, he champions his own unlawful and illegal acts that violate the rights of Canada’s People. Again, this is propaganda 101. They also turned off the comments so that the People can’t express their disgust with his performance and protect against public scrutiny.

One of the things he bragged about, was how all government employees in the service sector now must be vaccinated or they lose their job (18:00 – 19:00 minutes). That Will include all city of Ottawa employees, Housing Services, et cetera. So I sent a follow up email to Tatiana to let her know that I would like her to inform Me of any One who is terminated for failing to get vaccinated, and who is responsible for enforcing the illegal and unlawful mandate.

Alright, every One, Way over the usual Word count for today but thank King or Queen You SO much for being here. The main Good News I Wish to point out about Trudeau is that in My opinion, he looks very nervous and unsure of himself. I really do think the sky is falling on Canada’s criminal cabal and Trudeau’s treasonous traitors – I swear I can feel it!!!

Lots more to share with You about My plans moving for Ward, and a brief disclaimer for My readers that tomorrow I Will be starting a series on Satanism to explain what the religion of Babylon is really all about, and some of the information I Will be sharing may be offensive and disturbing to some readers. In fact, I Will be a little concerned if One does not find the information somewhat disturbing at the very least. However, it is the Truth of Our world as I know and understand it to be, and it is considerably less sinister than what most People are thing King, and there is a Divinely ‘Good’ Purpose and Intention behind it all.

I’ll provide another brief disclaimer tomorrow before starting the series, though I believe it Will be well worth stomaching for a new perspective on what’s taking place in the world and where We are going.

Love and Blessings,

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