Volume CC: The Thursday Thing King Edition; The Fall of Trudeau’s Treasonous Cabal

Hello every One, and welcome to the Thursday Thing King Edition, thank King or Queen You for joining Me, I have a Truly Thrilling Thing King Edition for You today!

In yesterday’s Post I had so much Good News to share that I didn’t get a chance to touch on a lot of what I’d intended to say. I figured it would make for a Thoroughly Thrilling Thing King Edition and I know My Words Magically Manifest, but not even I would have anticipated there would be as much excitement going on in the world as there is! I suggested right at the start of this year that it’s going to be a big one and a Good one. So much Good News to share today, I’m not sure I’ll get to it all but I’m going to try.

First and foremost, the Title of today’s Post is ‘The Fall of Trudeau’s Treasonous Cabal’, and the first thing I Wish to share with You is this very Good News that came out yesterday… You know, ‘Lucky’ Wednesday? The sound quality is terrible but clear enough to comprehend and absolutely worth enduring for the content.

Imagine that You are a municipal police officer (or the sergeant) and You’ve been called into an office to discuss a Matter of serious importance. Presume You have absolutely no Idea why You might be getting called into this very serious meeting. Now Imagine being the officer in the video as he learns what this meeting is all about. Trust Me, You’re going to Love this!!!

The UK has been charged by the ICC with crimes against humanity.

One ‘Secret’ I haven’t shared with My audience is how to make a police officer nervous, and it’s actually pretty easy. If a police officer Wishes to speak with You, first thing One should do is be as King of the officer if they’ve sworn an Oath, and if they are Acting under Oath. If the answer is ‘no’, they have no more authority than an average citizen (politely say ‘good-bye’ and walk away). If they answer ‘yes’, then be as King for photo identification and badge number. The reason this makes them nervous is because if any ‘State Actor’ is violating their Oath, they lose ALL immunity from criminal prosecution. I mention this now because You Will Notice that is exactly how this lady sets precedence with the officer she is speaking with.

“I’m not sure if You’ve heard or not, but these vaccinations are now under criminal investigation… This has come about as a result of catastrophic death and injury figures to both children and adults across the UK.”

Lady advising officer of criminal investigation (name unknown)

I have a feeling I won’t get through even half the Good News I Wish to share with You today, but I have to touch on some very important points the Lady makes with respect to the duties of the constables in the UK.

“as far as We’re aware, all chief constables around the UK should now be aware of this case because it is an international situation, and that is why We are here today, to make sure that You here at this police station are upholding Your duty to protect the People of the UK. [The police] are overwhelmed with the number of People coming forth to make statements. If You are wondering why You haven’t heard of this, there is a mandate of misinformation by the government and mainstream media. The government controls the mainstream media, and the government, civil servants, and media are implicated in following these alleged crimes.”


I hope You Will listen to the whole video, I have downloaded it to My hard-drive and backed it up in case mainstream media tries to block this content. I’m not sure who owns the intellectual property rights of this video, though I Trust whomever it is Will be comfortable with Me using it to protect the rights of the world’s People.

But THAT is just the tip of the iceberg. The Claim was filed with the International Criminal Court at the Hague on December 6th, though We are only hearing about this now because global mainstream media is complicit in these crimes, along with the Trudeau government and ‘his’ media (which he bought for $600 million of taxpayer money, also an Act of Treason in and of itself).

No photo description available.

Some of You might be thing King this is nonsense and just some well put together video that looks Good, though nothing Will come from it. Well, maybe THIS Will make a lot more sense now.

Now of course, it could just be a coincidence that Boris revokes ALL mask and vaccine mandates (with the exception of the medical profession) the same day this video surfaces on mainstream media, but We’ve learnt at the Good News Journal that there is no such thing as coincidence, only the illusion of coincidence. One can still ‘voluntarily’ receive the vaccine, but all mandates and requirements for vaccine passports to enter buildings or travel has been all but eradicated. He does still leave the ‘choice’ to individual businesses, but once the People know they cannot legally enforce the policy, businesses Will just be placed on Notice or suffer boycott in protest. The scandemic is officially over, it is ‘just in’ Matter of time before Trudeau is removed from parliament in handcuffs and headed for the guillotine (pun intended, even though he won’t actually lose his head, he Will likely end up in Guantanamo Bay or similar, and that is also where he Will die – My Words do Magically Manifest).

For more entertainment and one of My ‘favourite’ not mainstream news reporters of present, here is Kim Iverson’s rant regarding the government response to this fraud of a plandemic.

Unfortunately, Kim is surrounded by a couple of brainless dorks in this video who still seem to believe the vaccine is doing something ‘Good’. We know now that it does not slow or stop transmission, it does not provide any immunity, the only thing the CDC has left is their claim that it reduces symptoms and harm for People who do contract the virus – though the benefit appears to be more and more marginal every moment, even to the steadfast believers.

I said it would be a Truly Thrilling Thing King Edition and I’m cramming in as much Good News as I can. I figure for those who don’t Wish to keep their head in the sand and Wish to know what is really going on in the world, I should probably start sharing some of My trusted sources. RissFlex is an individual I only came across recently, but I am floored with her investigative skills. This young talent has real sources inside the White House and is connected with other very knowledgeable individuals. This is the kind of stuff I once would never have shared for fear of being called a ‘conspiracy theorist’ and losing credibility. But We just discovered that Boris Johnson’s gig is up, his fortress of fraud is being dismantled brick by brick and the momentum Will only continue to grow.

In the above video, RissFlex is tall King about Jeffrey Epstein’s involvement with the CIA, and as more and more of this information becomes exposed, more and more of the perpetrators of the crimes get nervous. And what happens when criminals get nervous? They start informing on their fellow criminals in hopes of leniency, though from what I hear, the most compassion Gift these particular informants Will get, is a gunshot to the back of the head. Crazy but True – it’s considerably better than life in jail with no hope of parole, which is what all Canada’s treasonous traitors Will be facing, and (allegedly) it’s enough of a motivator for People to talk.

For Me on a personal level, the Magnitude of the Magic of all of this happening now is very, very motivating. Consider how much more likely I might be in recruiting officers to My cause. Consider how much more seriously a sheriff might consider enforcing My Orders now that they know the UK government is being tried by the Hague for international crimes against humanity for the very same mandates imposed on Canada’s People by Trudeau and his manipulation of mainstream media.

I’ve already mentioned in previous Posts of past that I know there are a lot of things going on behind the scenes. I know a lot of People in prominent positions in Canada have been under investigation for over two years. It’s unfortunate how long it takes for these investigations to collect enough information to establish a rock solid case that Will achieve results. It’s even more unfortunate that some of the most critical physical evidence is the body count of Canadians who have been poisoned by this biological weapon.

One of the most important points the international lawsuit makes clear, is that these are NOT vaccines. One of the great crimes they are charged with, is redefining definitions and medical terms to fit their agenda and deceive the People.

I hope You find information as encouraging as I do. Believe Me, this is the beginning of the end, officially. From this point for-Ward, We Will just be watching Trudeau treason his Way to Guantanamo Bay, and his incompetent criminal cabal Will fall with him. I Give You My Word. I Wonder how Mary Simon is feeling today, knowing she is aiding and abetting the distribution of a biological weapon designed by Canadian and Chinese scientists? Okay, okay, so We don’t know ALL of that to be True yet, but We know at least some of it is True and I’m just going to presume that My Magical Gifts Will continue to deliver Me Presents. 😉

Lots more to come in the coming weeks and months. I have updates with Ontario Works to share with You (had a couple of very positive phone conversations today), a converse-a-Sean with vice-principal Peter Kalbfleisch (who is so far as uncooperative and belligerent as any other Trustee of Canada’s government) regarding a story stolen by the school he represents,

Love and Blessings,

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