Volume CCI: The Magical Monday Motive a Sean Edition; My Tricks and the Marvel-Us Matrix Resurrect-Ions MIV

Hello every One, and welcome to the Magical Motive a Sean Edition, thank King or Queen You for joining Me for this Marvel-Us Monday reveal. The Apocalypse is clearly upon Us and this is a Most Magical Monday in Deed. I have lots of Good News to share including a phone converse-a-Sean with a vice-principal of the last high school I attended in response to a second Notice of Civil and Criminal liability sent by email earlier this afternoon that resulted in having the Notices removed. I have that short story to tell and a teaser for My next Tuesday Tell a Vision Edition tomorrow which Will be the recently released ‘Matrix Resurrections IV’!!! Yes, that Will be far more exciting than it may initially sound on the surface and today I Will be telling You why.

It is always Good News when the Magic Cast into the Spelling of a Notice does what it was intended to do. Sometimes the most simple Elements of Magic are the easiest to overlook and therefore never articulated (Art-I-queue-late) and taken for Granted (like a Wish). My International Public Notices Page, My Page dedicated to State Actors perpetrating crimes of Medical Fraud and Treason against Canada’s People, and My Page dedicated to State Actors God is Officially dis-pleased with, are all Magical Spells – and very Powerful ones.

I Writ a Post once about the Magic of Writing One’s Dreams on paper, placing it in a box and Imagining it is a seed that Will flourish. The seed of Intention is actually being planted into the subconscious, Magical Part of One’s Mind, and placing it in a box symbolizes preservation and keeping the Dream alive. At the same time and for the same reason, the more One checks in on the seed to make sure it is safe, the more firmly the seed of intention Will take root. It’s a Magical trick because Man doesn’t need to understand why it is war King – that’s for the psychologists and Mystics like Me to analyze or Imagine.

But a Public Notice on an International Publication is a much more Powerful Casting of Magic because it says something about the Character of the Man on the world stage, this Glow Ball Product-Sean. Those Words are sending out a resonant frequency that is a vibrate-Sean all match for the name of Living Man in the real world. To simplify to the lowest common denominator and explain the Magic of it as simply as possible, the name is war King like a Voodoo doll, the I [am] doll of the State Actor or individual. Let’s just say it Will be what God believes to be True about the individual if One Wishes to view it from a more Spiritual perspective – God knows which Living Man ‘identifies’ with these Words on the Public Record, what they mean and where to find them, so the appropriate karmic influences Will affect the individual until the Spelling of the Magic in the Notice is removed.

To get back to the Magic of the Notice I emailed to vice-principal Peter Kaulbfleisch this afternoon, it was a second Notice of Criminal and Civil Liability for breach of Trust and loss or theft of My intellectual property. (I put ‘My’ in italics because I Truly don’t believe in owner-ship but I do believe in My right of Dominion over that which I Create. Essentially, I believe I hold the Supreme right to determine how property in My Trust Will be governed for the benefit of Man as a whole.) Peter kept as King of Me to call him, telling Me he was happy to help, though he refused to Honour My request to respond to Me in Writing, despite several requests explaining that I Wish to maintain a Record of all correspondence. I finally gave in after explaining in a final email exchange that I was not impressed about having to call him and Will be Recording the converse-a-Sean. Tell Me that the vice-principal does not sound more like a student who has just been called into the vice-principal’s office. To listen to the Recording click on the paragraph below.

I did warn vice-principal Peter Kaulbfleisch that I would not be happy if I were compelled to phone him, and he responded to say he would not disclose such ‘sensitive’ information to an email address and needs to verify who I am (or something like that). I was not pleased at the time of call and had lost My patience for making any more Written replies. I’ve removed the Notices because Peter does provide the inform a Sean I was as King of him for and a copy of My transcripts are now on their Way to Me. It’s also the only concession I’m Giving because I guess the Word would be ‘triggered’. What I’m saying is; this isn’t exactly Me at My most intimidating, and I’m not at all proud to be intimidating at all. This is probably somewhere around a level seven on My Richter Scale. My family has seen Me at a level nine more than once but State Actors tend to find Me intimidating when I’m in a Good mood, so I generally try not to take it past a level five. That’s also why I record My calls because I don’t ever threaten any One or use foul language, but if I don’t record calls for My protection, that is what I’m generally accused of. This is what is sounds like.

Getting a copy of My educational transcripts was one of My goals this year too, so that’s Good News considering We’re only in January!!!

Wow, 944 Words already and it really, really has been such a Magical day for Me. I’m very excited to tell You that I Will be starting a new Matrix De-Coded series breaking down Matrix Resurrections (Resurrect-Sean), and it Will be the most insightful Tell a Vision series to date. My first Matrix Interpret-a-Sean is some of My most read material, and I’m going to eventually do an Interpret-a-Sean of the whole series. I had said that the first Matrix was a perfect metaphor for My Life and that the Masters of Magic in this world communicate their Secrets to Me in film and Tell a Vision – and I’m a Master Orator.

When I first heard there was a fourth Matrix confirmed, it was after I’d published My Cestui Que Vie. My first though was ‘what more do they have to tell Me?’ Well, I managed to get a copy of the film today. I read the reviews. They’re not Good. But that’s only because they have no Idea what they are tall King about. It is the most Masterful of the series yet, though the depth of the Truth of it is entirely lost on those that have thus far reviewed it. Trust Me, they’re not going to Mind My review, and I Promise neither Will You.

I have to touch on one last Most Magical Element of this Monday in My Microcosm. The premise of this One is that the Matrix is a game ‘Neo’ (as Mr. Anderson) programmed and it’s the best game that’s ever been made. What makes it so Magical is that a product-Sean team are tall King about the game Neo made and they confirm all the Spiritual interpret-a-Sean’s I provided for You in the My first Matrix interpret-a-Sean – almost in Order, stressing exactly the points I was tall King about.

All I can say is that I am too excited for Words. Any One who says the Matrix lost its flair and Style in this ‘final’ film have no Idea what they are tall King about and I Promise the best Tell a Vision Product-Sean I’ve ever done Will begin tomorrow. My intuition tells Me that Keanu Reeves did not even Wish to do the film, but he agreed to do it for Me and every One else able to benefit from its Wisdom and for the Greater Good of Man’s kind. Some films are not about money, they are about a message worth more than anything money could buy – this is one of those films and why I believe Keanu agreed to do it, though in Truth I’m not sure if he had much of a choice. I Wish for Keanu to know how deeply thankful I am that he did, and I hope My review Will be a Tribute that Honours his exceptional commitment to this Project and the Universal, Glow Ball Product Sean.

Love and Blessings,

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