Volume CCI: The Witches, Wizards and Warlocks Lucky Wednesday Edition; More Magic Cast into Man’s Macrocosm

Hello every One and welcome to the Witches, Wizards and Warlocks Lucky Wednesday, thank King or Queen You for being here – Your Royal Highness compliments My Kingdom. I’m feeling ESPecially Magical today, Ladies and Lords, Witches and Wizards of the world, and Luck has nothing to do it! Here at the Good News Journal, We make Our Luck. I am the Universal Conductor Giving every One the Key to maintain Harmony in Our Universal Product-Sean. You are in for My most revealing and Magical Edition to date!!! Alright Queens and Kings of the [United] Kingdom of God, here We go.

First and fore most, the ‘Matrix Ressurrect-Sean IV’, abbreviated for the Logo of an upcoming game Mr. Anderson is Writing as ‘MIV’. 1004 = 5. 5 Symbolizes Perfection, the Quest for Truth in all directions, Star (be thing King Pentagram), My name day. We also see a very complex Idea I was tall King about before, 0=2, a basic Magical Principle that even most who know it Will not fully comprehend, as it is the most Powerful Secret Truth of them all. 00. 1 represents Unity consciousness, which is also one of the ‘engines’ Mr. Anderson uses to Program games. And of course, 4 is always Foundation; Found a Sean.

In My first Matrix Interpret-a-Sean I suggested that it was a perfect metaphor for My Life. I even went as far as to say that ‘the Powers that be’ use film and television to share their Secrets with Me. The first Matrix was to let Me know they were looking for Me – though I didn’t see it in time and wouldn’t have understood it if I had. In fact, it’s possible I did see it before I awakened Spiritually and I would have not clued into any of it because nothing in the film had actually happened to Me yet. They found Me in Toronto – that’s what that was all about and what led to where I am now.

The fourth Matrix is confirm-a-Sean of almost every detail of My first Matrix de-coded series – and much like the Logo ‘MIV’, there is no One else on this planet that Will be able to decode it for You the Way that I Will. I Give You My Word on that. After mentioning this on Monday, the day the film Magically made its Way to Me, the Post received 37 Views 22 visitors; two more Magical numbers in My Microcosm, and My stats remained frozen that Way for the rest of the day. ‘They’ were able to hide thousands of views and visitors for the first three years of Blogging. Who can see without being seen… And reveal them Self at Will any time? The ‘real’ stats (how can I ever really know, right?) were revealed to Me after Publishing My Cestui Que Vie. The relevance, is that My Cestui Que Vie is the [real] Matrix – or, more appropriately still, the virus in Man’s Matrix. I’ll get to explain all of that to You, too and the Matrix IV Gifted Me with lots of symbolism and Magic to help Me visually explain it all to You. Thank You, Lana Wachowski, Keanu Reeves, Carrie-Ann Moss and every One else in the cast including Yahya Abdul-Mateen II (and there’s that number II again…). Two is a Door. Yahya Plays the new Morpheus, the Father, Door Way to Heaven (X Commandments).

And for those who are thing King this Mystical Man is not Magical but mad, a couple of more than slightly eerie ‘coincidences’ in the new Matrix that I’ll allow You to determine for Your Self. They touch on everything, 0=2, 6=9, and Give Me an arsenal of visual aids to Art-I-Queue-Late My thoughts.

First, the new ‘Matrix’ Mr. Anderson is stuck in hasn’t met Trinity yet. He sees her in a coffee shop and introduces him Self, she says,

“Hi, Jude, I’m Tiffany

Carrie-Ann Moss, Matrix IV: Resurrections

Tiffany!!!? Tiffany was a stripper half My father’s age who was claiming she had a Claim of right to My father’s Estate!!! She was literally My virtual nemesis in Man’s legal fiction. My Brother or Sister Claiming same is a different Story altogether because they at least have a legitimate Claim and My father would not roll over in his grave about it. But Tiffany thing King she had a claim. Anyway, One can Imagine what I might be thing King while watching this film and the very next line is,

“Wow, Tiffany? I did not see that coming!”

Jude, Matrix Character, Mr. Anderson’s ‘friend’…

My thoughts exactly. Now maybe every One was thing King this when seeing the film for the first time, but I doubt it stopped their Heart the Way it did for Me. Keep in Mind how much I stress that there are no coincidences while thing King this is a big one even for Me. The Laws of the Universe say it must have been intent-Sean-all in nature. Bu the Magic continues.

The next scene Mr. Anderson gets called into his boss’ office and the first thing his boss says as he gazes out his executive window,

“Billions of People, just Living out their lives – Oblivious”

Boss to Mr. Anderson, Matrix IV

I’m thing King okay that’s really strange!!! Did I not quote that line exactly in My first Matrix De-Coded series? And what’s the very next line after that?

“I always Loved that line. You Wrote that, right?”

Boss to Mr. Anderson

Is there any One else in the world that would relate to that line in the same Way other than Lana Wachowski her Self?

Well, that’s the Proper Prequel to My next Tuesday Tell a Vision Edition and Interpret-a-Sean, but it’s not the end of the Magic for today. Because My ‘real’ Magic are in the Spelling of Notices Cast upon State Actors. I Issued a Second and Final Notice of Civil and Criminal Liability to Josee Gautier of Canada’s Justice Council today for aiding and abetting the city of Ottawa and Sally A. Gomery in their attempts to interfere with My right to remedy for their violation of My rights, abdication of Oath and Breach of Public Trust.

But the Magic doesn’t stop there because within seconds after uploading the new Notice, it had been downloaded twice before I could refresh My Stats Page!!! And because there are no coincidences and whomever is responsible for this kind of stuff would not allow Me to Show You if they did not Wish for Me to.

No visitors to My Blog at all, but People are downloading copies of My court documents.

Finally, if You didn’t check out the video I posted yesterday of the discussion by Ron Paul regarding Covid and the U.S. response, I strongly recommend that You do despite the length of the video because it really is a very open discussion and a fine example of the type of discussions responsible governments must be Willing to have or they are effectively in breach of Public Trust. We need to start holing these People accountable (and I Promise You I am doing what I can).

Love and Blessings,

Oh, and today’s feature photo is because the new Matrix, old Matrix, the Tarot read and what’s taking place in the [Real] world right now are all Divinely connected, so I Will be peace-ing them all together for You. 😉

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