Volume CCI: The Fabulous Free Lance Friday Edition; My Father, He Art in Heaven, Part II

Hello every One, and welcome to the Good News Journal, thank King or Queen You for joining Me, it is a Great Pleasure to have You in My House. Yesterday We received Our first response from Noah and Laraine since Default Judgment, Nihil Dicit, Res Judicata was awarded against them roughly ten days ago for the unlawful sale of My Father’s Estate, fraud, extorsion, and gross negligence in the administration of an Estate causing irrevocable harm to the Real Estate Value for its intended beneficiaries. There is much Magic regarding the Letter I received from Laraine, and today’s Part II of ‘My Father, He Art in Heaven’ is to explain what is going on here both legally and lawfully.

Before I get too far into this Free Lance Friday Edition, I Wish to clarify what I mean when I say, ‘both legally and lawfully’. Some People who have been reading this Blog for some time may have a pretty Good Idea, but most simply put, ‘legal’ are any laws that deal specifically with commerce; the codes, statutes and acts are all Created to ‘navigate’ the Ships of Commercial Admiralty Waters. Non-commercial vessels do not need to set ‘Sale’ on Commercial Admiralty Waters at all, they are well Established Found-a-Sean’s on Land; they are in fact the ‘Banks’ of Commercial Admiralty Waters where the ‘mer-chants’ do business (busy-ness).

Mer; as a prefix or suffix:

“The combining form -mer is used like a suffix to mean “part,” specifically in reference to portions of molecules. It is often used in scientific terms, especially in chemistry. The form -mer comes from Greek méros, meaning “part, portion.” From this same source, we also get the combining forms -mere and -merous.


So merchant is to chant about parts? Hmmm… I’m not going to get too sidetracked with the Magic of Spelling today because I have too much else to say. The point is to Keep in Mind that legal is for commercial and for-profit business, the ‘false-profits’ of Man’s world that celebrate Coveting from One’s neighbour in violation of the X Laws set in stone that God Commanded Man to Keep. Okay, I can’t completely stop tall King about Magic, the Laws were also Writ on 2 stone tablets and the Significance is that 2 (II) is a Door Way in Man’s Mind and not a coincidence (big theme here at the Good News Journal).

No coincidences is also the Theme of today’s Post. I’m not even sure of the exact date the property was listed and sold on the market, I only know that as soon as I received the news from My Brother, I Writ an email to both My Brother and sister to tell them that the Sale was unlawful and that Noah had effectively commit fraud for a second time (first was withholding My payment from his client to discharge the mortgage) by selling a property without advising the buyer there is an outstanding, Supreme Claim of Right upon the property on the International Public Court of Record.

Because I also know that My Brother and sister don’t know a damn thing about the Law (at least relatively speaking and with respect to this Matter), I also strongly suggested running every Word of My email by a lawyer if they are thing King I’m wrong. Nothing. I also told them that any (Good, Honourable) lawyer (liar) Will tell them that they had a prior right to be informed of the Power of Sale as well as all details regarding expenditures of the account related to the Matter, and Notice of the surplus funds available for the beneficiaries. This is One of the most basic rights of all beneficial parties to an Estate Matter regardless who is Acting as Power of Attorney. In fact, failing to provide such details at the request of the beneficiaries can be reasonable grounds to have a Trustee removed and held liable if their Actions caused any financial loss to the intended beneficiaries. Because Noah and Laraine have not been doing any of these things, My Brother and sister presume I must be wrong, rather than concede that Noah and Laraine are negligent in their Fiduciary obligations to the beneficiaries.

I do not hear another Word about the Matter from My Brother or My sister regarding the Matter and that was not at all a surprise. My Brother does not Wish to have anything to do with it if at all possible, he Will be quite happy to receive a check for his rightful share of interest in the Estate (and frankly, I believe My Brother Trusts that if the funds are made available to Me that I Will keep My Word, though sadly I can’t even be 100% sure about that).

My sister on the other hand?.. Some would say I can only speculate, I can’t actually know anything for sure. But We are going to test that theory because I believe I know exactly what My sister did because it was exactly what I was expecting she would do!!!

I don’t know if My sister knew Noah unlawfully sold My Father’s House before I sent My email, though I expect and anticipate that she did. I am not thing King My Brother told her to deceive Me or with any ill intent, he simply knew the house had sold, for how much, and likely let My sister know because he sees her more frequently and felt she should know (and she should so I would never hold that against him). It just took him a little longer to find the time to sit down and Write Me (regardless My thoughts or belief in that information being something of an important priority detail to share with Me).

See, the difference with My Brother is that any harm My Brother might do to Me would only be by Way of negligence, he would never Willfully try to take advantage of any One – that I can tell You about My Brother absolutely. He’s the ‘Peace-maker’ in the family always trying to smooth things over and help every One to get along. Right now he’s trying to referee a match between Fire and water and doesn’t have a suitable vessel to contain the exploding stream of steaming vapour that catalyzes when My sister and I mix Our elements. He Will even risk getting burnt in the process if necessary, so long as he believes it Will make things easier for every One else.

My sister, on the other Hand… Well, I know (as much as I can know) that she contacted her lawyer the second she learnt the house had sold and was as King how she could get her share. My guess is that her lawyer would have told her that she Will need to apply for a Certificate of Appointment of Estate Trustee again (and We know how that was war King for her last time). She knows she’s going to need My Brother’s consent and mine!!! So she’s wondering if there is anything else she can do (Heaven forbid that My sister Will be compelled to be as King of Me for permit-Sean).

And of course, her lawyer Will be screwing her, too!!! But My sister is too narcissistic to see that, she believes that because she has a lawyer she Will somehow ‘win’. So her lawyer is probably telling My sister that I do not have any prior right (as the eldest son and rightful heir) to Act as Executor and Trustee of My Father’s Estate, and I can’t even reasonably guess what fodder the lawyer may be feeding My sister, I only know she’s taking My sister’s money and that My sister Will be Wishing to make Me pay for that.

Even while My Brother and sister were out of the picture temporarily, I had provided full disclosure to both of them and a copy of each of the Notices and Default Judgment served upon Noah – they are witnesses to My Deeds. A Deed is a Claim of Right and an Affidavit of facts ‘cannot be tried by any Court’. That’s precisely why the Notices and Default Judgment against them are so powerful.

The other silent but deadly detail to take Notice of, is that this is a response to My Notice of Default Judgment and Noah is advising Me that he is Willing to demonstrate Good Faith and Honour by releasing funds sufficient to meet My Demand (to Write a check to My Brother and sister in the amount of $150,000.00 each from the remainder funds) immediately upon Certificate of Appointment of Estate Trustee with a Will. By doing so and failing to oppose any of the other charges against him, he is legally and lawfully accepting all unopposed allegations against him.

This offer does nothing to have the Notice of Default Judgment against Noah and Laraine removed from the [International] Public Record. If Noah Wishes to have those Notices removed, he must fulfill all terms and conditions of the Default Judgment against him or sue Me and prove the facts are not facts. Good luck with that, Noah and Laraine.

What this effectively does for Noah is (potentially) absolve Noah and Laraine of criminal intent. I advised him I would Show mercy if he Acts in Good Faith and provides Me with an accounting of the remainder and is prepared to release $300,000.00 immediately to My Brother and sister (so that We can resolve the remainder Matters without further undo mental anguish and duress for My Brother and sister). This Will bring the crime down to criminally negligent or possibly gross malfeasant. If Noah is Willing to be war King civilly with Me, there Will be no criminal prosecution. I can for Give a mis-take.

Letter to next of kin.

Remainder Funds.

Love and Blessings,

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