Volume CCI: The Fabulous Free Lance Friday Edition; My Father, He Art in Heaven, Part III

Hello every One and welcome to the second installment of the Free Lance Edition this Friday, thank King Your Highness for being here. Corny and cheesy as it might sound, I do Love You and sometimes I am thing King I might even lose My Mind without You. My Free Lance Friday Edition in particular is one of My Favourite days for Writing because I allow My Self to be tall King (or ranting) about anything I Wish, wielding My Words without restraint. Getting all of these Ideas out of My Mind and into the Universal Product-Sean is like lifting a load off My Heart; thank King You for bearing My Cross. šŸ˜‰

Ah, today was another roller coaster of a day in My Microcosm. Yesterday, I received a response from Noah and Laraine regarding My Father’s Estate, finally announcing that they are prepared to release the surplus funds from the power of sale [of My Father’s House] to its beneficiaries. As great as this Good News should be, I received no Word from My Brother or sister in response and it was the first time I was expecting I would.

The letter shows the total remainder Value of the Estate, clearly articulates the entitled beneficiaries of the Estate, and that they are prepared to pay the funds out immediately upon receipt of Certificate of Appointment of Estate Trustee with a Will.

The bold italics are because Noah knows there is no Will other than the Living Will of his kin (the beneficiaries), so I thought it was interesting that he included that because lawyers are generally very specific with their Words. It may just be the legal phrasing typically used in a letter to beneficiaries of a Trust in general but I find it particularly interesting because My Cestui Que Vie is both an Express Trust and a Living Will or testamentary instrument (and Will therefor qualify for what he is as King of Me for). It’s also something that neither My Brother or Sister Will be able to get.

You may also notice My Sister is getting a capital again. I mentioned yesterday that My intuition tells Me My Sister is up to something though from what I have learnt today, I appear to be wrong! Yes, that’s right, I am admitting I was wrong (Will not happen very often, so enjoy it).

Thing is, I’m still not entirely convinced because something is off – My intuition never lies. Problem is, I’m not always able to pinpoint what’s wrong; My ‘Spidey-sense’ (of the world wide web) is tingling, but (sometimes) I have no clue where the crime is located. But I did learn some valuable information pertaining to yesterday’s email as a result of My intuition, and I’m going to share that with You today.

When I awakened this morning to check My email, there was a message from Mum with ‘Estate’ in the subject line, so I was anticipating it was Good News. I didn’t tell My Mum about the email I received yesterday because it went out to all three of Us and I figured My Brother and Sister would be quick to pass the information along. I was correct, though something was lost in translation.

My Mum indicates that she knows ‘the lawyer has finalized all the details and is ready to distribute between You… Can You please just let this go? I see what Your arguments are doing to them. Why???”.

Now this might not seem like a big deal to some People but I also mentioned yesterday that I Love My Mum more than any One else on earth, and I can’t even articulate how it makes Me feel to know My Mum is upset about anything – even when I am the cause of it! (Which is frequent because My Mum worries so much and I Live such an adventurous, ‘risky’ Life in the eyes of most People.) So there are a lot of times that I just have to deal with the fact that I have to Live My Life and sometimes My Mum is going to worry – it’s what [Good] Mum’s do.

But I have genuinely been trying so hard to earn both My Sister and My Brother’s Trust by making sure I ‘cc’ them on every single detail regarding the Estate so that they won’t worry, that I had no Idea where this might be coming from. I also couldn’t understand why I hadn’t heard anything from My Brother or Sister yet because I figured they would both be thrilled and happy to be done with the Matter. So rather than wonder what antics My Sister might be up to, I decided to call My Brother to find out what he knew.

As it turns out, My Mum was referring to Noah, not My Sister’s lawyer. She confirmed in a follow up email that to the best of her knowledge, My Sister hasn’t spoken with any lawyers in months. My Brother also confirmed that to the best of his knowledge, My Sister hasn’t contacted any lawyer, and doesn’t plan to make any application for appointment of Estate Trustee?..

“So what is the plan, exactly – how are You [both] planning to get Your share?”

My Brother tells Me he thinks they are both just waiting for the funds to be deposited to the Court so they can get their share from the Court? It wasn’t actually a Quest-Ion but it sure doesn’t make any sense to Me. I tell My Brother that if that were to happen, he does realize that they Will still have to make an application to the Court for a Certificate of Appointment of Estate Trustee, they’re not just going to hand it out if One shows up there! But My Brother doesn’t Wish to be tall King about it at all, so the more Quest-Ions I am as King, the more agitated I feel him become and I Wish to see this thing done as much as any One else does. So I tell him not to worry about it, but I do think it is in all of Our best interest to not waste any more time or money by allowing it to default to the Court.

The really Good News concerning this, is that My Brother earnestly believes that My Sister’s lawyer had nothing to do with the email We received yesterday. I figured My Sister had ‘fact-checked’ My email and told her lawyer that Noah was withholding the funds from Us and that her lawyer had contacted Noah to find out what was going on, resulting in the email that followed. Although I am still having a hard time Trusting the information, apparently My Sister’s lawyer had nothing to do with this most recent development, and neither My Sister or My Brother have any intention of making an application to Noah. Basically, if I can’t convince Noah to Give the money to Us, they’re just going to wait until the funds are deposited to the Court. Then I’m not sure what their plan is, but I don’t think they know, either.

Does this sound like a rant? I feel like it’s a rant. I really have been war King so hard on this that I figured My Brother and Sister would be ecstatic and happy to take the money. I don’t know, maybe they believe that Noah Will not hand it over but I am thing King he is not going to argue with Me, especially if I clearly define how much each of the beneficiaries are to receive.

In fact, that was the most important point I Wish to touch on today because I know the language in legal letters can be intimidating for People who don’t fully understand the Purpose of things. Although Noah is very clear about having a ‘Notarial’ copy of Certificate of Appointment of Estate Trustee and a Will to release the funds, the Purpose of the Certificate of Appointment of Estate Trustee is to have some One to hold accountable to the beneficiaries. So how does One get around such a thing in a Common Law jurisdiction? By the agreement of all parties to the Estate.

Finishing this Matter with Noah and getting My Brother and Sister paid is very easy. All I have to do is tell Noah that he does have the full list of all beneficiaries, and all beneficiaries are in agreement with the equal distribution of the remainder funds. “I am hereby authorizing and as King of You to release the funds accordingly and post-haste”.

Although I have privately Promised My Brother and Sister that I Will Give them each $150,000.00 of the remainder funds, if My Brother and Sister can’t even respond to tell Me how they feel about that offer, then why be so generous?

I’m still wrestling with this Idea. The other reason I’m thing King of just as King to have the remainder funds divided amongst the beneficiaries equally, is because even if they are not distributed to My advantage (I only receive $6,100.00 in this scenario), it may look suspect. My guess is that Noah Will Wish to ensure that no beneficiaries have any Issues with how he distributes the funds between Us because he knows I’m already unhappy with how he’s handled things, so distributing funds in a Way that may look as though it was done to discriminate against Me is potential gasoline to a flame. He might be thing King I am doing so not out of concern for My Brother and Sister but to use against him later.

Wow, do You see how wonderful You are?! Yes, You let Me rant, but You also got to see My Mind war King out a very real and troubling scenario in My Microcosm and helped Me to come up with a conclusion!!!

I am thing King there is no real advantage in keeping My Plans from You, so now You know how I plan to deal with Noah. I’m going to suggest that if he is Willing to distribute the remainder funds equally between the beneficiaries, he Will be for-Giving for criminal trespass and his acts Will be considered negligent in stead (no prosecution). I Will also include something for My Brother and Sister to agree that receipt of payment Will be final and concludes their interest in the Estate. (Basically insurance for Noah that whether I win or lose what I believe is still owed to Me, there is no further recourse for My Brother or Sister for which Noah may be liable.)

Alright, thanks for being here, People, sorry about the rant, but thank King or Queen for helping Me to keep war King through it. I also have one more exciting email to share with You today as Josee Gautier of the Justice Council of Canada ran out of time today and Default Judgement, Nihil Dicit, Res Judicata has been awarded against him – enjoy!!!

Love and Blessings,

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