Volume CCIII: The Witches, Wizards and Warlocks ‘Lucky’ Wednesday Edition; My Father’s Watch and the Man of the House

Hello every One, and welcome to the Witches, Wizards and Warlocks ‘Lucky’ Wednesday Edition, thank King Your Royal Highness for being here. I am thing King today’s Title is a Good One because it has everything to do with the Magic of Fantasy fiction and folk-lore in Man’s Macrocosm, Our collective Matrix, if You Will. I am always suggesting that We are each Queens and Kings, even [demi] Gods and Goddesses and the more We are war King Our Way through this Story, the more Ways We are finding it to be True.

In both My Matrix De-Coded interpret-a-Sean’s and My first public Tarot read, ‘Babylon’, the underworld, the dystopian world of greed and corruption, this world, is the consistent Theme of Our Story. The Pope and Queen represent the Father and Mother of Man’s Macrocosm, the Spiritual authority (Pope) and Guardian of the underworld (commercial laws, legal fiction) and defender of the ‘Faith’ (Queen).

Technically, the Pope is the ‘King’ in the above scenario as far as what these archetypes represent in Man’s Mind. By calling the Title something other than King, it Gives Man the Idea that these two positions are different (and avoids the obvious confusion when there is a King is in the Queen’s current position). Even when there is a King representing the Crown, it Will always represent the Divine feminine. The Pope also can’t be called ‘King’ because Spiritually he is Trusted to care for God’s children as the Holy ‘Father’ on earth, ‘papa’, not King. They are together holding that position for their Promised Son, and Him alone. The Spiritual Title of King is reserved for Christ; the father and mother of Man’s kind are waiting for Christ like Morpheus and Trinity were searching and waiting for Neo.

I was tall King about this recently because I have said that each of Us are Sovereign in Our natural state of being. This is one of those obvious things that is self evidently True whether or not it is True in practice. I do not Wish to suggest that I am not painfully aware that some People are quite literally born into abject slavery by Way of oppression, I am simply stating that no One has any ‘legal’ right to do so. Similarly, People complain about how corrupt capitalism can be, but where is the obligation to participate at all? Does one even exist?

In the Family unit, not only is the Idea of the Sovereign protected, but so are all positions within the Family as if the Family it Self is Royal. In most cases, I do believe it is fairly common for the traditional Family Will to echo the rights of succession – very often the eldest child Will be Trusted to Act as Power of Attorney for the other Beneficiaries after the surviving spouse. A Written Will is likely to be more specific in the distribution of assets, too.

I’m mentioning these things because I have also suggested that the Macrocosm reflects the Microcosm in all things. The last time I saw My father alive, I Promised him I would take care of his Estate if he died without a Will or even Act as power of attorney for his Will, regardless how he chose to distribute the property. I also Promised I would take care of any debts and legal issues for him so that no money needs to be wasted on lawyers.

When My father finally died, I wasn’t told enough about what was going on to be of much help, and it’s in My nature to feel guilty if I feel I’m letting some One down – especially My dead father or God which to Me are One and the same because I Imagine My [earthly] father is watching Me from somewhere now. He’s the One who made Me tough, and it was for exactly this Purpose – to Honour Our House.

Honouring My [earthly] father was very much one of the reasons for Creating My Cestui Que Vie, to restore the Honour of Our Family name, the House von Dehn. I knew even if My father didn’t understand it while he was alive, he would appreciate what it means to Our House and Family name – it was always something We were taught to be proud of, a badge of Honour.

One of the very first things I was as King of My Brother to do, was to make sure that all creditors are Given Notice of his death, and to let them know We are accepting all debts for Honour. I was as King of him to send Me the bills directly if he Wishes and I’ll Write the creditors. I was also as King of him to keep receipts for anything he paid for with respect to funerary arrangements, even gas. I told him all of these things Will be paid for by the Estate.

Well, I am thing King that none of these things got done. What’s worse, is that I still don’t know. I was taking these frustrations out on My Family, and My Brother in particular (because in the beginning he was the only One telling Me anything, My Sister wasn’t talking at all). We weren’t even not talking because We had any kind of disagreement, We were just not tall King because We almost never do, it was perfectly normal.

I did allow this to frustrate Me and I did take it out on My family and it resolved nothing. I did this because I felt they were trespassing upon My most Sacred right, and there was nothing I could do about it. All I really Wished to have was disclosure, full disclosure of what was going on with My father’s Estate. Even if I were the youngest in the Family, I would still Wish to know every detail, it had nothing to do with being in charge.

The reason I’m still tall King about this is because I believe I’ve made My peace with My Brother and Sister but I still don’t know for sure and when it comes to ‘My Father’s Watch’, well, that’s what being the eldest is all about. I’ve been thing King about what I can say to provide insight for others who may find themselves in this situation because all these beliefs are protected in a constitutional democratic monarchy but I still don’t know what the better approach would have been. I can get assertive with My Brother and Sister and insist that these are obligations, not optional considerations, but how can I compel any One to do anything? Where does One take dis-Honourable People? To Court. Was I supposed to take My Brother and Sister to Court? Would that have made things better?

I’m hoping that was rhetorical because it was meant to be, Court would be much worse. The fact is, I consider everything from a perspective of logic and reason. I figured at some point, People who Wish to get paid by My father are eventually going to come to have to come to Me – either My Brother and Sister offer to pay, they come to Me, or they file a Claim against Joachim Heinrich von Dehn’s Estate and file it into the Court, at which time the Court Will be obliged to appoint some One as his attorney to defend the Action.

When some One files a Claim against ‘Joachim Heinrich von Dehn’ into the Court, the Registrar Will direct them to Me by default as next of kin. The Registry in Canada works in chronological Order and mimics the ascension Laws of a Royal Family perfectly. Legally, My Brother and Sister can’t get around Me unless I consent or waive My prior [inherent] right as the new Man of the House. By default, I’m the new ‘King’ of the von Dehn House Hold. Private, Royal ‘Family’ rights are Superior to that of a Court judge or justice. A Court judge does not even have the authority to change the position without the consent of the new ‘King’ or ‘Queen’ of the House (if the eldest happened to be an (unmarried) girl). The ‘next’ in line (My Brother and Sister) are considered equally Sovereign as far as the state or Courts are concerned.

What I’m not sure My Brother and Sister understand is what it is they are as King for when they go to the Court to collect. Now, I could be wrong, but I anticipate whatever is deposited with the Court is going to be an account in the name ‘JOACHIM HEINRICH VON DEHN’. It Will also have to Show all the details related to that deposit, the [unlawful] sale of the House, accounting of legal fees, receipts (not just a dollar value beside sentence Writ on paper without any proof), what firms those legal fees were paid out to, and [most importantly] who Signed off on all of those details. The only Ones who are legally or lawfully allowed to Sign off on any of those costs being billed to the Estate would be Me, followed by My Brother (Truthfully, according to Registry because she remarried and has a new ‘Registered’ House). My Brother and Sister could only Sign off on these things with My consent or with a Certificate of Appointment of Estate Trustee Issued to them by the Court (which also cannot be made without My knowledge and consent).

Whoever Signs off on all of these things is also liable to the Beneficiaries if the Beneficiaries feel that they were not fairly represented. I am liable to My Brother and Sister for any harm done to them as a result of negligence in My Fiduciary obligations to My father’s Estate. Being the Man of the House (regardless what kind/sex) is a huge responsibility.

In My personal Estate Matter, until last week, nothing had come before the Court yet, no Certificate of Appointment was ever awarded to My Brother or Sister, and no One else but Me would have that right. More importantly still, no One outside of the three of Us would ever have right to Act as power of attorney over My father’s Estate without Our unanimous consent.

The expression, ‘My father’s watch’ is about Honouring One’s father and Family name. Much counsel I have Given My Brother regarding Our father’s Estate has proven to be True and there is much more that Will prove to be True soon. The problem is, so much contempt was shown for the Rule of Law that much like My Brother and Sister, I cannot compel One to do something unless I take them to Court. This contempt for the Rule of Law did not help to bolster the confidence of My Brother and Sister, either.

At the same time, it did protect their interests and it would be equally irresponsible if I did not take over, I just Wish I’d been more patient. The first thing One should do is let all creditors know that the Estate (Joachim Heinrich von Dehn) is accepting all debts for Honour. I Officially made this announcement on the International Public Record back in November of 2020. I also Declared My Supreme Claim of Right upon My father’s Estate around the same time. I’m supposed to be teaching People these things, not expecting My Brother and Sister to know them and getting frustrated and angry when they don’t believe Me.

The Purpose and function of that Notice of Acceptance for Honour, is the same as a Court Bond, it’s just being done in private. Any One with an outstanding Claim against My father’s Estate can publish a copy of that document and Present it to Me, it means that their debts Will be paid when the [wealth of the] Estate is administrated.

What’s even better, is that the Common Law presumes every One is Honourable first and only dis-Honourable People come before Courts. So the Rule of Law automatically presumes that if My father were still Living, he would be paying his creditors and Honouring his obligations. It would be dis-Honourable to presume that My father would ever default on his loan. It would be equally immoral to burden some One (or worse, threaten some One with extortion) with a debt that is not their own, even his children.

So, although this is long, the Idea is to let People know that these moral obligations do have Real Value in any Court of Law. If two People can Sign a piece of paper and agree it has a particular dollar Value, it effectively holds that dollar Value. My Promise to Honour My father’s obligations are worth their dollar Value. If People understand these principles, this is exactly what the Bond for the Certificate is required for – it is to protect the interests of the Beneficiaries. That means that it’s Value can be used to pay for all those debts that were accepted for Honour; the promise to pay is fulfilled.

Wow, really long one today but no Word from the Court and it’s more or less been a full week now, so We are not expecting to. I Wish to get all these Ideas out because soon I Will be showing People how these things work in Court because I Will not have a choice. The email to the Court remains unopposed by Noah and Laraine and I’m telling You for the benefit of My Brother and Sister who may or may not be reading this, that (no opposition) is more Significant and meaningful than whether or not there is a reply from the Court. The Court is not likely to compel Me to make an application I do not Wish to make, nor are they likely to dispute My Supreme Claim of right upon the Estate. It just means if the funds are deposited with the Court they Will be much easier for Me to collect, but I don’t anticipate the Courts Will allow Noah to make the deposit so long as that email is on the Record unopposed.

Love and Blessings,

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