Volume CCIV: The Magical Monday Motive a Sean Edition; Ford’s Miraculous March to End Mandates?

Hello every One, and welcome to the Magical Monday Motive a Sean Edition, thank King Your Royal Highness for being here. I do have some very Good News for Canada’s People today regarding Ford’s illegal mask and vaccine mandates, and I also Cast a new Magical Spell of My own into Barrie’s Superior Court this morning, so it has been a Motivate Sean all Monday for Me, too.

Before I get too far into today’s Post, I really hope You Will watch today’s CTV [fake] News video, YouTube approved (guaranteed quality propaganda, carefully fact checked for convenience and safety to avoid headaches commonly associated with critical thing King).

Even the freeze frame previewing the video foreshadows a nervous, guilty looking Ford as Ontario’s premier prepares to Give his speech. In yesterday’s Post, I mentioned how this speech sounded a little more convincing because it sounds more like the language typically used by state actors who are ‘backpedaling’ on a contentious issue. Justin Trudeau likes to use Words and phrases like, ‘I deeply regret’, and the ever-so-narcissistic ‘We’ve learned from this experience and continue to grow together as Canadians…’, (just be thing King of his response to SNC Lavalin and ‘blackface’ stints, just to name a couple of the countless ‘ethics’ faux pas the Man child embarrassed his nation’s People with).

Yesterday, Ford uses the Word ‘Friends’, as if he’s been as eager for all of this to end as every One else has been, fighting Trudeau for proof of efficacy and his trespasses upon the Charter rights of Canada’s People every step of the Way! Don’t be thing King it has anything to do with the #FreedomConvoy and Canada becoming the center of attention for its draconian mandates driving the world’s most ‘peaceful and agreeable’ citizens to occupy their nation’s capital ‘illegally’. Illegally? I love that, I really do – and I mean that in the most facetious Way one can Imagine it.

“Notice to Doug Ford and Justin Trudeau – vaccine passports and mask mandates are illegal!!! Stop breaking the law, maybe Canadians Will do the same? No guarantee, but it’s worth a try!!!”

Useful fact for Canada’s worst state actors

That kind of logic is probably far too sensible to ever be considered by any One in Trudeau’s treasonous troop but it’s worth a shot. I’m going to point out key phrases that indicate when a state actor is in trouble and backtracking to save face because they Will seem very subtle but they are highly effective just the same Way annoying jingles are known to sell products because the song gets stuck in One’s head.

“I’ve always said from the very beginning…”

This is subconsciously programming Trust. He Wishes for You to remember the very beginning when he told People to self isolate, lock down, and mask up ‘for two weeks’, then it was ‘to flatten the curve’, then it was, ‘the summer’, then it was ‘next spring’… You get the Idea. He’s been saying he’s going to end the mandates soon for over two years!!! But all he Wishes for You to remember is that he told You from the beginning that this would come to an end. How insightful and trustworthy. But that’s the REAL Idea, he’s just trying to touch on something that is True but not True in context.

“… Were always intended as a last resort.”

Really? Something We’ve never done before was a ‘last resort’? We tried every other medical treatment before state actors collectively and decisively chose lockdowns, mandated masks and vaccines as the ‘only’ solution to an alleged pandemic, even though Man has never in its previous history ever responded to a virus this Way? Interesting. Let’s hear what other lies he has to tell.

“I stood at this very podium and promised You that these tools would only be used for as long as they are absolutely necessary.”

You can tell he had professionals war King on this one! This ties all the first sentences together beautifully. Now he’s explained the draconian measures, why it took so long to end them, and how absolutely necessary they were. He even stutters nervously a few times at this part of the speech.

“It has always been Our goal to remove these measures.”

Translation? We were well on Our Way to a fascist totalitarian dictatorship until this #FreedomConvoy parked its ass in Ottawa, there are now worldwide criminal investigations into media companies and politicians who are supporting this medical fraud and treasonous takeover of the world’s Sovereign People are facing Nuremburg trials 2.0. A few are thing King if they just get out now and make it look like they really believed this was all for real and absolutely necessary, they may still be able to rely on plausible deniability and gross incompetence causing death as a legal and lawful excuse. Ignorance of the law is no excuse, neither is ‘just following orders’ (though that’s more for the police called in to remove the protesters because the are in fact effectively aiding and abetting a treasonous takeover of a Constitutional Democratic Monarchy – but police aren’t very bright so they Will likely be the last to figure it out and Will face the most serious charges for any harm they may cause.) Fact is, the world is watching, all these state actors are on display for all the world to see!!!

Honestly, this is one of the biggest propaganda pieces I’ve seen in a long time. If one goes through it, almost every single line is deliberate and has some element of subconscious programming. Words like ‘We’ used over and over so that People feel compassion for him as though he suffered from the harm he inflicted on others and People should feel sorry for him. He uses Words like ‘key indicators have steadily improved’, to suggest they have been ‘following the data and science’, though the restrictions have increased – or are We supposed to forget that inconvenient Truth? (And yes, that is exactly what he is expecting People Will do).

Please DO listen to the whole thing and pay attention to these details because they are easy to catch when One is tuned into them, though it is also just as easy to not notice because the tone is so drab and boring. This causes Us to lose interest but Our Mind is still listening, just not with focused attention which allows for the subconscious programming. Honestly, if these tactics were not so effective, We would never have allowed Our freedoms to be taken away so easily and would not be fighting to win them back today.

The really Good News today and the reason for the Title of today’s Post, is that Ford does announce an end to all mandates, vaccine passports and capacity limits beginning in March? I am thing King that if he could have ended it all today he would have done so but was advised that doing so would appear ‘guilty’ and reactive to the #FreedomConvoy. So Ford insists this has nothing to do with the #FreedomConvoy, this is all about those ‘key indicators’ and ‘following the science’… You know, because when We follow the science We create a Magical crystal ball that allows Us to see the future so We can positively predict that on March first, key indicators Will be sufficiently low enough to end all mandates. Isn’t science amazing?

Alright, despite My criticism of Ford’s speech, I am excited to be thing King that all these mandates Will be gone by March. I’m not entirely convinced I believe him yet but I’m about 90% of the Way there. Not because I Trust him whatsoever, but because I am genuinely thing King he looks scared and I am thing King they are coming for Trudeau and members of his party are beginning to feel like the kitchen might be on fire. And You know what they say, if You can’t take the heat, time to get out of the kitchen. Maybe it has nothing to do with Trudeau and everything to do with the truckers and the examples being set by other provinces that have also ended their vaccine passports and mandates in varying measure.

The other Good News for My Motive a Sean this Monday was My last email to the Barrie Courthouse which Will technically be the probate Court for My father’s Estate (which also makes the fact that all the lawyers are war King out of Ottawa somewhat suspect if they don’t already know I hold the supreme claim of right upon the estate, because Canadian law says the Court nearest the decedent is the probate Court (Barrie), so why hire lawyers in Ottawa?). Anyway, You can read My ‘Notice of Express Trust – Estate of Joachim Heinrich von Dehn’ here.

Happy March toward the end of mandates.

Love and Blessings,

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