Volume CCIII: The Super Natural Sunday Re-View; Truckers Verses Trudeau

Hello every One, and welcome to the Super Natural Sun Day Re-View, thank King or Queen You for being here, Your Royal Highness is always a welcome Blessing. I have no major news in My Microcosm other than the new Matrix De-Coded series I’m war King on, and a telephone converse-a-Sean with the Waterloo Region District School Board, so I was thing King it would be a Good time to get an update on the #FreedomConvoy and share My thoughts on that with You today. We’ll start with the small stuff first.

Although I am hoping to make My Spiritual Interpret-a-Sean of films a continuous Tuesday ‘Tell a Vision’ feature, I am especially excited about De-Coding the new Matrix IV. There is plenty of Magic in the film for those with eyes to see, and plenty of foreshadowing of events taking place in Man’s Macrocosm now (as well as some Ideas about where We might be going). I guarantee it Will be an Interpret-a-Sean unlike any other, and You can find this week’s edition here, and the beginning of the Product-Sean here.

One of the reasons My Matrix Interpret-a-Sean’s are so rare is because Neo’s Matrix is a perfect metaphor for how I perceive the real world. I feel more like a Character in a Story I also happen to be Writing, and I believe that is in fact the Truth of Life for all of Us. From time to time there are very real events in My Life that almost seem stranger than fiction, and this year another new and dramatic event has been added to My Life Story. Actually, in this particular case, We recently discovered an entire year has been deleted from My Life Story – My last year of high school has been removed from the official transcript! I had a very pleasant phone call with Tina from the Waterloo Region District School Board who assured Me that there Will be a Master Record somewhere that can tell Me what courses I took and who the teachers were. We are expecting to hear back from Sandra (who handles information requests) sometime early this coming week.

Otherwise, there’s no new Good News in My Microcosm, though there is plenty of Good News to be tall King about in Man’s Macrocosm. The #FreedomConvoy is making worldwide headlines, despite the fact that We are not hearing much from Canada’s mainstream media networks – or if We are it is propaganda and lies, not the Truth of what’s going on. On Thursday I was tall King about how ‘just-in’ Trudeau was Trashed by Tucker (Carlson, Fox News) and I was thing King I should follow up on that today.

I heard a rumour that Doug Ford Will be lifting the mandates in Ontario tomorrow – unfortunately, I don’t believe a Word that comes out of Doug Ford or traitor Trudeau’s mouth. However, it Will make for a very Magical Monday if he does, so We Will see what happens. This video is a little bit more convincing because this is the Way state actors talk when they real eyes they might be in serious trouble when the smoke clears. The iron fist begins to soften and they ‘apologize’ by thank King Canadians for their ‘support’ getting through this difficult time (quietly suggesting that nothing was forced or coerced by the mandates, You all ‘agreed’ to this).

I have also been criticized by Friends in My Microcosm for not reporting on major protests like this one and going down to interview the truckers themselves, maybe even the police too, to get a sense of the True vibe on the street. The main reason I don’t do this is because One can never Trust being associated with such a group because someone Will always do something stupid – and if they don’t, there Will be agent provocateur’s planted in the crowd who Will.

There are other very real legal reasons for which I choose not to, one of which is that protesting is in fact a form of legal consent to what is being protested in the first place. I know it sounds contrary and hypocritical but the act of protesting a law someone made is in fact consent to the law because it is consenting to the authority. Consider it like a parent trying to ground an adult child to a room in a house they no longer live in. The adult is not going to protest the grounding, they are just going to ignore their parents altogether. Peaceful non compliance is the proper legal course of action, then conditional acceptance for Honour under protest, duress and without prejudice (but that’s just My humble opinion, not legal advice, Lawful counsel).

In the trucker situation, all truckers who refuse to get vaccinated either conditionally accept to be vaccinated providing the individual compelling the medical procedure under protest and duress to accept full commercial and criminal liability for any harm done to them by the vaccine, or the loss of their inherent rights if the procedure is later determined to be a trespass upon their inherent, God Given rights. There could be a second one for those who absolutely refuse and conditionally accept to be terminated from employment under protest and duress providing the employer accepts full commercial and criminal liability for any harm done by Way of their sudden termination. These conditional acceptances under protest and duress could be made out generically for every truck driver and would be handed to the border patrol or any other individual requesting the passport, mask or whatever else it is that is a criminal trespass upon One’s rights. One of the greatest tricks state actors played on their People, was tricking them into thing King that violating the People’s Charter and Constitution is not a criminal offense, when it is the most serious criminal offence a state actor or public servant in any capacity can make, and the only thing they were Trusted to guarantee the protection of without fail.

I decided to check in with Viva Frei, Our ‘Vlawg’ guy. Viva’s Brother is at the Ambassador Bridge where one of the biggest #FreedomConvoy’s is situated blocking the border between U.S. and Canada. I Wish to share this to Show Canada’s People just how totalitarian Canada has become. These are the same tactics used by Toronto police in the G20 protests way back in 2010, known as ‘kettling’. It is very easy to tell that they are not there to keep the peace, they are there serving state actors and their purpose is clearly to intimidate with lethal force or the threat of lethal force. Their heavily armed presence is lethal force even if it is never applied because of its psychological intimidation factor against unarmed, peaceful protestors. Police should never be allowed to arm their Self with any weapon the People cannot also use in defense, otherwise (as much as I hate guns and violence), a society is paving the Way to oppression and tyranny. These OPP officers Give You a very Good idea what that looks like in Canada. They should all be arrested, but notice how hard it is to read any of their badge numbers or names? You’d almost be thing King they are banksters or something…

Despite the use of force by Trudeau, I don’t believe it Will last for long because I believe these protests Will get louder and louder on the world stage and as they do, Canada’s response becomes more and more critical to other countries and the pressure for Canada’s treasonous Trudeau government to step down Will continue to mount.

Oh, and one thing on the comment Viva makes about his Brother Wishing he knew the Charter better, “I’m not sure if that Will be very helpful”.

He is 100% correct and this was one of the things that was most difficult for Me to wrap My head around when I started studying law. It isn’t helpful because by citing the Canadian Charter, one is also (demonstrable act/causality) consenting to Canadian authority to protect that Charter by Way of legislation, and the only reason the police are able to come in and legally do what they are doing is because Ford declared a state of emergency to suspend Charter rights and remove protestors. So yeah, those chanting about their rights Trusts the same government that just said it was okay to stomp on those rights if You complain about them being trespassed upon… The irony, right? But it’s [sadly] True. Doesn’t mean one can’t get compensated for it later, they did at G20, but it took like ten years and most Will tell You it wasn’t worth it – including Me.

Love and Blessings!!!

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