Volume CCV: The Tuesday Tell a Vision Edition; Matrix Resurrections IV De-Coded, Part IV

Hello every One and welcome to the second Post of this ‘Two’s day’ Tell a Vision Edition of the Good News Journal, thank King or Queen You for joining Me. I am excited to be war King on this series and this Post in particular today because it is a pleasant distract-Sean from the chaos taking place on Our world stage. It is also an excellent metaphor for Our modern day Matrix so We are going to see what We can learn from the Star of the Product-Sean, Neo.

In last week’s Edition, I was as King of My readers to consider why Trinity is sent into the Matrix to find Neo and not Morpheus. We’re reviewing these films presuming that Morpheus represents God (or God’s Law, the Pope or ‘Papa’ in Man’s Macrocosm), Trinity represents the Queen (defender of the Faith/God’s Law), and Neo of course represents the Son (Christ). Fully comprehending what each of these Characters represents is Key to knowing the answer.

If Neo represents Christ, then it is important to understand that Christ represents God on earth in the Image of Man. More simply put, Neo is Morpheus. He would be looking for his Self. Again, this is a complex Idea to consider, but God cannot know Self without having something that is not God to compare God’s Self with. If there is only God, then it doesn’t really Matter how Good or evil God is, does it? In fact, God would not even know what Good and evil are because there would be nothing else but God Self to know.

So God Divided God’s Self into two parts, the Mind of God and the Body of God. Spiritually, this is the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine. So the first real body of Man would be a Man with a womb; a womb-man, or woman. God is the Idea, the physical world is the Manifestation of the Idea, which is why We call the world ‘Mother Earth’ which lays (is laid) beneath the Heavenly Father. Similarly, without Trinity, there is no need for Neo because there Will be no One to save.

“This is how it all began. This is where He began!”

Bugs, The Matrix Resurrections

This line is very important because We are watching a re-Play of Trinity decimating the officers who were sent to detain her before running from the agents. The Significance is that it is Trinity’s search for Neo that is responsible for the Manifestation of Neo. The Idea of Neo must exist before Neo can exist. This also lends more credence to Our theme of the Immaculate Concept-Ion of Neo.

The other Magical or Spiritual element to consider is that Morpheus represents the Power and Authority of God, Trinity represents the Love and Compassion of God, Neo represents the perfect Union of both.

“You think this Modal is a loop or treadmill, some sort of sequencer evolving the program into… what?”

“I don’t know, but I’m going to find out.”

This is also a Key to understanding just how deep this film goes into Spiritual Truth. The two halves of Man’s brain are a physical representation of God on the Spiritual realm reflected in Man’s Mind. One side represents female, the other male. Regardless what ‘suit’ We wear, We all have both halves in equal measure. God had to divide god’s self in two in Order to have a point of reference – Trinity is God’s alter-ego. Same Idea as the shadow Self in psychology, except in this case both halves are fully conscious express-Ions that compliment each other perfectly. That is also why Morpheus is a dark skinned Character and Trinity is light skinned.

They are tall King about a loop or treadmill, a sort of sequencer evolving the program. Neo dies at the end of the third Matrix (which I haven’t reviewed yet but Will eventually), so how could We have a fourth Matrix? Re incarnate-Sean? And what’s this about the ‘old’ code being unstable? We’ve already been told that this is a more primitive version of the Matrix than what Bugs and the new crew are familiar with. If the ‘old’ code represents commercial admiralty, does this mean that the financial system is unstable? And if Trinity represents the Divine Feminine and the Queen, if the financial system is in trouble, does that not mean Her Majesty and Trinity must (once again) be in trouble?

In this re-Play Trinity is ambushed by an Agent and We know that’s not how it Played out the first time We saw the Scene. Trinity is in trouble once again, We have Our proverbial princess for Our Hero to save.

“Clearly deja-vu but something is obviously wrong.”

“Why would they use old code for a new system?”

“I don’t know.”

Bugs and her colleague at the command center believe it must be a trap, a virus in the program that lured them in. Seconds later, the Agents find Bugs and she joins Trinity in her fight. Bugs distracts the Agents enough for them to chase her and she attempts a feat as daring as Trinity’s dive through the window across an alley in the first film, this time by reading the Signs provided to her by the programmer to break her fall.


Notice where the arrow is pointing? Where do You suppose she heads once she hits the ground? Any Idea where We might be going? Who were We looking for? Neo? Or was it Mr. Anderson? Again, very subtle and most People Will miss little Signs like this (puns always intended) but NOT unintentional. This is foreshadowing and predictive programming for the subconscious part of Your Mind that is infinitely more intelligent than We real eyes. 😉

It wasn’t the ‘FOR THOSE WHO LOVE TO EAT SHIT’ that I Wished to draw Your attention to, it was the ‘O’ in ANDERSON’S. What is Ander-Son?

Ander as a boys’ name has its root in Greek, and the name Ander means “man, warrior; lion man”.

Baby Name meanings

So if Ander means Man, then Ander-Son would be the Son of Man. No Quest-Ion Neo is an allegory for Christ. Isn’t Magic Fun!!! Also, the ‘O’ looks a little like the planet Saturn, the line on either side represents the ring around the planet. Significance being that this IS the Matrix We are looking at, which represents the underworld which is Babylon, ruled by Satan. Satan’s ruling planet is Saturn. Like I said, You Will not find Spiritual interpret-a-Sean’s of films like this One anywhere else.

I mentioned previously that Keys represent psychological path Ways in Man’s Mind. It is not a coincidence that Bugs take refuge in a Key makers shop. They are telling the audience subconsciously that the Keys to Kingdom are found in the film, Bugs has just entered the place where she Will find them.

Bugs doesn’t notice an Agent open a Door behind her before the Agent has time to grab her and drag her out of the Key maker’s room and into another. You can see a bright white light behind the Agent in the frame which represents the Void in Man’s Mind connecting neural path Ways to new destinations. Being in a room filled with Keys represents having all the Keys to open any Door, so it is only natural that Bugs Will end up wherever it is she Wishes to be. The Agents intercepted Bugs from entering Anderson’s but she found the Key room instead. This represents ‘God’ looking after Bugs even when she strays off course. When they enter the new room, they face each other ‘Mexican stand off style’ and begin as King Quest Ions.

“Do You know this is a modal?”

“What’s a modal?”

“It’s a simulation used to evolve programs.”

In the first Matrix, Neo grabs cash out of a book called ‘Simulacra and Simulation’ and I mentioned that it is a complex read but worth the time if One has the Will and determination. It pretty much describes God and the Universe as I am interpreting the film – One might even call it a ‘Coles Notes’ guide to the Matrix in depth. However, One of the concepts is that the physical world does not exist at all, it is all in Our Mind but the dream is so convincing it is indistinguishable from reality – that’s how ‘Good’ an Artist God is (He ART in Heaven). The ‘simulation’ of Life is just a program and every time We die, the program resets the simulation making it slightly more challenging than the previous version with the intent of continually evolving Man’s kind. Or reincarnation to put it more plainly. It is far more complex than that, though that is the basic premise in a paragraph. Bugs continues…

“Do You understand that You are digital sentience?”

“I know what I am. Just like I know My job is to seek out and destroy sentients like You. And yet…”

“Here We are.”

“Here We are.”

“The other agents don’t know about this room? “

(shakes head)

“Then how did You find it?”

“No One was ever in the Key shop, so I started looking.”

“And You liked what You found – story of My Life.”


“I feel like I know this room.”

Like I said, deja vu is a strong recurring theme in this film because We feel like We know the room, too. What’s interesting about the identification of ANDERSON, THOMAS A., is that it is once again in ALL CAPS, as is the name of the corporation he is war King for. The artificial person represents the false self, the ego and the entire series is about knowing Self and Living a Purpose Full Life, so the use of all capital letters is absolutely intentional for a Matrix that represents Our commercial world.

Woah, way over Word budget for today so that’s where We’ll Sign off. MR. ANDERSON is a Junior Programmer (and that is in proper English, representing the Real Mr. Anderson). More to come next week, thanks for being here!!!

Love and Blessings,

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