Volume CCVI: The Magical Monday Motive a Sean Edition; Thing King about Sing King Noah’s Ark

Hello every One, and welcome to the Magical Monday Motive a Sean Edition, thank King Your Royal, Moral Highness for being here, it is a great Pleasure to have You in My House. For today’s Motivate Sean all Monday Edition, I Will be tall King a little about Honouring My Father in Heaven and the Real Estate Matters in My microcosm. I Will also be tall King about some of the Honourable Court Justices war King to defend Canada’s Charter and [international] Treaty obligations in Ontario’s Superior Court which is Monumentally Magical for Man’s Macrocosm and Canadian’s in particular. It really does feel like a very Magical Monday in Deed.

The most Magical event in My Microcosm today was no event regarding My [earthly] father’s Estate. No Notice that the remainder funds of the illegal and unlawful sale of My father’s House were deposited with the Court, and the thirty day deadline to make the deposit expired Saturday – never Mind the additional $200,000.00 CA fine for unlawfully withholding funds from Us in the first place!!!

Noah S. Potechin and his accomplice, Laraine Burton were Given Notice that withholding the funds from Me and My siblings after previously acknowledging that I am not required to make an application to the Court for a Certificate of Appointment of Estate Trustee (because I hold the Supreme Claim of right upon My father’s Estate as the eldest son and next of kin by default which he acknowledged in November of 2020) is an additional illegal and unlawful breach of their Fiduciary obligations, causing further economic harm to the Real Estate Value for its intended beneficiaries. They were also advised in the same Notice that their threat was causing additional undo mental and psychological duress for the intended beneficiaries who are anxiously awaiting their rightful share of the inheritance as the rightful holders in due course.

I am also liable to My Brother and Sister because I am the only One Noah has been dealing with, and I am the One he threatened with extorsion, promising to sell My father’s House (causing irrevocable harm to the Estate’s Real Value) under power of sale if I failed to produce $54,258.91 in thirty days!!! Making that kind of threat if I am not Acting as Power of Attorney for My father’s Estate and able to access its equity to discharge the debt, would be immoral because the threat also harms My Brother and Sister and makes Me liable to them for any economic harm done by his actions if he follows through – which he did!!! Without any Notice to My Brother or Sister, either!!!

Noah has demonstrated absolute contempt for both the Rule of Law and his Fiduciary obligations as Power of Attorney over My father’s Estate for its intended beneficiaries but he has been continually ‘gaslighting’ his obligations, failing to respond at all. So this time, the Notice served upon Noah and Laraine witnessed by both My Brother and My Sister was also filed with Court by Way of email, ‘Urgent, and Under Duress’.

I know, You might be thing King that this does not apply here in Canada. The Common Law acknowledges case law, and case law can be cited anywhere in the Commonwealth. I’m only sharing this to Show You how these same Laws not only apply in the United States as a result of their constitution, but how it is also applicable here in Canada. Take a look at Title 18, Part 1, Section 13, 241…

Didn’t I say that the Governor General is the highest authority in Canada?

“…being made and enforced by persons in de facto possossion of the Sovereign power in and over the place where the act or omission occurs.”

Section 15, Criminal Code of Canada

This is all in respect to obedience of de facto law (otherwise known as the colour of Law and what I Commonly refer to as the legal fiction). I have assured My Brother and Sister that ‘gaslighting’ legal and Lawful obligations is not a legal or Lawful excuse, and Noah S. Potechin and Laraine Burton are only getting away with these criminal Act-Ions because there has not yet been any judicial oversight. I also suggested to My Brother and Sister that I did not believe that Noah Will be able to deposit the funds with the Court because they Will acknowledge his tacit agreement to My terms and Will be demanding he pay both the costs to deposit the funds with the Court and the fine of $200,000.00 I am as King of him for.

Today this Monday feels Magical because I thought maybe Noah did not Wish to file on a Saturday and might wait until the next business day, so My Wish was to Give him the benefit of the doubt before deciding how to proceed. The Good News is, I now believe Noah and Laraine know this is True and are hoping that by continuing to ‘gaslight’ and unlawfully withhold the funds, they Will cause conflict between Me and My siblings who are holding Me to account for their share. That fact alone legally and lawfully defines My position as Power of Attorney over My father’s Estate because a Trust position is legally and lawfully defined by Actions that demonstrate causality. If I am liable to My Brother and Sister for the economic harm that has been done to My father’s Estate, it demonstrates a Trust relationship because of My accountability to My Brother and Sister as beneficiaries that were not Given Notice of anything Noah has done!

The Truth is, I don’t know what the Court Will be as King of Noah for in the Way of Notices and Our (the Estate’s Beneficiaries and Holders in due course) consent or response to those Notices, but I believe he Will be required to deposit considerably more than just the remainder funds and the shady list of ambiguous expenses as he has presented them to Us. If I/We had made the application to the Court without protest, We would be tacitly agreeing to all the charges against the Estate as he has presented them to Us.

When he releases the funds to Me, I Will be as King of Noah for a full forensic accounting of the Estate and I Will be protesting all deductions from the Estate because he never had any legal or lawful right to refuse My payment, sell the property, or probate the Estate in any Way without prior Notice to not only to Me, but all Beneficiaries unless he has already accepted that I am acting as Trustee for My Brother and Sister’s benefit!!! Otherwise he needs to show that he served them both with Notice of Power of Sale before selling the property. Because My payment was made to Noah by Way of registered mail and not returned to Me (with protest of acceptance by Way of registered mail), it is on the [Public Court] of Record as having been received.

I shared the Instagram Post with You because I really do Wish to Focus on the Good News that’s taking place in the world and one Good thing about Trudeau’s treasonous Acts, is that it has enraged a lot of Good People in High places. The Ontario Court not only ruled in favour of the mother protesting the mandatory vaccination of her children, they awarded full custody to the mother to ensure the father does not compel the children to be vaccinated while in his care!!! Thank You very kindly, Honourable Justice,

“Under Article 12 of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, children who are capable of forming their own views have the right to participate in a meaningful way in decisions that affect their lives, and parenting decisions made by judges and parents affect child directly. The weight to be given to children’s views will generally increase with their age and maturity. However, in some cases, it may not be appropriate to involve the children, for example if they are too young to meaningfully participate.”

Determination, [Right] Honourable Justice, Alex Pararatz

I Love this because it not only acknowledges the mother’s Wishes, but because it acknowledges the child’s right to participate in the conversation and demonstrates that the United Nations Conventions are meaningful and legally binding. Why would the United Nations Covenant on Civil and Political Rights not be? (Hypothetical and facetious but for Noah and Laraine’s benefit.)

Noah is now bound by his own Word. He promised to deposit the funds within thirty days if We did not apply for a Certificate of Appointment, a Conditional acceptance to his terms were Presented, lawfully served and filed with the Court, remain unopposed, and he is now liable to Us for a minimum of $506,100.00 CA payable immediately, plus approximately an additional $1,750,000.00 depending on the Value of the Estate when he transfers the current remainder funds to Us.

We are now going to be charging Noah an additional 10% compounding interest monthly, calculated daily until the full amount owing is paid in full.

You may also be interested in knowing the Acts that govern Trusts in the province of Ontario, Canada. Click on this sentence to read the Ontario Trustee Act, which acknowledges that the Trustee Act is subject to the Trust instrument, and that the Trust instrument is the Supreme Law governing the Trust.

I Will Keep You Posted when I send the letter of demand for payment.

Love and Blessings,

Post Script – Today Will be 59 days of war King out and 60 consecutive days Blogging!!! That’s the reason for today’s feature image as I am ecstatic to have Honoured My Resolute-Sean’s for this year. I’m a little disappointed with the push up count as I was hoping to be over 100 by sixty days, but I’m equally impressed that I’m already at 39 chins per workout because that may very well be a lifetime best at 49 (almost, June of this year) years since My name day!!! Another unmentioned goal is to be able to do at least one single arm chin up with each arm!!! I’m not sure how many two handed I Will have to reach before that is possible, but I am thing King I Will try when I hit fifty! I’m also using this photo as a feature because My war King out routine does really well on Pinterest!!!

Red lines are ‘benchmarks/goals’, magenta/purple lines are weeks.

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