Volume CCVI: The Fabulous Free Lance Friday Edition; Who’s the Wolf King of the Glow Ball Product-Sean?

Hello every One, and welcome to the Fabulous Free Lance Friday Edition, thank King or Queen You for joining Me, it is always a Pleasure to have You in My House. Today’s Title is in reference to a Post I Writ a while back for My Tell a Vision Edition review of a Netflix mini-series ‘The Family’. Friday’s are My favourite day for Writing because I allow My Self even more Creative Freedom than usual, and today’s Title is on My Mind because I re-read the Post and noticed that there is an unanswered Quest-Ion. As King Quest-Ions always helps Us to find Our Way, so I was thing King it might be Fun to revisit and maybe even solve?

The Netflix series ‘The Family’ was a short mini-series about a group of elite individuals who are rumoured to secretly run the world. Typical ‘conspiracy theory’ stuff about a secret society, the detail that caught My attention was that this particular group is founded upon the teachings of Christ, specifically. Not the Bible, exclusively the teachings and example of Christ. I thought that sounded like an interesting Idea to investigate further and it was also ‘recommended’ for Me by Netflix as 98% match. It resonates well with My belief that there are an equal number of secret societies with Divinely Good intentions, We just don’t hear about them so much because it doesn’t sell nearly as well as fear porn does.

Of course, it does take on a more sinister, conspiratorial tone later in the series and the secret society is seen far less saintly as more is revealed. But I do like to Focus on the Principle of the thing sometimes. People can make mistakes and become corrupted, but it doesn’t have to change the overall Intention. The core philosophy was ‘God led leadership’, with Christ as the moral example of what God would be like as a Man. Let’s face it, that doesn’t sound so bad. But here’s a quote I Wish to share with You that caught My attention when I came back to this Post.

“You think Jesus came for the sheep?  It’s Good to Love the sheep but who Will Love the wolf?  If You can get the wolf alongside You, the wolf Will get everyone else in line pretty quick.  Don’t worry about the sheep, go out and reach the wolf King.  How do You get the wolf King?  You Show him that You have a Great Power.”

The Family (Netflix mini-series)

This is apparently a quote from the only book the group studies from. I find it especially interesting today. Who are the sheep? And who is the ‘wolf King’? I don’t really Wish to suggest the sheep are any One, I Will only say the sheep do without as King, they Quest-Ion nothing. Could Putin be the wolf King? Is the wolf King a bad thing?

It’s funny, I’ll probably be praised by ‘westerners’ for suggesting Putin might be the [proverbial] wolf King on the world stage, but I actually mean it as a compliment! Sadly, I can’t really know and I’ve been trying to learn more about what’s really going on in Ukraine but it Will never be shown on YouTube and Canada is trying to ban Russian media networks! It’s kind of like the whole ‘fact checking’ campaign – if something is ‘fact-checked’ One can pretty much be guaranteed it’s True (or the polar opposite of what the fact check says).

It’s sad to not be able to Trust anything One hears anymore. I was tall King with a Friend of mine earlier today and he says he feels like he gets more Truth watching a show on Netflix than he does watching or reading any mainstream news source now! And that’s not a joke! Some People really can see right through this propaganda nonsense as well as I can, and I do believe that this is the final pulling back of the Wizard’s curtain revealing the little old man with his megaphone.

I’m reluctant to say that Russia are the ‘Good’ guys here, but I am going to say that what is happening is not what We are being told, and that’s obvious enough to Me exclusively based on the information I am able to find on the subject. I haven’t found any reliable alternative media on this Matter and that’s what I find most concerning. Why do they Wish for Us to believe that Russia is so dangerous?

I am thing King it is not what most People are thing King, but I believe We Will find out soon. I’m not so convinced that Ukraine’s government are so Good (nothing to do with the People of Ukraine), and I am thing King this might be more of a liberation than an invasion.

In My microcosm things are equally confusing but there are times when We can do nothing about it. I’ve been accused of having ‘Trust’ Issues and I’m absolutely guilty of the charge – but never for lack of trying. Yet what’s interesting about My ‘Trust’ Issues is that they are warranted. I can be taken advantage of for Trusting too easily, yet I’m determined to continue Trusting because I don’t Wish to lose Faith in Man’s kind.

Most recently, My Brother and Sister have breached My Trust regarding a serious Estate matter. I’ve resolved to not allow the Matter to Create any further conflict and I’m sharing it with You because it doesn’t mean it isn’t frustrating. In this particular situation, the protagonist is privately soliciting My Brother and Sister without My knowledge, My Brother and Sister are doing the same, and the problem is, they seem to have no Idea there might be anything morally or ethically wrong with that – never Mind legally or lawfully.

Today I was going to share My new email to indicate the amount owing. Then I decided I’m in no rush. I had to remind My Self that what Noah is doing is not only highly unethical, he is threatening My Sister with further harm for failing to do what he is as King of her to do. Not figuratively, My Sister actually used those Words when We were tall King on the phone (and I had the foresight to record the call just in case).

The fact is, these things Will not look Good if a Court knows what’s going on here. Yet My Sister seems very confident her application Will succeed regardless whether or not I consent or object, and I’m not sure why. My belief so far is that the Courts Will not allow a legal action to be commenced against My father’s Estate without having an attorney appointed to represent his interests. A dead Man can’t defend him Self. So nothing can take place legally without an application to the Court with a Claim against the Estate – or at the very least, that is what I believe to be True because that is what would be morally and ethically correct (in My humble opinion). If necessary, those are also the moral Principles upon which I Will build the Foundation for My Lawful claims.

If the application does go through the due Court process, it Will be very interesting in Deed. The ‘remainder funds’ available from the unlawful sale of the House are more than twice the Value of the Estate from My Sister’s first application (which she later withdrew). My reasons for objecting to the application Will be the very same Notices that have already been served upon Noah and filed with the Court. I’ll now be able to add that My Sister is making the application under duress because she was threatened by Noah with further economic harm to all the Beneficiaries if she didn’t.

I really don’t know what the Courts Will do because they generally remain impartial, but if the application does goes through due process, I’m reasonably sure the Court Will appoint Me unless they’ve already got a corrupt judge lined up or something. The last Justice in this Matter was Honourable and denied everything My Sister was as King for, allowing the application to continue on the condition that ‘if the Brother files his objection, the application be immediately returned to the nearest Court for review and appointment of Estate Trustee’.

So I believe My Sister either needs a corrupt Judge, or Noah has some plan to get around the Court process altogether. I thought about advising the Court that My Sister would be making an application because she was threatened with further economic harm to all the Beneficiaries, but I figure I’m just going to wait and let it Play out a bit first. All the world’s a Stage.

Love and Blessings,

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