Volume CCVII: The Tuesday Tell a Vision Edition; Matrix Resurrections IV De-Coded, Part VI

Hello every One and welcome to the Tuesday Tell a Vision Edition where I Give a Spiritual Interpret-a-Sean of a film, and this series is on the new film, ‘Matrix Resurrections IV’. Thank King or Queen You for joining Me, it is always a Pleasure to have You in My House.

Last week We took a bit of a de-Tour to go back and revisit some of the Signs that led to where We are now. We’re only 9:11 into the film and only on Part Six, so I’m going to get right back into it.

‘Bugs’ is the name of Our new Hero in the Matrix looking for the One. One of Bugs notable qualities is bright blue hair. In general, blue represents the blue pill in the Matrix (ignorance is bliss), while the red pill represents Truth. It is a code within the film to let Us know when We are in the Matrix. Remember, Bugs is ‘plugged in’ somewhere, her physical appearance is an expression of her Mind – here, it is reminding Us We are in the illusive Matrix, not the real world.

Bugs had gone into the Matrix to investigate a glitch in the [old] Matrix [program] when Trinity entered to find Neo, ended up getting chased by Agents her Self, took refuge in a Key maker’s shop, and was pulled into another room by one of the Agents. She realizes the room she is in is Mr. Anderson’s apartment.

“This is his apartment.”

“You mean Thomas Anderson’s? I searched everywhere, he doesn’t exist.”

“He, he,.. He stopped being Thomas Anderson a long time ago but, maybe You know him by his real name – Neo?”

(Silence, but the Agent’s expression says it all)

“I can’t believe this, after all these years. Most People think Neo is dead, but I know he’s not.”

Bugs goes on to share an experience she had in the Matrix where she makes eye contact with a version of Neo We recognize that she claims woke her from her slumber.

“Something unlocked My Mind.”


Remember the predictive programming of the Key maker’s shop and how I said Keys represent the opening of neural path-Ways in the brain? Not a coincidence Bugs chooses these Words to describe the experience. The Agent then goes on to share a similar experience, though not related to Neo. The Agent noticed that everything was a pattern, a loop that seemed to be repeating itself over and over again until one day he saw a glitch.

“It was like You said, suddenly I understood…”

“… This is not the real world!”

“For the first time, I felt real Purpose, I knew who I was and what I had to do.”

“Who are You, and what did You have to do?”

“I am Morpheus, and I have to find Neo.”

Bugs and Morpheus

It’s subtle, but even Bugs’ jacket has a blue sheen to it. Morpheus is in typical black and white Agent attire with the exception of his shades which are also such a dark blue, they look black except when We see light shining through them.

Again, this is one of those scenes that seems pretty simple and straightforward on the surface until We consider who all these Characters actually are in the Matrix. Morpheus is God. He has never met or heard of Neo, yet he knows he must find him. This very subtly signifies that Morpheus doesn’t really know who he’s looking for, only the One Playing the Role that Character is designated to Play. He knows he’s looking for the Hero, the ‘Star of the Show’, but he probably didn’t even know what his name was until he met Bugs. The reason this is so much deeper than it seems on the surface, is because Morpheus and Neo are the same; Neo is Morpheus made physical. Morpheus is really looking for him Self, which is why he didn’t see Neo in his awakening because he hadn’t fully Created that Character yet. Like that Christ Character We all know so well but have never met, Word of His Deeds is enough for Morpheus to know the Man One is looking for.

But it goes One or two layers deeper yet. The name ‘Morph-E-Us’. We know to ‘morph’ is to change or transform something into another shape, ‘E’ always equally Energy (MC squared), and ‘Us’ always equals Us. What does the superintelligence of God do when it evolves Man’s kind? Morph-E-Us? Morph’s Our Energy into a new and improved form? Hmmm. Even better, Morpheus Created the Character Neo to be His Super Hero and he ‘just happens’ to be a junior programmer in the program known as the Matrix. That’s a convenient coincidence isn’t it? God making him Self ‘God’ on earth? Here’s a glimpse of those blue shades, too.

It’s also worth pointing out that when Bugs describes her experience, they cut to Neo for a brief moment and he appears as he does in Zion, dressed in plain clothes and bald. When the camera cuts back to him next, he looks as he does in the Matrix, so they Give Us a sense of what was tall King about when she said she ‘saw Neo”.

As We might expect, Bugs is elated to be meeting Morpheus and Morpheus doesn’t even know who he is yet, only that he’s in some kind of simulation. Bugs lets Morpheus know that the first thing she has to do is get him out.

We’ve seen this Scene so many times before, ‘red pilled’ is a phrase born from the Matrix films themselves and We all know which pill he needs to take. And it’s funny because let’s face it, every single person watching the very first Matrix film knew Neo was going to take the red pill – yet it doesn’t stop Us from waiting with bated breath until he does! Bugs Gives Morpheus the usual scoop, and tells him if he doesn’t Wish to leave, the blue pill puts him back to sleep for Good.

“You call this a choice!”

Bugs goes on to tell a fast but elaborate story about what was going through her Mind when she was offered the same choice and says,

“The woman with pills was laughing because she told Me I was missing the point.”

“What point?”

“The choice is an illusion.”

It’s like Alice in Wonderland finding exactly the things that she needed to get through the tiny little door, after she fell down the rabbit hole. Morpheus has been looking for a Way out, Bugs just handed him the Key (coincidence he found her in a Key maker’s shop). Of course he is going to say yes because he Created Bugs to bring the pill to him, though it wouldn’t be half as much fun if he knew that. That’s why it’s Good to have smart ass Friends like Bugs to tell Us there is no choice, only the illusion of choice.

Once again, We are touching on the Theme of Temet Nosce or ‘Know thy Self’ and Living a Purpose Full Life. Ultimately there are millions of choices We make throughout the course of Our Life but there is only one Real choice for Us to make. What is that choice? To do what We came here to do, or save it for another lifetime. We have infinite do-overs.

Love and Blessings,

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