Volume CCVII: The Witches, Wizards and Warlocks Lucky Wednesday; A Gift for Heaven’s Kingdom

Hello every One and welcome to the Witches, Wizards, and Warlocks Lucky Wednesday Edition, thank King or Queen You for joining Me, it is always a Pleasure to have You in My House. Today was a Magician’s Hat Trick of Lucky. The reason for the Witches, Wizards and Warlocks Wednesday Edition is because We are all Sovereign in Our natural, God Given State of being. We are Kings and Queens, and it is to remind My readers that there is a reason one of the Styles of King or Queen is ‘Your Majesty‘. Majesty refers to something Majestic, Majestic refers to something Magical. Wednesday’s are Lucky because We are Mystical, Majestic beings and We make Our Luck. Today was a very Good war King example in My microcosm.

I have an Estate Matter in My microcosm that has been consuming My Energy for a very long time. Just when We were thing King it Will soon to be over, My Sister has decided she Will make an application to the Court for a Certificate of Appointment of Estate Trustee. It is the virtual polar opposite of what My Brother and I discussed We would do, and I am thing King most People would agree I probably have ‘Good reason’ to be angry and feel betrayed, yet that’s not the case at all, though I am feeling a little anxious.

I advised My Brother and Sister specifically that My belief was that Noah would not deposit the funds with the Court and Will threaten My Brother or Sister by continuing to withhold them [indefinitely] instead. Noah did exactly what I believed he would do, and ‘the Plan’ was to not be intimidated by his threats and demand he deposit the funds with the Court. I even told My Brother that I’d pay the Court costs if the Notice wasn’t Honoured, and file a Claim against Noah privately for the remainder damage done to the Estate’s Value. The Idea was just to get whatever My Brother and Sister are entitled to paid out as soon as possible so that I can take up any differences with Noah privately, and without any further duress to My siblings.

The reason it’s frustrating is because this is exactly the same kind of thing that was causing conflict in the first place, and I felt bad for allowing it to succeed in doing that the first time – the last thing I Wish to do is repeat the same mistake. It’s True, I was thing King that My Plan was like Kryptonite to Superman if We remained a united front and insist the funds be deposited with the Court or turned over to Us immediately. But this doesn’t change anything. My Sister is doing what she’s doing under duress – she believes she has no choice. She wasn’t even nervous or concerned about telling Me she was threatened by Noah and that he had emailed her earlier that day.

On one Hand I’m a little anxious because that conversation took place last Thursday and it’s already ‘Lucky’ Wednesday of the following week. The Truth is, it Will be great for Me if My Sister’s application goes through the Court process because only outside of a Court would any of this conduct be considered acceptable, and only for so long as it isn’t known by a Court. Now is the perfect time to Present these Noticed served upon Noah to a Court, to be as King of a Court justice if it is appropriate for Noah to be privately conspiring with My Sister, threatening the beneficiaries with further harm to the Estate if she doesn’t comply? What happened to the House, how was it sold without My father having an attorney to protect his interests? What about the two cars listed on My Sister’s first application, and all of the personal items from inside the House? I’ll be able to be as King of the Court why the assets listed on My Sister’s first application are so drastically different from the assets listed on the first if no One has been appointed a Certificate of Appointment of Estate Trustee. How did all this legal action take place against My father’s Estate if he didn’t have an attorney? It Will be great if I can be as King of My Sister all of these Quest-Ions in front of a Court, so where is My Notice of her application?

That is the reason I can’t help feeling a little anxious. I’m not concerned about the Matter coming before a Court, I’m concerned they are trying to find a Way to keep Me from Presenting opposition to My Sister’s application. The Court generally Wishes to hear the reason for the opposition of an application, I am thing King My Sister’s lawyer is trying to find a Way around it and the Notices served upon Noah. I’m really not sure how they Will do that but I don’t see any other Way for My Sister’s application to succeed unless they do.

So how does this tie into the Luck of My Lucky Wednesday? I made a very sensible resolute-Sean. Although part of Me Will always be wondering when I Will hear the news, one Way or another I Will. I’ll either have a Claim against Noah, or I Will have a Certificate of Appointment awarded to Me and Will be able to hold Noah accountable. Either Way, I Trust in God. Those Words ran through My Mind and I immediately felt better – a lot better. I’m still going to be curiously waiting because patience is not one of My better virtues, but I’m going to feel far less anxious about it because I’m confident either Way. It’s just a fork in the road but both paths lead to the same destine a Sean.

So I celebrated this epiphany with some sunshine and a smoke, and decided that maybe I should check My mail, see if they are sending something the old fashioned Way. I got a Present I forgot I was expecting…

This is very Lucky in Deed because I had forgot that I am now as King of People to be addressing Me this Way. The Kingdom of Heaven Found a Sean was officially Established this year, though it’s immaculate conception was December 25th, 2016. This year the Office of the Found a Sean was firmly Established by Way of a Trust Declaration to accompany the Trust instrument and Keep it in Harmony with the Universal Symphony and Glow ball Product-Sean.

The Purpose of doing this was to have a copy for the Found a Sean because it is a ‘His Story’ Call (Calling, Name) Art-I-Fact for the Kingdom Treasury. The best Part is, it arrives just in time because I have also been using this in some of My more recent Notices to the Court and Noah. The reason this document is so important is because the address defines the individual receiving the correspondence. ‘King Sean’ is defined as the Executor and Trustee of the Kingdom of Heaven Found a Sean (an Express Trust Organization), and this is an example of demonstrable causality of a legally recognized Trust position – obviously, I am authorized to receive documents for the Kingdom of Heaven Found a Sean.

Even more importantly, is what the envelope contains because only I know the answer. I do not intend to open it because I already know what’s inside and have a digital copy I received by Way of email the same day. But the information inside is only available to Me. No One can even demand I show or produce educational records without violating a fundamental privacy right (one can be as King of some One for just about anything but demanding Records or ‘proof’ is something else). Of course, the same would be True for medical records or any other private information.

The point here is My Sister was recently as King of Me on the phone if I ‘even have ‘ID’?’. All I could do is laugh and say, ‘yes, I do’. No point explaining to her My Cestui Que Vie and thumbprint is sufficient identification – if she didn’t get it the hundredth time, the hundred and first isn’t likely to do it, either. But I’ve accomplished everything I have done since the beginning of My Story without any government issued identification.

Don’t get Me wrong, there were a couple of Quest-Ions they were as King of Me that only I would know, but theoretically I could have been a random dude who had Sean von Dehn hostage at gunpoint demanding he answer without breaking a sweat or loose his head and I’d just have successfully stolen Sean’s private, educational Records without providing any identification whatsoever.

The real Magic to this Present today, is that it proves three things simultaneously: King Sean, House von Dehn is the Executor of a Trust known as the Kingdom of Heaven Found a Sean, and he is receiving mail for and on behalf of the beneficiary, ‘Sean von Dehn’. Mail is also legal ‘proof’ of address so having the envelope unopened is an added security feature because I can ‘prove’ that Sean von Dehn is a beneficiary of the Trust, and that King Sean is taking care of his business interests.

The other reason today was Lucky is because there is a lady in My microcosm who is always Gifting Me with things which is something I struggle with to begin with, but these ‘Gifts’ are always things that are going to the dump if I don’t accept and I hate to see People waste things (especially hard on My Self). So I always feel I should return the gesture but never have anything I feel is appropriate, and I am thing King she might also have a crush, so I also don’t Wish to mislead. It has to be equally neutral in nature.

Well, today My Friend needed a pound of icing sugar and the chances of Me having a pound of icing sugar are almost zero. Yet just the other day I was staring at a two pound bag in My cupboard and trying to remember why I bought it and what I would use it for. So I was immediately able to message back and say ‘yes, I do and You are so Lucky I do because it is not something I generally keep on Hand!’ (I remembered I had bought it to dust blueberry tea biscuits which I do like to make on occasion).

The Magical Hat Trick of Lucky in My microcosm was that I got to introduce My Friend to Lucky Wednesday which is always Fun for Me because now they Will be and sometimes I get to hear some pretty cool stories. Also, no Word on My Sister’s application is also Good News because there really is no reason it should be taking so long. Notice of My Sister’s last application was served upon Me within a couple of days of My Brother telling Me she was making an application, and they were demanding My reply to her application within a couple more. It may turn out that she is not able to make an application so long as the Notice is on the Court of Record.

The message I Wish for You to take away from this Edition is that the source of all of Man’s most powerful Magic is God. That’s why it’s ‘Majesty’, and that’s the source of the Power. The most Magical and Wonder-Full thing about God’s Magic, is that no One escapes the Spell. If My enemies deceive Me, My enemies Will be deceived; it’s the Rule of Law. And that helped Me feel a lot less anxious and a lot more excited.

Love and Blessings,

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