Volume CCIX: The Magical Monday Motive a Sean Edition; A Magical Monday in Deeds

Hello every One and welcome to the Magical Monday Motive a Sean Edition, thank King or Queen You for joining Me, Your Royal Highness is most appreciated. The ‘Motive a Sean’ for My Monday this week involved a little more Spelling of Magic in My Microcosm which was Cast into Man’s Macrocosm. That is also why the Matters in My Microcosm are related to events in Man’s Macrocosm – it is known as the ‘butterfly affect’, I believe. Every individual Act of Man has a direct impact on Man’s Macrocosm. This Idea is reflected in the first Matrix when Mr. Anderson gets called into his boss’ office for being late and is told that his performance affects the entire organization.

The reason I’m touching on this Idea is because of a concept I was tall King about just yesterday regarding consciousness and (what I call) ‘the Quickening’. Consciousness is kind of like a snowball gently rolling down a mountain that becomes an avalanche wiping out everything else – it only gains more and more momentum as it is war King its way down the mountain.

Consciousness is similar because the ‘Great Awakening’ really did start a long time ago! I once said that 2012 (and December 12 of that year in particular) was the ‘tipping’ point of mass consciousness. For at least a couple of years before that I was tall King with My family about where the world was headed and the situation We Will find our Self in today. I am thing King I might have suggested that the global ‘crisis’ might be an alien invasion (so I was wrong about the specifics) that causes all governments of the world to lock down their People under the guise of public safety and place the world in a state of martial law. I also said that they would find a reason to inject every One with a vaccine that contains nano-technology. Needless to say, I was Writ off by most as a conspiracy theorist.

It’s not because I’m psychic and can see into the future, it’s because We are Creative and Our Words Magically Manifest. I told My family that these things would take place and to not worry about it too much (but make sure to avoid getting injected with their bioweapon tracking device) because it all needs to happen. The whole system is broken and if We don’t allow it to break down completely, We Will just continually try to repair an obsolete program.

Unfortunately, the system has been broken for a very long time!!! It’s not like the system and mainstream media just became corrupt overnight, they have always been corrupt to the core, but We needed all of Us to see how broken the system is at the same time. This plandemic forced every One all around the world to be thing King about the same ‘problems’. For some it might have been fear of a deadly virus, for others it may have been fear of government abuses of power, and for the majority it Will be some measure of both. I’m here to let You know that the Divine Purpose of it all, was to reset Man’s collective consciousness. The ‘Great Reset’ is not just about resetting a global economy, market and social customs, it is about resetting the ‘old program’ that We have been collectively clinging to for so long – capitalism.

Did You know that it’s not lawful to sell some One something for more than it is worth? It’s True, and all You have to consider to know it is True is to be as King of One’s Self if it would be Honourable to sell a vehicle for $10,000 if it is only worth $5000. It would not be honourable, but there is nothing at all illegal about it. In fact, the capitalist system demands We engage with One another in dis-Honour, always trying to ‘grift’ some One into paying more for a thing than its cost. This is also why they are called ‘profits’ – because it sounds like ‘prophets’ but it is a false Idea only for sinners. These are the false profits of capitalism.

“Thou Shall not Covet!!!”

Bible, 10th Commandment

One of My most favourite media People of the now is Viva Frei. I have been watching Viva from his very first few videos, and it is very encouraging to see just how awakened One Man can become in such a short time. The world basically watched Viva get ‘Red Pilled’ in real time. We also got to see him go through all the stages that are typically associated with getting ‘Red Pilled’ – denial, anger, acceptance, and the eventual advocacy (and then joining a tribe of like Minded awakened Souls like Robert Barnes and others to shed light on the world for every One else). The best part about it, was that Viva was very ‘Good’ about it – some People just don’t make it. They may initially feel too stupid for being bamboozled for so long, embarrassed by their previous beliefs they held so close, whatever – there are lots of reasons People find the road too painful to walk. Viva was not One of them, he showed real Character in his development and is now one of the most outspoken People for the awakened and I find his videos to be some of the most informative if People Wish to get the ‘real’ scoop on what is going on the world.

Of course, I can’t compel any One to watch a two hour video but I can definitely recommend that People do because this is some of the best information out there right now (in My humble opinion). It’s also a reflect-Sean of that philosophy I was tall King about, ‘the Quickening’. Viva is so down to earth and such a natural skeptic that he’s the perfect individual to be tall King about [what many now consider] ‘radical’ topics, even though he’s really just trying to get the big picture on every Issue. He knows that 6 is 9, that there are two sides to every story, and that’s a great place to start. The world Wishes for Us to hate on Russia right now, first big Quest-Ion People should be as King of their Self, is why? Especially Canada. What reason does Canada have to hate on Putin, what has Putin ever done to Canada’s People? Nothing. It’s just to distract People from the inadequacies of their own government’s incompetence.

Alright, I’ve got a Zoom meeting starting soon so I have to get this published, but not before I Present You with the new Magical Spells Cast into Man’s Macrocosm this morning and afternoon.

The first email was a follow up to My last and Presents a few additional protests to My Sister’s application (15 to be exact). It includes many of the Acts of My Brother and Sister who have been extremely negligent with respect to the Estate and the disclosure of information and Estate assets. My Brother and Sister are probably not going to be so happy about this information being presented to the Court, but they are the Ones as King for a Court to review the Matter, so it is important for all the facts to be on the Record.

The second email was to let them know I require a reply as soon as possible, and to remind them that the debt clock is ticking. The Claim against Noah and Laraine is now worth well over $600k and Will not be getting any smaller. Soon, this Matter Will also be before a Court, and We Will get to see how easy it is to avoid responding to My arguments in front of a Court Justice! This is the Great Awakening in ‘HD’!!!

Love and Blessings,

Post Script: Today’s feature photo is just a package of exotic succulent seeds that arrived in the mail for Me today addressed as it should be. 😉

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