Volume CCIX: The Tuesday Tell a Vision Edition; Matrix Resurrections IV De-Coded, Part VIII

Hello every One and welcome to the Good News Journal’s Tuesday Tell a Vision Edition and the continuation of Our Matrix Resurrections IV De-Coded series, thank King or Queen You for joining Me.

Last week, I was tall King about how they have ‘evolved’ the Matrix. They are using a new code for programming, but Mr. Anderson has created a Modal using the ‘old’ Matrix code. The Significance here is that I have suggested that the new Matrix film is a perfect metaphor for what the world is experiencing right now. In Our Macrocosm, they are calling it the ‘Great Reset’, and the intent is to evolve Man’s Matrix (Our physical reality and Commercial Admiralty’s fiction of Law) with a new financial and social system. After Mr. Anderson notices a breach in his program (he has designed a game called ‘the Matrix’) and when he investigates he sees an avatar of him Self breaching (and entering) as a Character in his own game! A colleague interrupts Mr. Anderson before he has a chance to investigate further and he shuts down his computer for a much needed coffee break.

I’ve also mentioned that the colour blue is used consistently to remind Us We are in the new Matrix. When We cut to the store front of the café they are headed for, ‘Simulatte’, all pedestrians in the cut scene are wearing various shades of blue and a blue minivan is the last image We see before cutting to the inside of the café. Blue represents water, collective consciousness and Commercial Admiralty, further emphasizing that this fictional world is a metaphor for Our current Macrocosm.

The first thing they are tall King about is how the Matrix trilogy is

“A paradox between free Will and Destiny”

Matrix IV, Resurrections

And I’m suggesting that the Matrix series a coded message teaching Us how to Live a Purpose Full Life, and that free Will and Destiny are not paradoxical, they are congruent with One another. One must know their Life’s Purpose and activate their free Will to achieve One’s Destiny. If One does not have a Purpose, One cannot have a Destiny. If One does not choose to Live for something, they cannot hope to achieve their Destiny. Not paradoxical, intimately and cosmically intertwined.

The other reason I am excited to review this fourth Matrix installment, is because the first Matrix was almost a perfect metaphor for My own Life – virtually every major detail. Creating My Cestui Que Vie and successfully defending My Honour in Court is the Matrix parallel of Neo defeating the Agents at the end of the first film. I was thing King that if the first three films offered Me coded clues as to how to navigate Man’s Matrix and helped Me to be where I am now, then what would the fourth film be about? Maybe the ‘powers that be’ have included some new ‘Easter eggs’ in Mr. Anderson’s new Matrix that I can de-Code. More importantly, I felt that I was meant to watch this film, like it was Writ with [some One like] Me in Mind. There are a few ‘eerie’ coincidences coming up that affirm this rather outlandish belief. We get a brief hint that Mr. Anderson isn’t quite the Man he believes his Self to be…

Once again, everything in the scene has a bluish tint to it, reminding Us We are experiencing the illusion, this scene is a stark reminder that things are not what they appear to be on the surface. That’s Mr. Anderson with the latte, considerably older than he perceives his Self to be.

“Are We all just algorithms doing what We’re supposed to do, or can We escape Our programming?”

Matrix IV, Resurrections

I’m going to suggest this is speaking directly to Our belief in the commercial world as a whole. Is there really a price tag attached to everything? Where did that belief come from? Can We really own anything if We are destined to die, or Will We ultimately leave everything behind for the next generation? We know the answer to this, but it doesn’t stop Us from believing in the ‘right’ to own property that was never Ours. It was all Given freely by God or Created by Man, and is free to enjoy once We change Our programming. We are stewards of the earth, not owners, and Our real job is to continually evolve the program (as Mr. Anderson is attempting to do with his Modal). The program is how We have been taught to perceive the world as a commercial conquest, rather than a precious Gift We all have an inherent right to enjoy.

“You tell Me Mr. Anderson – is it free Will, or Destiny?”

As soon as the Words come out of his colleague’s mouth, a bell chimes as new patrons enter the café and We see [the real] Trinity for the first time. This is an example of how film and television are also teaching Us that there are no coincidences. Trinity is Mr. Anderson’s Destiny, but he Will have to choose/accept it first.

The film shows Us enough to know that Mr. Anderson has admired Trinity from afar for some time, but has never introduced him Self. His friend insists on making the introduction, and this is the first scene where My Heart felt like it dropped into My stomach and I knew this ‘Easter Egg’ was for Me.

“Hi Jude, I’m Tiffany”

“Woah, did not see that coming!”

And Jude’s response was perfectly timed with the thoughts in My head, like the script it Self was reading My Mind. If You are wondering why, ‘Tiffany’ is the name of the thirty something year old stripper who claimed to have a right to My father’s Estate! She’s the polar opposite of what Trinity would be – and the name choice was not a coincidence, as it is supposed to represent the exact same Idea for Mr. Anderson. Tiffany is the antithesis of Trinity – married with children, living the stereotypical ‘American Dream’. The only resemblance Tiffany has to Trinity is her physical appearance and her love for motorcycles. Of course, all of these details are to dissuade Mr. Anderson from introducing him Self and believing Tiffany is ‘off limits’ even if he does. You know, evolving the program.

However, when they shake hands for the first time they feel a familiar connection. Tiffany asks if they have met before. Anderson brushes off the comment by saying they both frequent the café (though the main Character in his game is Tiffany’s spitting image).

Tiffany’s husband enters the cafe to end the Magic of the Destined couple’s first meet, and that’s where I Will leave this Tell a Vision Edition.

I mentioned one of the reasons I Wish to share this film interpretation is because I felt like this Matrix was speaking to Me specifically – ‘Tiffany’ is just the first example of something ‘not quite right’ in Man’s Matrix, and the Tiffany in My Microcosm was ‘not quite right’ with respect to her belief she had a claim upon My father’s Estate. I’ve heard nothing about her for some time know, though I may yet have to deal with her, I have no Idea.

There are a few more ‘eerie’ coincidences coming up in the film that perfectly parallel My life, and We Will be tall King about the next big one next week. For now, thanks for joining Me.

Love and Blessings,

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