Volume CCXIV: The Thoroughly Thrilling Thing King Edition; Lawyer, Liar, Pants on Fire

Hello every One, and welcome to the Thoroughly Thrilling Thing King Edition, and thank King or Queen You for being here, it is so Wonder Full to have You in My House. Can You tell I’m especially excited today? It has been such a Thrilling Thursday that it almost feels luckier than Lucky Wednesday! Let Me elaborate a little and tell You about today’s Title.

So yesterday was Lucky because I received the first reply to an email from My Sister’s lawyer ever!!! Not once has this woman (Hala Tabl) acted with Honour. The very first time I met her it was after having a very heated conversation with My Sister about her application for a Certificate of Appointment of Estate Trustee. I finally agreed to consent to My Sister’s application on the condition that she pay any legal fees associated with hiring a lawyer because I could help her fill out the forms for the application if that’s what she needed. At any rate, she was as King of Me to meet with her lawyer to Give her My conditional, Signed consent form – I agreed. When I met her lawyer at the Ottawa Courthouse, her lawyer refused to accept My conditional consent form and told Me I had to Sign the consent form her lawyer had brought (without the condition, of course). I said, “No, that was not the agreement, I agreed to meet You to Give You My conditional, Signed consent form.”

I tried to Hand the consent form to her and she backed away from Me like I was trying to Hand her a dead baby! I told her that as My Sister’s lawyer, she cannot legally refuse to accept My conditional consent to her application. She takes another step back, clutching her little portfolio thingy to her chest and says to Me, “I’m not Your Sister’s lawyer!”, and scurries off like a little witch.

It was one of the weirdest encounters I’ve ever had and everyone within earshot looked just as astounded as I was (We were at a security/information kiosk and there were a few People nearby). One lady even shrugged her shoulders and laughed as My Sister’s lawyer went scuttling away. I was still standing there somewhat stunned and bewildered.

To make things worse, I tell My Sister about the meeting (I’m furious because I’ve just wasted My time), and My Sister says to Me, “that’s not what My lawyer said, she told Me You refused to Give Your consent.”

Long story short, My Sister didn’t even believe Me when I told her I had tried to Give her lawyer My conditional consent. The lady has literally been causing conflict with My Sister when [technically] she’s supposed to be resolving conflict and if she’s supporting My Sister’s application for a Certificate of Appointment of Estate Trustee, it is also presumed that she is doing so for My benefit (and My Brother as the other beneficiary). She’s supposed to be making sure that My Sister acts in the best interest of the beneficiaries to secure the assets of the Estate – that is literally her legal and lawful fiduciary obligation! Does it sound like she is protecting the best interests of the beneficiaries, or does it sound more like she’s looking out for her own best interest (and I’m tall King about both the lawyer and My Sister at this point).

Well, I was Lucky enough to hear from My Sister’s lawyer again today, this time insisting that she did file an application with the Court electronically. I figured that might be possible if she filed through the online portal, so I decided to check. The online portal doesn’t show any documents having been filed since May 29th of 2020! So again I contact My Sister’s lawyer, this time as King if she has a case file number because I’m not finding it in the online portal, and I included a screenshot. Because My Sister’s lawyer has been so… Disagreeable and uncommunicative, I filed a complaint with the Law Society basically telling them exactly what I’m telling You here – that My Sister’s lawyer is Giving Me Notice of an Application for a Certificate of Appointment of Estate Trustee that was never filed with the Court, and when I am as King for an explanation, she is refusing to answer My emails and screening My phonecalls! Like seriously, who does that!!! What is this, grade school?!

So Hala responds to Me again insisting she filed the application electronically by email. That’s interesting because One can’t file an application by email because it requires a fee – but okay, whatever. She is as King of Me to direct any further Quest-Ions to either the applicant (My Sister) or the Court. Well that’s twisted too because the lawyer is supposed to receive all correspondence regarding a Matter, and typically advise their clients NOT to speak with the opposing party without the lawyer present! So she’s basically as King of Me not to contact her and to direct any further queries to either her or the Court. See how that’s an oxymoron of sorts? She also asserted that she Will NOT respond to any more emails because she is tired of My ‘baseless’ accusations of liar, fraud, and deceit, and doesn’t like that I’m ‘trying to intimidate her’ by cc’ing Carmine Pignataro on Our correspondences.

Well, if she’d just responded to My queries appropriately in the first place, I would not have been compelled to file a complaint with the Law Society, and I did Give her fair Notice that I would file a complaint if she did not respond to explain why the Court is telling Me no application was filed.

However, the reason today felt especially Lucky, is because I had emailed the Superior Court yesterday under Section 60 of the Estate Trustee Act which allows for a Trustee to request direction and advice from the Court without the need for an official application or Court action. Brendan McCarthy responded to that email just twenty-five minutes before Hala’s final email to Me, insisting she filed the application electronically. And what did Brendan McCarthy have to tell Me about the application? Well, the only Estate Matter currently before the Court including the name ‘von Dehn’ is for a Guido Heinrick von Dehn who died in 2014. I am legitimately a descendant of a rather large aristocracy, so he Will be a relative of mine, but it certainly isn’t My father. Brendan assured Me that he conducted a thorough search for all Estate Matters in Ontario.

So I didn’t really have to worry too much about Hala’s email because I had just received final confirmation that Hala is lying to Me and no application was ever filed with the Court – yes, ladies and gentlemen, if You are thing King that is fraud, You get a Gold star for excellence because You are absolutely correct. And it was an Act of fraud that caused Me serious mental anguish and anxiety.

What I find funniest, is that it really doesn’t Matter who the individual is, guilty People in My experiences always Act the same Way. Deny, lie, deny, lie, keep telling the same story over and over again in hopes that somehow if One tells a lie long enough, it Will somehow prove it Self True. No. It never quite works like that, the individual really only digs their Self a deeper and deeper hole.

Here’s another thing to consider that only a guilty person would be concerned about – copying Carmine Pignataro on Our correspondences. An upstanding person with nothing to hide would have no reason to feel intimidated, and a guilty individual would not have the foresight to consider that because the guilt causes People to make irrational, rash decisions. She would never consider that an innocent person would not feel intimidated because she doesn’t know how an innocent person would Act!!! Trust Me, I watch a lot of police interrogation stuff and they know all these tricks – they know a guilty Mind makes mistakes.

So it is official – there is no application for Certificate of Appointment of Estate Trustee before the Courts, My Sister’s lawyer was trying to deceive Me. Now, I suppose it is possible that Brendan McCarthy is lying to Me but to be absolutely honest with You, I still do not have a bad Word to say about the ‘Court’ as an impartial body. Direction provided to Me by the Court has always been the paramount example of professionalism and Honour, regardless the tone of My own emails. The Courts are actually what allow Me to maintain Faith in Canada’s justice system. People can be corrupt, but the Courts themselves are not.

Oh, there is one other somewhat important detail I also Wish to mention which is related to My response from the Court. See, I didn’t present any ‘proof’ of who I am, no identification or anything, just My interest in the Estate of My father, Joachim Heinrich von Dehn, as his Trustee on behalf of The Kingdom of Heaven Found a Sean Trust. I added an extra line to advise the Court of My fiduciary relationship and obligations, ‘for the benefit of Joachim Heinrich von Dehn and his successor Sean Stephen von Dehn.

Why is this important. Because I took the time to read the rest of Section 60, Part 2, which states:

Indemnity of trustee, etc., acting as advised

(2) The trustee, guardian or personal representative acting upon the opinion, advice or direction given shall be deemed, so far as regards that person’s responsibility, to have discharged that person’s duty as such trustee, guardian or personal representative, in the subject-matter of the application, unless that person has been guilty of some fraud, wilful concealment or misrepresentation in obtaining such opinion, advice or direction.  R.S.O. 1990, c. T.23, s. 60 (2).

So unless there is fraud in My email to the Court, I am officially deemed by the Court to be Acting as My father’s Trustee – no application required. 😉

You can check out all the emails from today in My previous Posts – this Thursday is so Thrilling, I’m performing hat tricks!

Love and Blessings,

Post Script – Today’s feature photo is My Pyramid Power. Sacred geometry specs are scale to the Giza pyramid in Egypt (and I can teach any One how to easily make one, but that’s for another day). Inside are three morning glory seeds which literally sprouted overnight! (Usually take ten to fourteen days.) Believe in Magic, it’s as Real as You believe it to be.

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