Volume CCXV: The Fabulous Free Lance Friday Edition; The Prince of Peppers – Concept Sean to Product Sean

Hello every One and welcome to the Fabulous Free Lance Friday Edition, thank King or Queen You for joining Me, it is a very Special Pleasure to have You in My House. I also have an Especially Fabulous Free Lance Friday for You today because it was Tuesday morning of this last week that I caught a Courthouse in Bracebridge conspiring against Me by sitting on My Sister’s Application for a Certificate of Appointment of Estate Trustee after [allegedly] providing her with a receipt for filing. Obviously, I cannot object to an Application that isn’t filed with the Court, and they are also claiming an Endorsement to an Application withdrawn from the Court almost two years ago, is for the Application that has not yet been filed with the Court or seen by the Justice who has allegedly Endorsed it. Yeah, I know right – almost too unbelievable to not be fiction, but it’s very real, and I haven’t received a response from the Court yet, so I’ll be sharing My thoughts with You on that, too. It is also worth Noting this Will be the only place I Will be sharing My thoughts on the Issue, so You’re getting something of an inside scoop on a pretty huge Story for My modest little Microcosm!

Okay, so if You’ve been following along with this Blog at all and know any of the details regarding My father’s Estate and My determination to defend his Honour, You Will know I have had quite the battle, and it probably looks as though I’ve been getting My ass handed to Me more often than naught. In most cases, I have been – but only because My adversaries have shown absolute contempt for the Rule of Law and their Fiduciary obligations. I’ve been shut out of everything by My Brother and Sister who have refused to share so much as an ounce of disclosure with Me, yet request My consent to applications without providing Me with any disclosure of what they are as King of Me to consent to. They outright lied to Me regarding My Sister’s first application when I was as King of them why it was required because typically, probate is only necessary if there is a lawsuit against the Estate. My Brother tells Me that’s not True, they just need it to pay bills and stuff. Not one Word about the Estate already being threatened with Power of Sale on February 28th of 2020! Not one Word! Whether they know it or not, that is Court fraud with intent to obtain consent to an application under false pretenses, and without informed consent. Without informed consent, no consent form is legally binding. True Story. But the best Part of this Story and My Story in general, is how this all came about.

I filed a complaint with the Law Society and I was suggesting that My Sister’s lawyer was not acting in My Sister’s best interest because she was encouraging My Sister to participate in Court fraud and Willful intent to deceive Me into believing an application was made with the Court when no documents were actually filed, and suggesting an Endorsement from two years ago is binding upon an Application that the Justice hasn’t even seen yet. Well, one of the reasons this Friday is so Fabulous for a Free Lance Edition, is because I have been Wishing to be tall King about this, too but I was not yet ready to reveal My Hand. I haven’t shared the determinations of Carmine’s investigation into My Sister’s lawyer by the Law Society, I only said that I agree with her assessment. The email is private and confidential, but that’s not why I’m not sharing it, I’m not sharing it because I’m choosing to Honour their request to keep it private, and I am free to tell You the results of the determination without sharing the correspondence. So here it is.

See, the Law Society of Ontario can only investigate professional misconduct. Essentially, is the lawyer Acting in My Sister’s best interests? The Law Society concluded that she is. I disagree on this point because they are engaging in Court fraud, attempting to violate the Rules of the Court, deceive Me and My Brother by as King for Our consent under false pretenses, and failing to represent the best interests of the Beneficiaries which [in My humble opinion] should be the lawyer’s duty and responsibility to the client – to advise them of what it means to be an Estate Trustee, and that they must Act in a Way that Benefits the entitled Beneficiaries because she Will be accountable to them. Apparently, the Law Society does not believe that is a Duty and responsibility of a lawyer, the lawyer’s duty is to protect Tanja Johnson’s interests specifically. (Don’t get Me wrong, none of this is a surprise to Me, I told My Brother all of this a long time ago, it’s just nice to have confirmation from the Law Society directly). Apparently, even if that means assisting My Sister in committing Acts that Will absolutely squander any hope she ever had of being Trusted to Hold any property.

But see, the Law Society can’t condemn the lawyer for trying to deceive Me, even if I am as King for proof of receipt of filing and saying that the Court has indicated to Me that there was no application filed, the Law Society does not have the authority or jurisdiction to speak to any Matters regarding Court filings or Matters of Law. A determination of fraud can only be made by a Court or Justice of the Peace. Are You following Me so far?

The conclusion of the investigation came the day after Brendan McCarthy confirmed by Way of email that he had run a province wide search and assured Me there were no Estates filed with the last name ‘von Dehn’ that matched My query (there was a Guido von Dehn from 2014). That was the confirmation of fraud Carmine Pignataro was waiting for and why the investigation was concluded shortly after the reply.

Well, what happens Monday morning? I get another email from Brendan telling Me they found a ‘receipt of filing’ for an Estate matching My query in the Bracebridge Court, and they ‘invite’ Me to check back in a couple of weeks to see if they have had a chance to enter it into the system. So I’m supposed to sit around and wait for the Bracebridge Courthouse to ambush Me with a filing when it’s convenient for My Sister while she’s walking around with an invalid endorsement, claiming it Gives her right to steal My property!? If it sounds suspicious and weird, it’s because it is!!!

So I wasn’t very happy when I Writ Brendan back and I figured he must be complicit with what was going on, otherwise how would the Bracebridge Courthouse even know I had made an inquiry about that Estate? Well, I was rather quickly embarrassed, I have told You I DO make plenty of mistakes and I was absolutely wrong about Brendan. He tells Me it was an anonymous voicemail on the Courthouse answering machine and only bothered to email Me about it at all because he’d remembered Me as King about it and running a search for it last week. He doesn’t know anything more than I do, please follow up with the Bracebridge Court for more information. So I did.

It’s so easy to put it all together now, isn’t it? See, I forgot that My Sister’s lawyer received the confirmation from the Barrie Courthouse that no application was filed, too because I forwarded Brendan’s email to them and Carmine Pignataro. Now, Hala Tabl and the Law Society have to cover their tracks and find a Way to make the fraud untrue – Carmine requires a different answer from the Court if Hala and the Law Society do not Wish to be liable to Me for either negligence in filing, or fraud. So they instructed the Bracebridge Courthouse to call over to the Barrie Courthouse and let them know they had ‘found a receipt of filing’ for the Estate I was as King about. The fact that she has Trumped the fraud charge with a fraudulent Endorsement just makes the Matter worse because We also know the Justice hasn’t seen it yet – ooops!!! This is jail time kind of ‘oops’, People!

I’m also going to be Entitled to a lot of compensation for having the lawyer and the Court conspire against Me together and if the Law Society is involved, too?! Ouch! They Will be able to subpoena phone records, email records et cetera to find out who called who and agreed to do what.

Now, what’s the Fabulous Friday kicker here? No response from the Court yet. The email was sent Tuesday morning at 9:10 AM. This is why this is a Special Fabulous Friday Edition because it is the only place I Will let My adversaries know that I know why We haven’t heard back from the Court yet. Because they are all sitting around the computer like petrified mummies wondering what to do with My email. They have not forwarded My email to the Justice yet.

How do I know? How long are YOU thing King You would let some One walk around saying they had an Endorsement to an Application You hadn’t seen or even heard about? And if when You discover some One is doing so and using that Endorsement to attempt to steal property valued at over half a million dollars, are You thing King the Justice Will just continue to sit back and allow it to happen? No, of course not. See, too many People Will lose their jobs and be facing jail time when the Justice finds out, so they are wondering what I Will do now!!!

Nothing. Make them sweat. I am thing King the Justice Will probably be very interested in knowing how long they sit on My request, too. The longer they wait, the greater the liability. So, although it may have looked as though I was losing a lot of the time, I’m pretty sure this is checkmate. I do try to see every problem from all sides and I don’t see a Way out, not even by breaking all the rules, there aren’t even any cheat codes left for My Sister to exploit!

So, the reality of what’s going on here. Attempt to interfere with Justice and due process of the Court, and Willful intent to misrepresent a Court Justice with intent to steal property valued over half a million dollars.

And when I say I’m not going to do anything, I mean anything. We’ll see how long they sit on that email and if they are still doing so on My name day (June 5th), I Will make an appointment with a Justice of the Peace at the Courthouse here in Ottawa in the flesh.

The other reason this is a Fabulous Free Lance Friday is because the Prince of Peppers business Plan was officially Writ yesterday, an inventory was taken of all assets and investments, and I have also Officially Established that precious metals Will be the coin of My Realm. I am not going to trade items which hold real value for worthless pieces of paper, I Will only trade for Goods equal in ‘real’ Value.

Here is the Established Value of My Entrepreneurial Enterprise’s assets. Common seeds are worth their weight in Silver, Exotic seeds their weight in Gold, and House von Dehn exclusive hybrids Will be worth their weight in Platinum. Sprouted seeds are worth one tenth of an ounce of Silver, Established plants are worth half an ounce of Silver, and a year old plant after its first harvest is worth five ounces of Silver. Peppers are perennials that produce better, more flavourful, abundant fruit from the first year up to year five or six, so the Value of plants increases with the amount of time they’ve been cared for and the quality of fruit it Will produce.

Also keep in Mind that these Values are not [necessarily] for commercial exchange purposes, the main Idea is to have something of Real Value that reflects the True Value of the asset related to My Product-Sean. A fully mature hybrid exclusive to House von Dehn is very Valuable to Me if it were lost or stolen, and it’s Value should be a reflection of it’s Production capacity and quality. One ounce of Silver is roughly $25/Canadian, and that is the rough estimation I am using to determine these Values. If You do the math, You Will find it is very reasonable. According to My Values listing, the most Valuable (exclusive hybrids) plants Will be 6 ounces of Silver, plus 2 more ounces for every additional year. That’s only $150 plus another $50 per year, and that’s My most Valuable Pepper Plant.

As an example, these seven sprouted seedlings are part of The Prince of Peppers starting inventory and are now worth much more than their seed cost because We know it’s a Good seed. So each are now worth a tenth of an ounce of Silver, or roughly $2.50. See, no One Will say that’s unreasonable…

I’ll keep You Posted as I continue to develop My Concept-Sean’s for the Prince of Peppers Product Sean’s and My Sovereign Nation’s Gold backed currency. 😉

Love and Blessings,

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