The Kingdom of Heaven Found a Sean – An Express Trust Organization

Well, most of My audience Will be familiar with My Story and the Trust Instrument I Created to provide Found a Sean for God’s Kingdom. I effectively revoked My Trust in Canada’s government and Declared My Trust in God.

The Original Trust Instrument was Writ on December 25th, 2016, and Registered with Canada’s Ministry of the Attorney General on January 19th, 2017 (pictured below).

Cestui Que Vie (Trust in God)

Officially, it’s also a Claim of Right upon My family name, which was Gifted to Me by My Father in Heaven. As the eldest Son and next of kin, I am Officially the Head of the von Dehn House Hold in the wake of My father’s death. It is My Duty and obligation to Honour My father, which is the equivalent of Honouring My Hold on the von Dehn ‘House’ (family name).

Five years later, on December 25th, 2021, I further defined the Intent-Ion and Purpose of My Trust Instrument by Giving the Trust a unique name (The Kingdom of Heaven Found a Sean), clearly articulating and further defining the Trust, its assets, and My duties and responsibilities as the Trustee and Executor of God’s Will on behalf of My father’s House.

This was necessary because a copy of the Trust instrument (Cestui Que Vie) was on file with Ontario Works (Trustees of the Public Trust) to assist My public servants in understanding their fiduciary obligations to Me. Sadly, when I was as King for Orsolya Vancsody to provide Me with a copy of the documents on file for Me, she indicated to Me that she had not retained a copy, despite having being Given one for My file and Signing to Show it had been received. I advised Orsolya that spoliation of documents is a breach of public Trust and her fiduciary obligations, and a new public servant was appointed to serve Me shortly thereafter, Tatiana Lindstrom.

So on December 25th of 2021, I celebrated Christ Mass Consciousness day by Creating a detailed and explicit Trust Declaration to further define the terms and conditions of the Trust. One of the purposes of the Trust was to secure My father’s Estate, so My Wish was to make sure that the Trust was actually added to My file, and requested for Tatiana to produce a copy for Me by Way of pdf for My Records.

I am pleased to say, Ontario Works appear to be learning (however slowly). This is the Official, ‘The Kingdom of Heaven Found a Sean‘ Trust Declaration. Enjoy!!!

Love and Blessings,

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